“What is it with you guys, those busty, mini-skirted maid outfits! You never dressed that sexy in front of me, your fiancée! Hey, you shopkeeper! You’re the one who’s making all my women look like that! What the fuck are you, ah!!?”

Alta is outraged at the sight of the four people drawing in customers.

Hey, is that where you want to point out …….

Karina, Fiala, Miriel and Manisa are puzzled, their eyes wide open at meeting an unexpected man in an unexpected place.

For Alta, the hero who they abandoned out of love and gave up on and ended their engagement with.

He was also shouting angrily at me and questioning me.

From the way he spoke, it appeared that he still didn’t know who I was.

If I ignored him, I would be disturbing the other customers.

“Sir, since you can’t stay here, let’s talk at the back of the house.”

When I suggested this, Alta said, “You’re telling me what to do, like you’re some kind of big shot!” and together we moved away from the lunch wagon.

By the way, I ask Fiala to leave the kitchen to me.

The four of them gave me anxious looks, but I just told them that it would be over soon.

Thus, in an unpopular place, I confront Alta.

Hm? Who is this guy?

I am concerned about the existence of a young boy …… or dwarf fairy tribe who has been following Alta since a while ago.

Is he one of Alta’s companions? He looks like a bard, but from the way he’s been hiding, he looks like a bandit or an assassin. …… He’s got a very strange fellow with him.

And Alta’s equipment has changed from before.

Instead of the blue armour and red cloak of a brave warrior, he wears highly practical armour, like a mercenary.

In addition, the ‘Holy Sword’ is also different from before, giving off an evil and disastrous …… feeling, as if it were a ‘Demon Sword’.

“Hey, shopkeeper! What’s with you from a while ago!”

“Don’t you remember me ……, hero?”

“Hm? I don’t know, I’ve never met a dark-haired mediocre punch like you.”

That’s a terrible thing to say. What do you mean by ‘plain punch’?

I’ve been disguised as Alta for a long time, so it’s not surprising that you don’t know my real face.

“I am Seti, your former ‘impersonator’.”

“What!? You’re my fake …… ‘Seti the Reaper’?”

“Do you know me?”

“Yes, I’ve been through a lot too, …… I see, that’s why those women were dressed like that, …… damn it!”

‘H-Hiiiii! Shhh, Seti the Grim Reaper! This is the most powerful …… person in the organisation! Kyaaaahhh!”

The dwarf at Alta’s feet screams and falls on his butt.

He becomes frightened as he looks at me.

“Dwarf Tribe there, you’re shitting your …… pants, are you alright?”

“Yeah? Don’t worry about it. This is Pomple. He’s an assassin from the organisation you left. He’s my apprentice now.”

“If he’s a member of the Organisation, that means you are also a target. ……”

“Yeah, …… with a bounty of 3,000 G’s on the head. That’s right, my neck isn’t even close to 2 billion G! you’re complaining!!! ”

So, 3,000 Gs is …… for real? Are you joking?

But he knows a lot about what’s going on.

And the atmosphere seems to have changed a lot.

He’s a charlatan, but he’s got a great deal of charm. He’s different from the Alta of the time, when he was a sucker for his parents and licked his life.

That’s what I thought.

“I have no complaints …… hero, you will not return to the Holy Land of Gráteca?”

“They stripped me of my heroic position and exiled me!”

“M-My fault?”

“Yeah, that’s right! When I fired you, all women had their engagements broken and I was demoted not only from my positions as hero but also from my royal position! What’s more, I’m being targeted by assassins 24/7, so I can’t get a proper job, I end up running away to a street to beg, and I get prostituted by ugly female demons at a host club. It was a mess! Isn’t this all because you left the organization!!!”

“I don’t know what kind of life you’ve led. But I warned you when you were dismissed, didn’t I? You mistook me for a ‘handyman’. I’m sure it’s because you didn’t read the written oath properly. …… I left the organisation because I was free to do so, and there was no reason for me to care about you!”

