“There are already quite a few people who seem to be involved, aren’t there?”

Even from a distance, people with cameras and other equipment gathered at the administration office in the middle of the park.

“Isn’t it normal for the staff to gather before the performers? They are professionals.”
“Don’t you have any professionalism at all?”
“Yes, but even if you go early, there’s nothing to do until things are ready over there, and that’s annoying. There are a lot of things to set up and check, and they’re all over the place.”
“……… I see.”

She’s more proper than I thought.
I thought you’d be more fluffy, but you’ve been acting and thinking properly.

“But I have to go soon. I have to get ready. And say hi.”
“You were ready to not come just now, weren’t you?
“I’m the type of person who gets turned on when I see a job site, you know?”
“Why don’t you start the day before?”
“Well, it turned out all right, so it’s fine.”

She smiles at me, but all I can see are the veins on my forehead.
As I was walking around, I was trying to contain my irritation with sugar,

“Yaaho, Abe chi!”

Shiina waves to a certain someone as we approach.

“Oh, there you are, Yukiho~!”

A woman in a suit and tie waves back in a husky voice.
In her hand is a can of coffee and an iPad. She has the appearance of a woman who can get the job done.

“You’re in late today, aren’t you?”
“Hehehe, I brought Saku-kun with me today.”
“Heee, this is the one.”

This is the woman who is looking at my whole body.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Izumi Saku. I’m here today as Shiina’s escort.”

I greet her for the time being. This is a basic rule when meeting someone for the first time.

“Thank you very much for your courtesy. My name is Sakura Abe and I am Yukiho’s manager. Nice to meet you.”

Offering her business card, she greeted me with an air of maturity.
So this is Shiina’s manager. I’m glad to see that she seems so serious.

“Yukiho has told me a lot about you,”
“If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of things do you talk about?”

I asked her, breaking out in a cold sweat,

“She told me how you made out, how you spend your evenings, and that you’re a very good boyfriend,”

Abe-san said with a giggle


But my bloodshot eyes were on Shiina.

“You~! What are you talking about? Don’t even lie to the manager!”

I pinched Shiina’s cheek and pulled it to the side.

“I don’t care about the truth~””
“Nothing is true!””
“Don’t be shy, let us show off!”
“What are you going to do, introduce a lie!”

We were arguing,

“You guys make a nice couple.”

She looks at us with a smiling expression on her face,

“We’re not dating!”

I said with the most serious face ever.

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