Episode 16 – Flirting At a Family Restaurant



“Ah, found it.”

“What’s the difference there?”

“This side of the fence has a horizontal tree in front, and the other side has a vertical tree in front.”

“Are you a genius Rina san?….”

Present time.

At a family restaurant that serves Italian cuisine.

The two of us were enjoying looking for the difference.

The last time we did this, I gave up halfway through and looked at the answers on the Internet, but this time I didn’t rely on the Internet. Rina san was very good at looking for differences.

She found all ten differences as if she was working on the rails in a factory. What a talent….

“Ehehe, I’ve always been good at it. This kind of thing.”

“Hee, that’s amazing.”

“By the way, I’m also very aware of Takuto kun’s changes.

“Do you see any changes in me?”

“Here, you have a sleeping habit.”

“Eh……hm? It’s true.”

Rina san pointed at me and checked the right side of my head.

Obviously, there was hair that defied gravity.

I have naturally curly hair and it’s uncommon for my hair to  defy gravity. It was a problematic hair root.

As I was hand-combing it, Rina san opened her mouth.

“Takuto kun, you’re so cute.”

“P-please stop saying weird things.”

“I just thought that you were cute.”

“I want people to think that I’m cool.”

With blushing cheeks, I turned my head away while pouting.

Even if she thinks I’m cute, I’m not happy at all.

“Takuto kun is cool.”

“W-what the, Even if you say it now, it’s nothing but flattery.”

“I’m not flattering. I mean it.”

“You’re an unfair senior….”

If you say such a thing, I’m really going to collapse. I feel like I’ve already collapsed….

“I want people to think I’m cute…..”

Rina san glanced at me.

Her behavior and gestures were already cute.

I cleared my throat and regained my energy.

“Y-you’re cute. Rina san is cute.”

“Somehow I felt sorry. I made you say that.”

“Yes, please apologize more.”

“Whoa, so you’re coming like that?”

Rina san gave me a stern look.


“I really think from the bottom of my heart. You’re very cute.

“Ehehe, Thanks.”

Her smile is so dazzling that I can’t look directly at her.

I don’t think I can hold my mind any longer, so I took out my study tools from my bag.

“Can we go study now?”

“Yeah. I think so.”

As I opened my English reference book on the table, Rina san came up next to me.

I’m glad that the seat I was shown was a box seat for four people.

In terms of studying, it’s better to sit next to each other rather than face to face.


“Eh? Did something interesting happen?

“No. It was the first time for me to go to a family restaurant after school with my boyfriend to study.”

“I-I see.”

It seems that Rina san has been devoted to me for quite some time.

Despite her matchless look, she had never been in a relationship before dating me.

It may be her first time using the word ‘with boyfriend’ as  a pillow talk.

Rina san puts her head on my right shoulder.

“Hey, R-rina san…..?”

“Come on, let’s study.”

“I don’t think I can concentrate.”

“I’m training your mental state to be able to concentrate in any situation.”

“I see…..”


From the outside, we look like an idiot couple.

And when I was smiling wryly at my current situation.

The bell rings, announcing the arrival of a guest.

My attention somehow turned in that direction, and I glanced around.


“Hm? What’s wrong?”

Rina san stared at me suspiciously as she saw me stiffened my body.

She moved away from my shoulder and looked in the same direction.

Rina san’s body also stiffened.

It was Yuika who came to the store. And next to her was a man I didn’t know.

The last time I saw him, I couldn’t clearly see his face, but judging by his build and hair color, he was probably the same person.

I never thought I would see them again at this time.

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