“I don’t have much of an appetite ……”

“But you had two second helpings of curry.”

“What? It tastes so good, it can’t be helped!”

“Why are you upset?!”

By the time Arisa came back to life, it was a good time, so I decided to make the curry that Arisa wanted.

It was the first day since that thunderous day that I had presented curry to Alisa.

The refrigerator was full of ingredients prepared by the housekeeper.

It seems that Otsuki-san buys what she wants and puts it in the fridge.

Maybe I should ask the housekeeper to do the same. It’s nice to be able to get good ingredients without paying for them.

Still, it’s great that she eats a big bowl of curry.

I think she eats more than me.

I wonder where she fits in with her thin body. ……I guess it’s her chest.

“Ryoma, I can see the way you look at me.”

“IIII-I’m sorry.”

“Boys love breasts, don’t they? What is good in this?”

Arisa moved her breasts with the palms of her hands.

The scene was so sensational that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

It emphasizes her cleavage. With that face and those breasts, you could take the world.

“Fufu, it’s funny how your gaze swims.”

“I’m really sorry.”

If it were a school uniform, it wouldn’t go so far, but if she wears something that clearly reveals her cleavage, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Arisa’s face and breasts are really attractive, and it’s bad.

“Thanks for the food!”

“Yes, thanks for the food.”

Washing dishes is one of my jobs, so I do it quickly.

This waterworks is amazing, too. The water comes out with an infrared sensor.

The kitchen is well-equipped and looks like a rich person’s kitchen. There is even a dish dryer, which is really convenient.

Arisa sat on the sofa in the living room and watched TV.

It was already past 7:00 p.m.. There’s nothing to do, so I guess I’d better get up.

It’s probably a 30-40 minute walk from Arisa’s house to mine. Oh, but she said there was a bus stop nearby. I wonder which one is faster.

“Hey, Ryoma, do you want to watch a movie with me?”

“Huh? But …… I’m done with work.”

“…… are you going home already? I’ll be Lonely.”

When I saw that really lonely look on her face, I naturally decided to sit right next to Arisa.

“I only have one.”

“Yeah, thanks Ryoma. Let’s see, where’s the …… remote control?”

Arisa was lying down and reaching for another remote control from the cupboard in the back.

She lay down and tried to stretch without moving from where she was, so her clothes were flipped up and her cute belly button was clearly visible.



By bending her legs, her skirt was lifted up, exposing her beautiful white thighs.

What is at the end of those thighs? The skirt hides it from view, but …… it already seems attractive enough at this point.

“Arisa, feet …… feet!”

“Eh? Kyaa!”

Arisa hurriedly sat back down and folded her skirt.

She stared at me with emerald green eyes.

“Did you see them?”

“I didn’t see …….”

It might be correct to say that you can see them and then say that you can’t see them, but the truth is that I can’t see them. But I don’t think Arisa would believe it

“I’m wearing something cute today, so it’s okay if you can see it.”


“It’s okay if you can’t see them!”

I feel like there was some other thought in the air.

Arisa used the remote control to activate the subscreen where the movie was being streamed and put it on the TV.

The film we will see today seems to be a romantic film that was popular this year.

It’s not the kind of film I like, but I’ve heard it’s interesting, so I’m looking forward to it.

We sit side by side on the sofa.

“Can I lean back?”


Arisa came closer to me and leaned against me.


“I think it’ll help me relax.”

The back of Arisa’s body is leaning against my arm, and the warmth of her back somehow makes me shiver. The human skin …….

t is a state where you can look into the plump and soft breasts from above.

If I continue to grab her from behind…

I’m not sure what I’m thinking!

“I’m going to watch it with determination!”

“It’s not a movie you should put your heart and soul into!”

The movie started right away and I concentrated on the TV.

The film has a hero and a heroine who live together in harmony, but I won’t go into the reasons why.

“Ryoma, they both look happy.”

“I guess he’s a good actor. It’s amazing.”

“They look really happy when they are holding hands.”

“Yeah, they do.”

“…… Ryoma, can I hold your hand?”


A strange voice comes out at the sudden suggestion.

Arisa squeezed her palm tightly without stepping over my answer.

If she does this, I have no choice but to …… hold her hand back.

Slowly, I clasp back the palm of Arisa’s small hand.

“….Ehehe, I’m so happy.”

“T-That’s good”

Oh, I guess I’ll just watch the movie.

Arisa comes to me, shaking her hands. The small and soft palm feels comfortable

Girls are amazing after all. Her hair smells nice, and every time she talks, Arisa turns to me and smiles while talking, and all of her faces are ridiculously cute.

Bad, I can’t concentrate on the movie.

The movie is coming to an end, and the story is moving toward the climax.

There is a tear-jerking scene that brings tears to Arisa’s eyes.

I give her a tissue and she wipes her tears away.

I love how sensitive she is. …… I’m the type of person who can’t cry much, so I envy you.

The hero stroked the heroine’s head and began to comfort her.

She started to show her happy face again like before.

… I wonder if she would be happy if I patted her on the head.

“Hey Arisa”


“Can I touch you?”

“Yes,……. Eh!? Where!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t say enough.”

Arisa held her chest and moved away from me a little.

That’s right. When I say touch, you think of that kind of place.

I’m not only attracted to that part, but also to the thighs exposed by the skirt.

“U-um..I thought that if I stroked your hair like the …… main character, …… Arisa would calm down.”


“You don’t like it right. Sorry.”

“Quick, pet like that,…….”

She said it in a very cat-calling voice! And in the same way as the main character!

Well, if it’s good, it’s forgivable.

I put my left hand through Arisa’s back and touch her beautiful platinum blonde hair.

I haven’t touched her hair since the amusement park, I think.

Just like the main character on the screen, I grabbed Arisa’s shoulders and pulled her closer.

When I touched her, a strange voice escaped, but I didn’t care and decided to hold her close to me.

As it was, I slowly stroked Arisa’s hair as if I was placing my arm on her shoulder.

The man seemed to bring his face closer to the heroine’s face. Wow, this is so embarrassing.

“Hehehe, So happy…..”

I-I’m glad you’re happy.

To be honest,…… I might be happy too.

To the extent that I think it would be fine if time stopped like this.

The two of us continue watching movies together.

I stroke Arisa’s hair and she holds my other hand with both of hers.

We’re not best friends anymore, but more like lovers, aren’t we?

No, I don’t think so…..

Let’s just concentrate on the movie for now.

The hero behind the screen kisses the heroine.

The kiss looks very happy and ……. I wonder if kissing Arisa here and now would make her happy, too.

When I looked at Arisa, our eyes met.

I looked at Arisa’s soft lips.

I somehow felt that we were looking at each other’s lips only.

Then we slowly moved closer to each other.

We are high school students. We’re learning by imitating adults.

That’s why …….

The kiss is just an imitation of a scene from a movie.


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the TL note at the end lmao, same

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Diana Kurosawa☆
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