“Wait wait Sakimiya-chan, you’re holding up.”


“Hey, Sakimiya chan?”


“Landmine~, selfish princess~”


“Mmmm. If it comes to this…..! Sakimiya-chan, if you’re going to slack off, I’m going to have to cut back on your part time job”

“I’m always working overtime, so please forgive me a little.”

“What, you heard me.”

“I’ve just ignored you completely.”

“How terrible! I’m the manager!”

I was being draged around by Manager Kamachi, but I was watching them at the table as I pretended to make myself a Frappuccino.

Kazakiri-kun likes my lolita fashion, so maybe he likes girls who look like loli…?

I really hate it when Kazakiri-kun and Yami-san are happily talking at the table.

I hate it so …… much that I feel like I’m going to get a hole in my stomach.

“Heyhey? What’s wrong with suddenly holding your stomach? Menstruation?”

“That’s sexual harassment.”

“No, if you’re really menstruating, I’m worried about you as a manager. I’m sure you’re feeling a bit irritated today, aren’t you?…… Oh, you’re always irritated though?”

“I’m going to hit you.”

“That’s power harrassment”

Kamachi san was laughing out loud, but quickly made a Frappuccino for me and poured it onto the counter.

Just to explain, Kamachi san is not just a store manager.

She is the holder of a gold apron, the most prestigious honor at Snow Tops, of which there are only a few in Japan, and she is well known in the industry as a talented female manager.

Well, to me, she’s just a sexual harassment boss. ……

“You’ve been looking over there since a while ago, could it be that boyfriend sitting over there is Sakimiya-chan’s boyfriend?”

“…… yes.”

“No, it’s definitely not true. Why do you tolerate your boyfriend happily drinking Frappuccino with another woman? What kind of NTR couple are you?””

As if to say “Oh dear,” Kamachi san let out a sigh of exasperation and naturally touched my chest.

“Ah, your boobs are as firm as ever. ……”


“What is it?”

“I feel like throwing up when he and that girl are having fun.”

“Hee. ……”

When I told her this, she narrowed her eyes as she made herself a Frappuccino.

“Sakimiya chan like that boy?”

“I don’t know about like, but …… I want him to always see me as the “cute” one for him.”

“Yes, yes.”

“If I could, I’d manage everything for him.”

“Um…… hmmm?”

“I’ve been trying really hard to save money lately,…… and I’d like to move into the apartment next to his if I can.”

“……Yes. It’s 150 times heavier than I thought it would be.”

What’s heavy? What?

Don’t all women in the world have these feelings for boys?

Besides, Kazakiri-kun is a pure and fluffy boy, unlike other boys around me, so I have to protect him.

I’ve never been in love, but at least I think so.

I am not wrong. Because I am his best friend.

“If you can’t concentrate on your work, it can’t be helped. Sakimiya-chan, you can leave early today, okay?”

“Eh? Really?”

“I always ask Sakimiya chan to work overtime to train new employees, and I’ll make sure your time card is turned off at the usual time, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Thank you, Kamachi-san ……!”

“I’m rooting for you, Sakimiya-chan. I know you from my high school days, so I’m rooting for you.”

Manager Kamachi was unusually generous.

For now, I have to protect Kazakiri-kun from Yami-san.

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