“But you never told me you were an assassin! If you think I’m mistaken, why didn’t you explain it to me then? You have looked down on me and disrespected me from the start. …… No, no. From the very beginning, you wanted to impersonate me, steal my fiancées, and cuckold me! I was convinced by the way those women were dressed!”

“absurd …… these women were desperate to find me, whom they didn’t even know of their own volition! That’s why I wanted to respond to that, so we did this together… That costume was just because everyone thought about running the lunch wagon on their own… In the first place, if you had treated the girls properly, this situation wouldn’t have happened!?”

“What the hell does that mean?!!”

“When I was dressed up as you, Karina, Fiala, Miri and Manisa were cold and curt at first! It always seemed like they had given up on something! But as they fought alongside me, ate meals with me and interacted with me, they started to smile more and were kinder to me. …… In other words, they are wonderful girls who can see people from the inside, not from their appearance, or as hero or royalty, but from the inside! In that sense, I thought they were certainly too good-for-you!”

“You’re a fake, saying whatever you like! You’re a cuckold!”

Alta grunted and grabbed my chest while yelling an insult.

It’s a lot of power. Your magic and muscle power have greatly improved. …… You mean to say that you powered up while being chased by assassins?

If you had made that effort a little earlier, you could have been a proper hero. ……

But if he’s like this on the inside, I feel sorry for Karina and the others. Maybe it wouldn’t have changed their fate to have their engagement broken off.

“Hey, what are you staring at?! Say something, you!”

“A, Alta’s brother …… mustn’t provoke the Reaper any further. …… He’s a legend amongst us. He’s even worse than a bad demon king.”

“Pomple, you shut up! I’m going to beat this bastard and get the girls back!”

“I told you I didn’t take them from you. …… He’s persistent. If you want to hit me, just hit me. I have no reason to fight with you, and as you said, I feel a little guilty… so let’s just accept it. However, I want you to back off from Karina. I want them to pursue the happiness of their own choosing”

“Bastard ….. acting like he’s got enough time! You fake, I’ll kill you right here, right now!”

“–that’s enough, hero! No, Altaaaa!”

A dignified, taut voice.

Is this voice …… Karina?

I looked and saw the four beautiful girls who were Alta’s former fiancées there.

Moreover, she wasn’t in a maid outfit, but in her usual adventurer appearance.

“Y-you …… damn!”

Alta let go of my chest.

“Seti san, are you alright?”

“Yes, Fiala,…… and the shop?”

“I’m sorry, … the customer left with no charge. We were worried about you,…… and Hina and Shabazo are looking after the shop.”

“I see, …… I’m sorry too. I was hoping we could make this go away peacefully, but …… this is just the way it is.”

“No, it’s impossible to even have a discussion with that person – Altaa! If you raise your hands against Seti-san, I won’t forgive you!”

“Fiala, youu… you’re completely turning into a woman’s face in front of that guy! That shitty woman who was always making fun of me!”

“Shut up! It’s because of your bad behaviour!”

“That’s right! You always make me fight and never do anything yourself!”

“What did you say, Miri!?”

“You’re right! he’s different, Seti dono! He always took the initiative to fight and lead us! He’s the same in disguise, but he’s so much better!”

“Karina, you!”

“That’s why everyone was attracted to Seti-kun… Alta, if you had even a piece of purity like Seti-kun, your views might have changed a little… Well, no matter what, everyone would break off their engagement with you. I would have done it though.”

“Manisa, how dare you!”

No matter how much Alta tries to intimidate them, the girls remain unmoved. Rather, she was staring at him as if she were looking at trash.

I thought it was completely irreparable before he could get it back.

However, Alta is…

“Hey, fake! Duel with me! I’m going to kill you and get those women back!”

You don’t understand anything.

He went berserk and suddenly challenged me to a duel.

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