It happened one day after school.

[Runa chan !] [Runa chan !]

I could hear the cheers sent to Runa from around the courtyard.

Runa you say…….I’m right here.


I’m about to go to club activities, but I had a bad feeling about it, so I headed to the courtyard anyway.


The one at the center of the supporters was my twin sister, Rin. She was supposed to have short hair, but I wondered if she had grown it out since she went overseas. It was semi-long hair, about the same length as Runa’s.

As expected of twins. With the same hair, she looked just like Luna.

“B-big bro.”

[[Big bro !?]]

I attracted so much strange attention.

“Long time no see, Rin.”


“What the hell is wrong with you guys, throwing people names like that.”

Rin is attacking the surroundings. I’ve got to stop her.

“Stop it, Rin.”


Rin rushed at me.

I took Rin’s hand and moved to a secluded spot.

“Why are you here, Rin? Isn’t it supposed to be summer vacation?”

“It is summer vacation.”

“Eh, but it’s only May, right?”

“What kind of gag is that…. Japan and over there are different, you know?”


Apparently, summer vacation over there is from mid-May to September. I didn’t know that normally.

“I don’t have a key, so let’s go home together.”

I could’ve given her the key, but I felt uneasy.

“I have a club activity now. Can’t you wait until after?”

I’ll have her wait somewhere for now.

“Club activities? What kind of club activities did you do?”

“Light Music Club……”

“Light Music Club you said……”

Rin’s expression turned grim. The truth is, Rin and I got into a big fight when I quit playing the guitar.

Rin wanted me to continue playing guitar.

I didn’t listen to her.

It was around that time that Rin began to show contempt for me.

“You started playing guitar again?


“I see.”

Rin smiled widely. It was a reaction that I had not expected.

I thought she was going to blame me more.

I thought I was more to blame.

“I want to see my big bro playing guitar ! Can I come with you?”

I don’t mind, but……this is a school, and outsiders are not allowed here.

“Rin is family. It’s not a problem.”

“Ahaha….you’re the same as usual….. I’ll go ask everyone in the club.”

“Okay !”

I went to the clubroom with Rin. I hope it doesn’t cause any problems.

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