I was challenged to a duel by Alta, a former hero.

I think this is what they call a reverse challenge.

In the first place, whether you win or lose against me, it’s not about getting the four of them back.

Everyone hated Alta from the start.

It’s just that they were forced to form a party because of the political marriage and the appearance of the Demon King.

If Alta had been aware of his status as a hero and had responded accordingly, he might have moved the girls’ hearts.

But he failed to do so, and on the contrary, hired me as a substitute hero.

He only wanted to make things easier for himself.

If it was known that he hired a fake, not only would the girls’ hearts be further and further away from him, but he would even lose his own position.

Alta, who didn’t even imagine such a thing and carried it out in a light-hearted way, is at fault.

Well, he’s full of faults. ……

“….. a duel? As I said before, I have no reason to fight you. I slaughter only assassins who target me and outsiders who trample on the lives of the weak.”


Pomple screams again as he pees on his bottom at Alta’s feet.

He seem to be one of the lowest in the organization, and I guess he can’t help but be scared of me because they call me the “Reaper Seti”.

This guy seems harmless enough to be left alone.

Even Alta is self-centred and a jerk, but he’s not a villain.

There’s no reason to fight someone like that.

If you want to beat me up, you can beat me up as much as you want.

“Then~. If you don’t want to duel, I’m going to forcibly rape your women.”

“What? Don’t say that, even if you’re joking.”

My tone of voice changes.

“I’m not joking. In the host club male whore, I was called ‘Godfinger Hawk’ and was the number one nominee. Compared to the deformed female demonesses, those disgusting women are more exciting and I can get off with them as many times as I want. Well, there was a pretty little girl with dark hair in the lunch shop, wasn’t there? I can fuck a little girl, hahahahahaha!”


“Correct your insults to these girls right now …… or I’ll kill you …….”

“Hyahahahaha! Alta aniki, please apologise immediately! Only ‘Seti the Reaper’ is really bad!”

“Pomple, you shut your mouth! If you have a problem with me, you can complain after you beat me, you ‘fake Seti’!”

Alta pulled out the ‘Holy Sword’ while grinning.

The only thing I can’t forgive is the comments that hurt the people I care about.

“It can’t be helped,……, let’s fight.”

I took off my apron and handed it to Fiala.

“…. Seti san.”

“It’s all right.”

I face Alta, who is holding the sword as it is.

That ‘holy sword’ …… is being enchanted with something.

It used to be a bastard sword in name only, but now the sword body is overflowing with “dark” magic.

Was it converted into a magic sword given to some magician?

“Hey, fake! Take up your weapon! Or have you forgotten your knife!”

“I have a hidden weapon, but I won’t use it on you. Bare hands are enough. Don’t hesitate to come at me.”

“Don’t underestimate me! Die!”

Alta stepped forward and slashed mercilessly.

I almost saw it off and avoided it.

No matter how much power it has, there is no need to activate 《Biological Strengthening》.

I thought,

“I got you, hahaha!”

The Holy Sword changed its trajectory and the blade came close to my throat.

Is this a pursuit ability!


“What the hell?!”

Alta is astonished.

Like in the ‘Old Woman’s Battle of Morss’ I had performed before, I held the blade of the Holy Sword that had attacked me with my fingertips to pluck it

The sword did not move even a wiggle.

“Damn it! Let go of me, you bastard!”

“Alta, this Holy Sword ……, who did you have to mess with?”

“Who’s going to tell you? Get the fuck off me!”

“It can’t be helped.”


I let go of the sword and at the same time slammed my fist into it, breaking it.

“No way!”

“I’ll give it back to you.”

I throw the broken sword at Alta.


Alta’s voice trails off and he falls to the ground.

The sword blade pierces his feet.


“Now you know, don’t you? No matter how much you increase your magic and muscle power, you will never be able to beat me. Give it up already.”

“Shut up! You don’t understand my humiliation!”

“I don’t know …… and I don’t want to know. But Alta, I hate you because you have a rotten heart, but I can’t say you’re an outcast,…… so I won’t take your life. From now on you can leave us alone and do what you want …… within the bounds of decency.”

“You’re such a fake!”

“A fake,…… yes. But now I have real happiness. I’ve got the ‘lunch wagon’ I inherited from my mentor, …… Hina and the girls. As long as everyone is by my side, I will protect the shop and everyone. I’ll do everything I can. …… If you do anything to these girls, this time I won’t give you mercy.”

“Damn, Damnnn!!!”

Alta is at a loss for words and frustrated.

From my point of view, it’s a big deal that he has grown up so much. As he says, he must have made a lot of effort.

But …….

“And that sword ……, I don’t ask who improved it. I can think of a few things,…… but I think you should leave that guy alone,…… He seems friendly and gets into people’s minds, but he’s more of a monster than a demon king who makes it his hobby to break hearts.”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up! I’m not going to listen to you! Remember me, remember me!!!”

Alta cries and swears.

It seems that no matter what I say, it’s useless.

“Let’s go, everyone. Sorry to worry you.”

“No, Seti san, …… we’re the ones. Alta really is a stupid man who can only think of himself. ……”

“Bye-bye, Alta……. We won’t see you again.”

“He and I have been together since we were very young, …… but in the end we never understood each other. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not saying it’s all your fault, …… we were also influenced by our surroundings. But then Seti changed us. He changed us in the same way, in the guise of you. …… Think about what that means in your future life. That’s all I can say……. See you later, Alta.”

The girls bid farewell to Alta in their own words.

As a former party, it was probably their last act of mercy.

I don’t know how far it will reach Alta’s heart. I’m sure it won’t.

Without saying a word, I leave the place with the others.

I can’t think of any more words to say, and I think I’ve said everything I want to say.

If I could only send one word, would it be a thank you for letting me meet them all?

But there is no way I could say that to Alta. …… That would be like pouring oil on the fire.


Alta, a former hero, crouched down after his complete defeat by Seti.

He repeatedly pounded the ground with his fists and screamed in humiliation.

“Uggg……guh, damn it! Fuck! Fuck!”

“That’s why I told you, Aniki…… you’re too bad. You’re lucky to be alive against the Grim Reaper.”

“Shut up, you ! Shut up, you little pissant!”

“What is it!? What is that?? Are you going to put aside your self-indulgence and get mad at me? ? I’m telling you, the only people who can properly fight the death reaper Seti'' are the bosses or top executives of theFour Pillars of Hell”!”

“You’re so noisy! I’m a Godfinger Hawk, you idiot!”

“Aniki, isn’t that a nickname for a pillow fight~? I’m not proud to be a like that. …… you are just an unsuspecting, dirty bastard.”

“What the hell, you!”

Alta attacks Pomple, who tries to console him.

The man’s mind was so distraught that no matter what he said to him, he was nothing but a jerk.


“-whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. You’re on a roll, Alta.”

An old man with a white beard appeared out of nowhere.

Alta’s eyes widened in surprise at the sight.

“Rumpe, old Rumpe?”

Rumpe, the elder of the town.

He was also the head of an assassination ring, Mors.

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your local gacha boy yt

to the surprise of absolutely no one

5 months ago

This is the part I least admire from protagonists: They let the bad guy live, power up, and casue who know how many troubles before killing it. I don’t know how much damage Alta will cause, but Seti will regret not killing him there.