I gave in to the dictator’s advice to surrender, and I became her slave.

After consultation with the dictator, a treaty was concluded between us and I signed a document implementing its terms.

The contents of that document are as follows.

  1. Tsukishiro Yukina and Hozuki Akane agree to be lovers.
  2. that Hozuki Akane shall respect and honour Tsukishiro Yukina.
  3. that Hozuki Akane shall be submissive to Tsukishiro Yukina and shall respond faithfully to her demands.
  4. that Hozuki Akane shall have no romantic feelings towards any person of the opposite sex other than Tsukishiro Yukina.
  5. to keep the relationship confidential and to pose as a friend in front of third parties.
  6. payment of wages is not permitted and Hozuki Akane shall not ask for any compensation.

7.The period of the relationship shall be limited to one month. Extensions are possible

8.Extension of the relationship period shall be determined by Tsukishiro Yukina’s approval or disapproval.

  1. violations of the above shall be subject to the penalties listed in 10.
  2. shall be punished by death.

Having been forced into an unequal treaty, it is confirmed that I will become her slave.

My stomach is on the verge of exploding as I take on the role of the young lady’s servant and Yukina’s slave. The dosage of stomach pills only increases.

A school life full of hope. Such faint dreams have been drowned out and fizzled out fleetingly.

It would have been better if I had accompanied the young lady instead of going home first.

Maybe it would have been best to take care of Yukina’s case after the requirements of the young lady.

Should I discuss the case with the young lady?

However, if I told her that I was in a contractual romantic relationship with Yukina, I risked being stabbed to death by the young lady who had forgotten herself in her jealousy.

If that happens, I will die and the young lady will be in trouble with the police. Not only us, but also the Izumi family and the Hozuki family will be taken along. Imust avoid that unfortunate end.

How should I deal with the young lady whose thoughts and movements are unreadable?

In the past, the young lady was manageable, but now she is very troublesome.

This, yes, can be dealt with by maintaining a high degree of flexibility and being resourceful.

Then all will be well. My school life will be peaceful.

I was about to go home after being released like that, but I was lost in the school.

The map had been destroyed by Yukina’s prank, so I was at a loss as to where the main entrance was. There was no one around and I couldn’t find my way home.

As a last resort, I could ask the young lady for help, but I don’t want her to know what’s going on.

It’s not right to put your trust in a dictator, but is there no other way but to ask her?

“Ara, it’s Akane.”

“Ugh, …… miss.”

After some twists and turns, I finally give up thinking, and as I’m strolling around the area, I run into the last person I want to see right now.

What’s with the reaction as if you’ve encountered a murderer? I’ve got a reputation for having a mind of steel, but I’m going to get hurt. ……”

As I push back the young lady who is demanding that I take responsibility and register, she tells me with a clouded expression on her face.

“─ ─ More importantly, why is Akane at school? Hey, hey, why?”

A chill ran through me at the comment of the young lady with a keen intuition, and a strong sense of murder gushed out.

I was hesitant to see the young lady approaching and snooping around, but considering the danger of encountering the young lady, I have prepared countermeasures.

“I was worried about leaving the young lady alone, so I went home once and came back. The punishment for breaking your orders will be whatever it takes.”

“Then fill in each of the fields on this form.”

I took one look at the marriage certificate handed to me by the young lady and tore it up, she cried out and pressed me.

“Are you really happy for the young lady to be married to someone with whom she has a difference of opinion?”

“Yes, because you came back because you’re worried about me ……? This does confirm that you like me anymore…! Spring has come in our world…!”

After picking up the pieces of paper that had been scattered and putting them away, the young lady shows off a new piece of paper in her best manner.

“Fufu…… that’s too bad. There’s nothing to worry about, because there’s a second piece! I have ten spare sheets on hand as a countermeasure against loss or Akane destroying them! I have several thousand copies stored at home, and if I persistently keep sending them, Akane will give up and say, ‘Oh dear, it can’t be helped, ……’!”

“Please put that enthusiasm to good use for something else.”

I feel relief that the topic has gone off to the side when I see the young lady getting delusional.

If the young lady continues to be enthusiastic about her marriage, the issue of me being at school should be a thing of the past. If I ask the young lady to show me the way and return home safely, then today’s problem with Yukina will be solved for now.

It’s a piece of cake. All I have to do now is keep my mouth shut so that I don’t accidentally say something wrong and keep the young lady company..,


The young lady muttered in a low, irritated tone of voice.

