Until yesterday, I had zero presence, but when I went to school with Iori san, my presence suddenly appeared.

Even though she’s a school idol, her existence is very local. To be honest, I was taking it easy.

But I spend most of my youth in an extremely local area. Even after I parted with Iori san, the boys’ gazes pierced through me without mercy.

“Yow, Naru.”

“Good morning, Yukki.”

When I entered the classroom, the boys were all in an uproar.

“I saw it, Naru, why are you flirting with Kubota senpai ! I’m jealous!”

“No, Yukki, it’s not like that, you see, I started playing light music yesterday. That’s why I formed a unit with Iori san.”

“Haa— so you’re in a unti with Kubota senpai?”


Perhaps Yukki is also a fan of Iori san.

“But, if it’s like that, aren’t you guys a little too close?”

“Well, the other seniors also called each other by name…so I’m sure that’s what light music feels like !”

“Seriously….i wonder if i should join light music club too…..”

“Naru…..are you started playing guitar again?:

Aika, whom i had not spoken a word to since i entered highschool, no wait, since the day we broke up, spoke to me without any context,

Maybe it was because she spoke to me suddenly, even though it was just one word, I couldn’t stop my heart from pounding, and I could tell that my face was blushing.

I’m still…..

I couldn’t forget about Aika.

“Y….yeah, since yesterday.”

“I see, thank god….let me hear your guitar performance again, Naru.”


“It’s a promise then.”

“Yeah, someday, definitely….”

It was nothing special, we just exchanged a few words, but my eyes were getting hot.

But of course I can’t cry in the classroom.

Somehow I managed to hold back my tears.


“I’m fine, more importantly, about Iori san.”

“Oh that’s right ! Maybe there’s a bunch of other people who want to hear it….hey guys.”

[[Let us hear it, Otonashi]]

Until yesterday, the crowd who had never spoken to everyone other than Yukki, gathered around me.

I’m not good with this sort of thing, but honestly, it was helpful.

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1 year ago

The least she could do is leave him alone, since he’s clearly not over it yet.