Until just a few days ago, I may have looked like a living corpse, but I had a peaceful school life.

But not today.

In the classroom during lunch break, Aika, my ex-girlfriend and childhood friend, and Iori san , a senior member of my club who gave me a chance to get back on my feet.
They were having a light argument about me.

It’s what is called a disaster.

“Naru, what do you mean by getting in trouble every time you have a break?”

I can’t tell her because I’m being asked about my relationship with Iori san.

“It’s because they asked him about his relationship with you, Kubota-senpai.”

Before I could answer, Aika simply answered something that was difficult to answer.

“Our relationship? Why are they prying about my relationship?”

“I-it’s because you’ve been flirting with him since …… morning, calling each other by name and accompanying each other !”

I don’t know why, but it seemed like Aika’s pressure was overwhelming.


“You did, didn’t you?”

I don’t remember flirting with her.

“I didn’t do it !….not yet……i think.”

Iori san who was slightly blushing looked cute.

“You did !”

“Then, even if we were flirting, what’s wrong with that? That kind of thing is up to me and Naru, isn’t it?

“It’s that you lack your awareness! Kubota senpai, you’re a celebrity in our school, you know? It would be unnatural if Naru, who’s presence is like a bean sprout together with that kind of senior, calling each other by names in the morning and flirting, doesn’t it? wouldn’t you be curious?”

—More or less, ex-boyfriend…..

“Then even if I’m a celebrity at the school, can’t I call out to someone I’m interested in? Can’t I wish to be with them?”

[[Someone I’m interested in.]]

Iori san’s bombshell statement.

“S….someone you’re interested in…do you like Naru, Kubota senpai?”

Oi Aika, what are you saying……

“I just met him yesterday, so I don’t know if I like him yet… but… I’m interested, so I’m here to invite him.”

The commotion in the classroom reached its peak when Iori-san said ‘Someone I’m interested in.’

The stares stung me.

I had never imagined that a gaze could be so painful.

“I understand. I’m sorry for bothering.”

Aika walked past Iori-san and left the classroom.

I’m being left behind… I wonder what to do with this atmosphere.

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1 year ago

Aika’s a giant question mark for me.

1 year ago
Reply to  RKADE 14

She comes across as someone who got bored of her guy and moved on, but wants him to stay single so she can grab him if her new option doesn’t work.

Of course, it’s probably because some sort of “he won’t live up to his potential if I’m with him” kind of thing.

1 year ago
Reply to  jikorde

Yeah since the beginning we can easily predict the cliche, to bring his full potential, or for self satisfaction. Let’s hope it’s not those BS. It’s not a fantasy nor action novel.

At least she left respectfully at the end…

When it comes to JP you can always expect love triangles or harem with these type of beginnings in novels sadly…

10 months ago

Hmm… She left once Iori plainly stated that she’s interested in him. You can interpret it as “oh, in that case I ought to stay out of their business, since I don’t want to interfere with his love life” or you can interpret it as her sulking, possibly without realising the reason herself, because she still has lingering feeling for him and is feeling possessive.