The feeling of a foreign substance, as if someone had been scratching around in your guts with their hands, made you feel nauseous.

She stopped stepping out, but then started to walk again so that she would not be aware of her discomfort. In contrast, the young lady turned her head down and continued to mutter.

“My favourite Akane gives off an aggravatingly strange smell. …… a refined stench that seems to provoke and ridicule me a lot – is it a black-hearted woman? Hey, hey, why do I smell her from Akane?”

The cold hand of the young lady grabs my face so that I can’t look away.

Fortunately, the Palpitations are undetectable, as no hand is placed on the heart.

Yes… …… I anticipate that I will be questioned about Yukina as well, and I have prepared a proper response in advance.

“Around the time I returned because I was worried about the young lady, I bumped into Yukina by chance. I had a chance to touch her for a moment, which must have left a scent on her.”


I return my gaze to the young lady, who looks into my eyes without blinking, with the illusion of a nail being thrust into my eyeball.

I endure the thirst in her eyes and exchange a look with no guilty feelings whatsoever.

“I see, okay! A strong stench that rewrites Akane’s smell even though it’s only the beginning of your encounter …… I think she’s being a little too assertive …..”

The lady sprays deodorant on me and hugs me and starts overwriting me.

I’ve been under the line of death twice and my stomach is close to its limit. Praying to God that I would not be in further danger, we started walking again.

In a very difficult position to walk, I ask the troublesome young lady, who is still clinging to me.

“Speaking of which, how did you end up here, young lady?”

The young lady shuts her big smile at that comment and turns her face into a serious one.

I can guess that the young lady had caught a glimpse of the worst part of the event.

Perhaps because she was so reluctant to let me intervene, she refused to explain what had happened and continued to be vague and muddled.

I think the young lady has a sense of responsibility and pride, but I am also a party to this, so it’s okay to let me carry the responsibility. Reporting, liaison and consultation are important.

“Tell me what the hell happened.”

“Have you seen the admissions results ……?”

“No, not particularly, as I’m not interested.”

As a condition of enrolment in the spring months, the school requires a written test, an interview and an internal investigation.

In this case, the interview and internal examinations are omitted as they are not relevant, but external students are required to take the entrance examinations tests. Although they are referred to as external students, internal students are also tested for progression, so the same content is tested for both internal and external students.

The results of these tests are posted on the notice board, showing the top ranking of the students’ abilities.

I, the first of the idiots, don’t even bother to go and look at the rankings because I don’t have anything to do with them. How does that relate to the worst of it?

“Look at this.”

The young lady pointed her finger in that direction and the results were posted.

The names of the people ranked from tenth to first are written, and to my surprise, in fifth place is the name of my master, Miss Izumi Hisako.

“As expected of young lady”

“Ehehe …… can you give me something as a reward?”

After kicking off the young lady’s request, I looked at the names in the upper ranks.

The name Tsukishiro Yukina is in third place and astonishes me.

Even though she likes to think of herself as a super talented and beautiful girl, she’s in third place. After vowing to aim for first place and defeat her in revenge, the glorious person who won first place…

“Hmmm, what should I do with my prize? Do I sleep with you while singing a lullaby, or is it time to pamper me in total affirmation ……?”

The name of my friend Yuzuriha Arisu was noted.

She is suspected of being a big shot, but I didn’t realise she was actually good at it.

Being surrounded by such talented people as the young lady, Yuzuriha-san, and Yukina, I feel even more humble.

Anyway, what is the causal relationship between these rankings? When I tried to ask her that, the young lady, whose thinking had returned to normal, gave an explanation.

“We’ll enjoy the rewards later, but in the world line I was in, the collapse started because the number one was an outsider. ……”

“…. what do you mean?”

“It’s not the same thing. It’s what happened in the first place.”

The young lady’s to-the-point statement almost confused my mind.

She took a breath before speaking.

“The first place was not Yuzuriha Arisu.”

The young lady says that Yuzuriha san is not number one ……, but her name is in fact there.

“Contradictions aside. I’ll tell you the history of my world line and why I refused to let Akane serve. Yes…that was when I really loved Akane, but I was a pathetic clown who couldn’t be honest…”

“Enough banter, please speak quickly.”

The results of the entrance examinations were pasted up and the proud names of the tenth to first places were posted.

What shattered the arrogance that glorious internal students would take all the rankings was the fact that the first place was an external student.

