Because I went to school together with Iori-san,I ended up being interviewed every break.  There were also students from other classes in the middle of the ruckus.  It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that my peaceful high school life was lost today.

If this continues every day, I might consider transferring schools.

—Then, during lunch break.

As if to add another blow,  I got into trouble.

“Naru, come with me.”

What a surprise, Iori san came to my classroom.

The classroom went into a bit of a panic due to Iori san sudden visit.

Of course the stares hurt so much.

“W-what is it?”

“Hm, that….”

Iori san is fidgeting. I might have a hunch.

“Naru…lunch…do you want to eat with me?”

It was just as I expected. And the reactions from the people around me were also as I had expected.

Some of them dropped their chopsticks, others looked at me with murderous intent.

In the past half day, I learned what it was like to behave when I’m with Iori san.

I promised Yukki that I’m going to have lunch with him , and when I looked at him, he was giving me a good sign and winked at me. I don’t know what he was thinking, but I guess he wanted me to go.

If Yukki was okay with it, I had no particular reason to refuse, so I decided to accept Iori san invitation.




“Why are you inviting Naru, Kubota senpai?”

To my surprise, Aika entered my conversation with Iori san

“Eh, who are you?”

“I’m Wada Aika, Naru’s childhood friend.”

“C….childhood friend? So why if you’re Naru’s childhood friend?”

“With you being here, You’re a nuisance to Naru!”

“eh…Naru, is that so?”

“No ! That’s not true ! Not at all !.”

“Even if you say so….”

“Naru, weren’t you in trouble every time you’re on a break?”

“Well, that may have happened, but it’s Iori san’s fault.”

“Iori san?”

Iori san doesn’t seem to like having a san added to her name.

“I-iori’s not at fault !”


My classmates don’t seem to like the fact that I addressed her by name.

My lunch break has turned into a disaster.

Please give me back my peaceful lunch break.

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1 year ago

Ok, so Aika’s trying to get all up in his business. That would seem to indicate that maybe she’s hiding something regarding the breakup. Otherwise, why would she care?

10 months ago
Reply to  dmntt

It seems she still wants to be friends. Kinda selfish, TBH. She might be genuinely concerned about how people are bothering him (you know, being blind to her own faults but still considerate enough to notice if he’s troubled by something else), or… she just might still feel a bit possessive? It’s not like romantic love is completely exclusive, you might still have lingering feelings for someone even if you fall for someone new, or you might even love more than one person equally, as we see in many harem stories.