“Three rounds of hands, one round of backs, and one round of barking.”


Hand in the right hand, hand in the left hand. Rhys turned around three times and said [woof], then she glared at me with such scary eyes that I thought she could kill someone with just her gaze.

But that’s it. No matter how much she hates me, she can’t resist me.

That was because Rhys, who had been the receptionist of this adventurers’ guild until a few minutes ago, had called me a liar for my declared skills, and I had dueled under the restriction of [absolute obedience if you lose] in the Holy Spirit Contract, which I had won.

The adventurers in the guild are also emitting murderous intent towards me, just like Rhys.

The adventurer named Gwyn, who was carried away on a stretcher after our fight, said he owed a debt of gratitude to Rhys, but I wondered if it was the same for the rest, or if it was simply because they were after Rhys–the most beautiful woman that had ever seen.

Either way, I felt very uncomfortable in this needle in a haystack.

I took Rhys’s hand and decided to go home for the time being.

The bed was still a mess, my clothes were undone and my reference books were scattered around. On my study desk was a notebook with formulas written all over it. Rhys, who was suddenly brought into my room, looked around anxiously.

“……W-where, where am I?”

“My room.”

“……Room. It’s so small. Are you a commoner? I think someone with 7 star skills would live in a more luxurious house. No, but the fabric of this futon is very thin and thick. You are not poor by any means, are you?”

“No, I’m pretty poor. Well, I have recently had some extra income, so it is not so bad these days.”

“Is that so? I mean, where is this house?”

“Earth. From your point of view, it’s another world.”

“Another world !?……That means you are a brave hero. What is your name–“

“Sora. Ito Sora.”

“Sora…… So, Sora……sama is a brave hero, is that it?”

“I don’t know. I don’t care what the Demon King of that world does. But if it means that I were summoned to another world and gained skills, then maybe that’s the case.”

“I see. But the Hero is supposed to be under the control of the royal family…no, but if I remember correctly, Sora sama’s skill is [transfer]–is that why you were able to escape?”

“I’m not sure.”

Rhys, who has a pretty face and is thinking about it, nods and then lowers her head.

“…It seems that there is no doubt that you are a hero and have the ability to teleport. I still can’t believe that you are a 7 star though.”

“No, that’s also true !”

“In the first place, a 3-star Gwyn is likely to lose to a 4-star or higher opponent, and I can’t prove whether you have a 7-star skill or not. My blood was rushing to my head and I lacked judgment.  As a result, I became your slave.”

“That’s stupid. I mean, why didn’t you just check my skills with that crystal ball?”

“You mean the skill orb? That’s just stupid. That’s a national treasure-level magic tool. The royal family controls it, so there’s no way we can use it.”

……I know you don’t like me, but you’re always so prickly, aren’t you?

“Sit down.”

When I order her to sit, she does so like a dog, unable to disobey due to the [absolute obedience.] Rhys is wearing a tight skirt, so her underwear is visible.

“Well, it’s not as bad as you sitting there showing off your underwear to me.”

“T-that’s because you ordered me to !”

Rhys blushed with embarrassment, but because of my order, she couldn’t even move to hide her underwear. I’m blushing with shame, but seeing Rhys unable to disobey me, I feel my desire to conquer being fulfilled.

She has silver hair and red eyes like an albino, and her ears are slightly pointed, like an elf. Her skin is white and she is young enough to look her age or younger. Her breasts are not large, but her slender waist gives her a good sense of style.

She is a beautiful girl that is rarely seen on TV, or even in two dimensions.

She is now absolutely obedient to my commands. She cannot disobey. There’s something about her that makes me tingle with excitement.

“Speaking of which, Rhys, are those ears makes you an elf?”

“……Half-elf. Can’t you tell by looking at them? And please don’t call me by my name.”

“You’re being rebellious. ……Do you understand, you’re absolutely obedient to me, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about. And it’s a binding contract with the Holy Ghost.”

“Yes. So what? ……Even if you are a brave hero and have high ranking skills, I still think 7 stars is a lie, and even if you don’t, there is no respect to show to you with a bad bottom line. You may bind me with contracts, but don’t think you can bind my heart as well.”

Something about that cockiness, it’s already gone beyond rebellious, it’s like the beginning of an erotic comic book. ……Really. Even for free, Rhys is beautiful, looks about the same age as me, and on top of that, she’s absolutely obedient to me.

She didn’t trust me and was a jerk, but she didn’t hold a gun to my head one way or the other like the female officer did, and even the duel, although my life was on the line, the stakes were equal considering how absolutely submissive she was to me.

So, if anything, my liking for Rhys is not low.

That’s why I’m tingling. I’m also a young boy. ……I’m the kind of boy who wanders around the Internet every night and often fantasizes about one day actually meeting a girl.

“I see. Then, you want to give it a try? I’ll see if I can’t really tie your heart.”

“……You’re a lowlife. What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do.”

I pushed Rhys down on my bed.

The day I closed the curtain on my 17 years of virginity.


I had my first experience with a beautiful girl, and I had a contract of absolute submission that made it all possible. The next day, a beautiful silver-haired girl was sleeping in my arms.

I was stroking Rhys’s bangs, and her red eyes peeked out at me.

“Good morning, Sora sama♡”

“Yeah, good morning.”

She kisses me passionately in her sleep. Where did yesterday’s rebellious attitude go? She had become so obedient in just one night.

“Right, Sora sama. shall I cook breakfast?”

“No, I’ll cook today. I think the kitchen and ingredients are all unknown to you, Rhys.”

“…..I see. I’m sorry, but I’ll let you do it for today.”

“And Rhys only has one piece of clothing, so it might be inconvenient, so let’s go shopping today.”

“……I wouldn’t mind wearing something of yours, Sora sama.”

“No, of course that would be a waste. Rhys is cute, and you should wear cute clothes.”

“I don’t think I’m cute///”

Rhys blushed and became embarrassed. Sure, it might not be a bad idea to say Rhys wears my clothes, but I think it’s nice to do that once in a while.

Besides, I have quite a bit of money left over from converting my gold coins into cash and selling sweets to my former classmates at a profit. I don’t skimp on Rhys’s clothes.

……Rhys. I don’t know if she’s a good, kind person or not.

But Rhys is a beautiful girl, and by contract, she is absolutely obedient to me. What’s more, last night’s meddling has made her even more obedient to me.

I think I can get along just fine with Rhys now–

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