Episode 20 – Light Novel Protagonist



My name is Yamada Toukichirou.

I’m a dull, gloomy high school student who loves anime and novels.

At school, I spend my days alone at my desk, reading either novels on the internet or on my smartphone…….

But I finally made a friend !

His name is Nekura Ryoga.

I don’t know if I should say this, but Negura kun is a typical loner.

He’s always alone in the classroom, playing with his phone.

In addition, he has messy hair, a mask, and dark round glasses.

Even I, who am not so careless about my appearance, think that he could be a little better dressed.

Well, I feel relieved that I’m better than him I think, so if he fixes it, it might be a problem for me…..

However, he has been acting strangely lately.

It all started the other day in gym class.

He was left out of the pairs, and Hazuki san was paired with him.

At that time, although it was probably just my imagination,…..Hazuki san was very sticky with him.

–And her cheeks was blushing.

The boys in the class, including me, couldn’t believe our eyes at the sight.

That angel, who never lets her guard down show affection !?

No way…….

Well, if this was all it was, it was just a coincidence or my imagination.

Everyone was saying things like, [It just happened to look like they were sticking together when they were doing exercise] or [Hazuki san was just blushing because she had a fever.] and I myself thought so.

—-But then it happened.

About a week ago, just before morning homeroom.

“Good morning everyone~!”

The door rattled open and an angel appeared.

She had shiny semi-long black hair and plump lips.

She has the looks of an idol, and she’s smiling like a sunflower today.

“Rinka chan, good morning !”

“Hey, Hazuki san ! You look so cute today as well~”

At the same time, the classmates started to greet each other, making the classroom lively.

It was right after that that the usual scene changed into something extraordinary.

“Good morning, Ryoga kun !”


Perhaps because he was wearing earphones, Nekura kun didn’t notice Hazuki san’s greeting.

Perhaps it was normal for her, the angel sat down in his seat.

From there, they were exchanging whispered messages and I couldn’t hear them very well, but in the end Nekura kun ran out of the classroom as if he was trying to escape.

And he did so with a deeply・・・・・・・troubled look on his face.

If it were me, I’d probably die in three seconds if Hazuki san spoke to me at such close range.

Yes, I would die instantly.

And he did that without a single happy expression on his face…..

What are you, a saint? Are you a prince?

Since then, Hazuki san has been taking interest in him at every turn.

I would’ve wanted him to change with me if it weren’t for the shooting glances from Suzuki and the others……

But he doesn’t even seem to care about that.

What are you really……?

If this is what other beautiful girls liked…

No, I don’t think so. I’m thinking too much.

That would only happen to the protagonist of a novel, and only in two dimensions.

There’s no way that would happen in real life.

……It wouldn’t, would it?

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