The students, taken aback by this person who had so brazenly placed first over an internal student, soon began to have doubts and complaints, and were accused of cheating and bribes, among other ridiculous accusations.

In the midst of this witch-hunt, someone objected.

“That’s my fiancée.”


As someone from the young lady World Line, I took the position of defending witches, and I remained in the position of a witch from beginning to end.

While the debate was going on, it seems that a word uttered by a certain student broke my patience, and I defeated that student.

The bystanders around me also tried to stop me, but the fierce battle continued until the teacher rushed to the scene.

As a result, I was suspended from school for a week, and the people who accused me of being a witch were not punished, so the curtain ended with a disturbing result.

“─ ─ isn’t that someone else?”

“That time when Akane gave a hammer .. it was a little scary, but on the other hand, it was kind of numbing. At the time, I was so excited, as if my red demon blood was stirring.”

“I’m not a young lady, so I won’t sue for violence. In fact, if you were watching from the sidelines, please stop me.”

“Well, …… I couldn’t do anything about it then, could I?”

The young lady remembers the past as she rubs her arm as if it hurts an old wound.

It’s hard to believe that I, a passive person, would cause a brawl, but from what she said so heartily, there’s a possibility that it’s true.

A student accused of being an outsider. I would be displeased, but I would not imitate sticking my neck out.

But still.

“Everyone is an idiot.”


Whether it’s the people hurling verbal abuse at the witch, or me allegedly resorting to violence, I felt it was a skit without a plot to bring me down for such a ridiculous incident.

I guess this is why the young Lady advised me not to do anything again and refused my intervention because of this course of events.

Even so, young lady, Izumi Hisako, was she just standing by and watching the mismanagement of her servant, Hozuki Akane?

“And what was the young lady doing in the meantime?”

“Eh, ah …… it’s different! I …… I.”

The young lady somehow turned her face down and was at a loss for words.

No, I’m not blaming you.

“I …… I didn’t do anything. All I did was watch quietly to see what nonsense my servant was doing. …… If I, who had a say in the matter, had spoken up at that time, the agony would have been cleared up. ……But I didn’t do anything …… and it’s my fault ……!”

“The young lady did nothing wrong…”

“That’s not all! I was jealous of Akane and the girl getting close, and I tried to cause a rift between the two of them. ……”

The reason why the witch is unhappy, not me and the young lady…..was the young lady involved in the cause as well?

The young lady, driven by remorse, clutched at me and distorted her face.

The expression on her face was similar to that of the first day of her time leap.

“In other words, the root of all evil is the young lady.”

“Yes ……! It’s not the school environment or other people, it’s me ……! It’s my fault that Akane became isolated ……!”

“I see, then you need to be punished accordingly. Then, as a reflection on this time, it’s fine if you don’t want a reward or something like that.”

“Ah……, E-eh!! OAh, yes. That’s it! ? Y-you don’t disappointed…!?”

Disappointment now, or what is this person talking about?

First of all, it wasn’t me who experienced this, but me in the young lady’s world line. In fact, irrelevant.

The young lady, who was just standing on the sidelines, did nothing wrong …… or was she trying to trap me? Is it bad in a way?

But I believe ………… that the young lady, having reflected on her past, will not repeat such a blunder again.

Because I don’t believe that Izumi Hisako, the person who saved the child and took her hand from the head, could be just a bystander and a dark figure.

“I won’t be disappointed and it’s not that bad, so why don’t you just go back to being the lady you were? It’s too much trouble.”

“Don’t you think of comforting a beautiful girl in her heartbreak ……?”

“Not really.”

“…… ugh! That indifferent gesture actually provoked me… or rather, it stimulated my heartbroken heart and became a habit…!”

The young lady, who had been awakened to her strange tendencies, was gradually regaining her normal appearance.

Half-revived, she reopened, pointed at me and declared.

“It’s my fault! But I’m not the one who caused it! So I’m not too bad! The worst one is Akane who ran into her! That’s why you should take responsibility and become my husband!”

“How did it come to pass that the young lady and I had to get married?”

“Marriage ……, marriage? Wait, Akane and that girl got married……….Hnaaaaaaaaa!!!!!”

The young lady who suddenly becomes delirious and holds her head in fear.

“When I tried to bring the two of them down, on the contrary, their bond increased ……! Gah, S-so …… they got married…..! That means that I, I pushed for their marriage……!”

“Don’t ask yourself that question alone.”

“I’m such an …… idiot.”

The young lady fainted after that one word.

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