Episode 17 – That Day Came Suddenly



One day, when i was about to celebrate golden week if i make it this week, an incident happened.

“Naru, I have something important to talk to you about, are you free?”

“Okay but, right now?”

“Yeah, I want you to listen to me now.”

An important talk on the way to school.
I definitely thought it was about the song we’re going to play in today’s club activities.

“Hey, Naru. As I expected, I think I like you, Naru.

“Oh, I see”


That’s …….


What did Iori san just say now?

I stopped and faced Iori san with a straight face.

Iori san is blushing

The boys around her were also very upset.

Some of them dropped their phones and shattered the screen.

Some of them break down and cry on the spot.

Some of them are giving me piercing glances.

Until now that was the excessive reaction.


I’m the one who’s upset the most.

Because I didn’t make any mental preparations.

“I-iori…..what are you…….”

“I-it’s embarrassing, so don’t make me say it again and again.”

Iori san averted her gaze with a downcast look. She’s dangerously cute.

S-sorry Iori, I didn’t think the important thing you wanted to talk about was this……”

My heart was beating faster and was about to jump out.

“I…it can’t be helped. I’ll say it one more time, so listen carefully.”

“Wait, r-right here, are you sure ?!”

“I’ve already decided, it doesn’t matter where I say it, does it?”

That’s true, but confessing in front of everyone who’s looking is…..

Even if I were reborn, I wouldn’t be able to do it.

“I like you, Naru.”

That day, which I thought might come someday, came suddenly.

But I hadn’t prepared an answer.

If I had to choose between like or hate, I would say I like her.

But I can’t go out with her the way I feel now.

It may sound like lip service, but I feel like I am using Iori san to forget Aika.

“You don’t have to reply right away.”


“But you have to let me know.”

I wonder if Iori san could sense what I was feeling.


I have a chance to think about it.

The school idol confesses her love to me.

Right now, I’m being confessed to by the most liked girl.

Originally, this is an event that makes you go [Yahoo].

I don’t want to get hurt nor hurt anyone else.

I hated myself for being a coward.

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