“…… hey …… get a grip ………… Yumeji!!!”

It took me a few seconds to realize that the woman’s voice, which sounded like she was calling me from a distance, was actually yelling in my ear.
I rub my eyes in panic, apparently having been put to sleep standing up.

“I’m sorry, was I put to sleep or what!”
“For a few minutes, though. Good morning, sleepyhead.”

She says this while standing next to me, holding her stick to her “enemy” so as not to show any opening.
The enemy, in front of us, is a group of goblins, a kind of lower-class magical beast that is also known as a baptism for new adventurers, and they usually attack in groups.


Among the five menacing goblins, I see only one holding a staff. He is a mage goblin, the type that can use lower level magic, and he can make me “Sleep”.
He must be the one who cast the “Sleep” spell on me.

“Damn – I didn’t mean to let my guard down.”
“Get a grip. I can’t even chant without the vanguard! “

With that said, she began chanting again.
A spell is required to activate the magic, and a time lag inevitably occurs during the chanting. The vanguard buys time while protecting the mage, and the mage wipes out the enemy with powerful spells.
That’s how we’ve been keeping our lives together these past few months.
The goblins are also taking a strategy of defending the mage goblins in groups while the vanguard attacks physically, but they are less skilled and less powerful as a military force, let alone in spells.


I blasted three goblins that jumped at me with a mallet in my hand and slammed into a mage who was aiming at me and a goblin who was holding a bow.

“”Gyaaa!? Gyabiii!!?”

It was a coincidence, but lucky me!

“Amane, now!”
“I’ll take care of it! Fire!”

Just as the chanting finished, Amane unleashed the only spell currently available, a lower-level fire attribute spell, at the moment the five were conveniently grouped together.
At that moment, with a sound similar to an explosion, the five magical beasts burst into flames with strange noises.


A few minutes later, we were retrieving the horns, the proof of defeat, from the charred goblin.
By the way, the carcass is buried neatly.
If we don’t, it could be the cause of attracting other magical beasts, and if we’re not good enough, we could become undetected.
It has become a natural division of labor, with Amane mainly collecting the corners and me filling them in.
…… Well, filling it is hard work.

“I’m going to collect the corners now. That should be enough to pay for dinner tonight, right?”
“Earn 10G ……50G per pieces right? ……”

One day after school, Amane and I were summoned to this world without any explanation, and we spent our time as adventurers as we were swept along.
It’s what’s called [otherworldly transfer]…wait…ha, ha, haa….

“What are you …… sighing about?”
“Hmm? Oh, no, I was just thinking that it’s a standard practice for people to be transferred to another world where they get perks from the gods or have useful skills from the start and can easily complete the events and have a blast~~”
“You’re talking like that again~? You’re not giving up~!”
“I just can’t understand why I would be thrown out of a world where demons and magic exist, without any benefits or hints!”

Yes, we were just sent into this world without any “first privilege” event such as being handed down some mission or someone’s intention.
We started out in the forest, and then we both struggled to make it to the human village, and we had no choice but to become adventurers, a job we could do without any resources or connections.
I was surprisingly talented as a “warrior” and Amane was also surprisingly talented as a “mage,” but to be frank, it took us several months before we were able to take on the goblin group we saw earlier.
There were no cheats …… It was just a lot of hard work.
But despite my goner, Amane laughs.

“Don’t say that. We are lucky to be alive.”

I can even see a kind of relaxed attitude in her when she says so. Totally …… compared to a few months ago, things change when they change, don’t they?
A few months ago, right after Amane and I came home from school and bumped into each other in front of our house, we were brought to this world by a magic circle that suddenly appeared with a dazzling light from under our feet.
At the time, we were completely distant, so at first we didn’t talk much, and to be frank, our relationship was awkward and strained.
However, once we learned that we were in a different world where demons were rampant, there was no time to talk about the feuds and awkwardness of the past few years.
Seriously, there is no way out of this situation unless we work together to survive. In a way, it’s fortuitous that this has allowed me to talk to Amane as a ‘friend’.

“I would have liked to have made things up a little more peacefully, though.”
“What are you doing, staring at people’s faces and mumbling.”

