It has been a while since I started dating Iori, but I haven’t gone on a date with her alone yet. When I confessed my feelings to her, we met up with everyone. I want to go on a date with her, just the two of us, and I want to flirt with her.

I was so determined to ask her out on a date on my way home today….

From the moment I thought I was going to invite her, time started fast-forwarding. If I don’t start to talk,  I won’t be able to ask her out today.

What should I do ……should i do it tomorrow…..but Iorihas plans too. If I give it more time, it might be harder to hold off on my weekend plans.

Comeback to me, courage.

“H-hey, Naru.”

This chance was triggered by Iori.


“What are you doing this Sunday?”

What…..could this be !?

“I want to go on a date ! I want to go on a date with you this Sunday, Iori !”

It was a bit rushed, but I appealed for a date.


Iori’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment at the sudden approach.

“Yeah, okay.”

What’s with this pureness. It’s so cute.

I was able to get Iori on a date.

—But that night my agony began.

……I can’t think of a date plan.

What should we do on a date.

Meet up, have dinner together, go shopping, go to a movie?

I mean, do I have that kind of funds?

What should I do, what should I do, what should I do.

That’s right ! This is when the power of the Internet comes in handy !

I searched for [Date go-to-choice] but all it came up was the standard stuff that even I could come up with.

All of them are too expensive for a high school student like me.

The only way to do this is to consult someone……

Who can I ask for dating advice….I only have one friend in the first place, Yukki. I’ve never heard anything about him having a girlfriend either.

If that’s the case……Yui san !?

Oh yeah, Yui san was in the same grade as Iori san, and I’m sure they have similar tastes.

But if I talked to Yui san about this, I might be interrupted by everyone again and not be able to be alone with her.

I spent a sleepless night thinking about that.

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