Although her expression was discontented, it was much closer to the expression she used to have for me when she was a little girl than the expression I had seen on her face in Japan.
When I think about it, I can’t help but think that this was the right thing to do.

“No, I just thought that things change as they change. A few months ago we didn’t even speak to each other, and now we make a living hunting demons together.”
“……, I just couldn’t say anything in a life-and-death situation.”

Amane then looks away awkwardly with a huff.
Seeing her gesture, I suddenly thought that I could ask her now.
It’s been on my mind for a long time.

“I was thinking about ……. Why did we stop talking when we were in Japan? I don’t remember. ……”

I try to be as casual as possible, but in reality, my body is shaking, I’m sweating strangely, and my heart is racing.
After I said it out loud, I started shaking to my knees, thinking about the possibility that coming to another world might cause us to lose our relationship, which we had been able to repair even temporarily …….


When Amane silently turned away, I said, “I shouldn’t have said that!?” I almost regretted what I said a few seconds ago.

“S-Sorry! It’s okay if you don’t want to say it. I mean, maybe I did something to you and that’s why! If that’s the case, I’m really sorry!”

I’m the cause of the problem and the people involved have forgotten about it. …… If it were such a case, the question I just asked would be like pouring fire on the oil. ……
However, as I was thinking of getting down on my knees in the heat of the moment, what reached my ears were words of dissatisfaction and denial.

“…… why is Yumeji apologizing? I was the one who distanced myself first.”
“…is that so?”

Amane nodded her head slightly at my words.

“When I was in elementary school, my friends and I were playing and we were talking about you and I said …… that you were my nickname and they made fun of me ……. ……”

What she told me was a story that could have happened to anyone in his or her childhood.
When the girls, who are more mature than the boys, became more interested in every romance, Amane provided a convenient topic.
However, Amane, who was still very young, moved in the direction of “denial” and “rejection” out of a sense of shame, when she would have been better off with a lighter touch if she had grown up a little more.
In front of my friends, she said, [I don’t get along with any of the boys I grew up with!] …… And from that point on, not only did she stop playing with me, she blatantly stopped talking to me.
Usually it’s a common story on the boy’s side.
At the time I was shocked too, but I started to play with other male friends besides Amane, so I made it go away.
But I was deeply relieved to hear such a truth from Amane herself.
I felt a weight in the back of my mind lifted by the fact that I wasn’t hated.

“Suddenly you stopped coming to our secret base, you stopped talking to me, you blatantly avoided me, …… I really thought you didn’t like me.”
“That’s …… really sorry. I stopped talking to you on my own and avoided you, so I felt like Yumeji was always staring at me …… and that …… scared me …….”

I let out a voice too dumb to speak. If her gesture, which I thought was ‘frowning and looking away’, was ‘guilt-ridden looking away’, then how many years have we wasted creating a rift ……?

“I’ve talked to Suzu nee many times and ………… she’s helped me a lot, but it just hasn’t worked out.”
“Talked with Suzu nee…”

I was almost shattered at the mention of that Amane.
I remember at the moment …… the indescribably dumbfounded look on Suzu nee’s face, and if the statement that she always said [come to the store with me as a customer] is the flip side of [get off your ass and talk to her and come to the store with her] knowing what’s going on…. I’m not sure….

“Haa….Hahaha….what a useless detour I’ve been taking ……”
“What detour?”

When Amane tilted her head curiously, I told her that I had also consulted with Suzu nee a lot, and she let out a deep sigh.

“Suzu nee…… then you should have told me. ……”
“You thought it was tactful, didn’t you? I thought it was tactless to mention it.”

When I think about it, Suzu nee gave me all kinds of advice and provided various opportunities to bridge the gap between the two of us.
This is our …… no my fault for not using it properly.
It’s just that I was too gutless to even start talking to girls without experiencing a life-threatening situation in another world.

“… there’s no chance to wait right?”

Amane nodded her head, as if calling out my sentiments, and a “non-human” kind of deadly atmosphere swelled up from behind us.


A moment later, a swarm of goblins attacked from the bushes behind us.
I swung the mallet in my hand to buy time for Amane’s spell chanting, as usual.

“I’m counting on you, buddy!”
“Yes yes, that goes for both of us!”

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