Early morning. The time is 5:30.
I woke up earlier than usual.
It’s a new school term starting today. I went to bed earlier than usual yesterday in preparation for it.

I stretch one more time, get off the bed, and leave the room.
When I go downstairs, my mother is already awake and she is making lunch for my father.

“Oh, you’re up early, Towa. Are you up already?”
“Yeah. I went to bed early last night.

I pull up a chair next to the table and sit down.

“Which one do you want for breakfast?”
“Ummm ……. I think I want toast today.”

Is our breakfast cereal or toast? It depends on how we are feeling that day.

“Okay. I’ll bake the bread now.”
“Thanks, Mom.”

And after a little while, you can smell the good smell of baking bread.


The bread is baked with a “ding” sound.

I get up from my chair and head for the toaster with an empty plate.

“Hot hot……”

The freshly baked bread was still hot.

“Don’t burn yourself.”

I put the bread on the table and my mother poured out a glass of cold milk from the refrigerator along with some margarine.

“Thank you mom.”
“This is nothing.~”

The usual morning exchange.
A peaceful start to the day.

I slowly finish my breakfast and begin to get dressed.

I put on my new uniform, do my hair, and put on a thin layer of makeup. I decided that I would not wear makeup until I was in high school. I had decided to do so.
I think I am able to show some of the results of my studies during spring break.

But I woke up earlier than usual, so I had very little time left.

“Better to be early than late, right?”

I am a train commuter. I don’t want to get on a crowded train and do something weird……
It’s in my nature…… maybe I can’t speak up……

I concluded so and decided to leave home about an hour earlier than planned.

“Mom, I’m going.”
“Okay. Bye, Towa.”

I call out to my mom in the kitchen and head for the front door.

Then I put on my leather shoes and open the door to go outside.

“Waaa…… it’s sunny!”

My heart danced in the spring sunshine.

Then I unlocked my bicycle, which was left next to the front door, straddled it, and headed for the station.

I ride my bicycle for ten minutes.
Arriving at the nearest station, I park my bicycle at the free bicycle parking lot in front of the station.

I have never had my bicycle stolen, but it is a bicycle parking lot that anyone can use, so I take precautions against theft before walking to the station.

It is still early in the day.
I could see only a few office workers and office workers walking around.
It seemed that the train would not be packed.

I felt a little relieved as I entered the station.

I checked the timetable and it looked like I would be able to board the train without waiting too long.

I used my commuter pass and entered the station.

Then the train came right away.

I check check to make sure it is the correct train to board.

……Yeah. It’s okay.

The doors opened and I entered the train.

It was still empty inside and there were a few places to sit.

I look for somewhere to sit and see if there is a good place to sit …….
A seat without a guy next to me is good……

It is about fifteen minutes from here to the nearest station of the high school.

I don’t mind standing, but I would like to sit if I can.

That’s what I’m thinking about.

“………… Waa, there are some amazingly beautiful people here.”

There was a very beautiful woman with long black hair wearing the same high school uniform in front of me.

She must have been a senior. I sensed a kind of “sex appeal” from her that a freshly graduated junior high school girl like me did not have.

She seemed to be reading, and I was surprised to see the book she was carrying.

“That’s a light novel. ……”

Despite the image of looking like she would prefer a hardcover mystery novel or something similar, what she was holding in her hand was a light novel.

I cannot tell the title of the book because it had a book cover, but I guess that’s what that size book was.
I know exactly what she meant, because I also have a taste for them.

I wondered if she noticed my impudent glance. ……
The woman in question raised her gaze.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I was just gawking at you. ……”

I bowed my head to the senior woman whose eyes met mine.

“Fufufu. I don’t mind. I’m used to that kind of staring.”

The woman laughed softly as she said so.

Uwaa…… you are really beautiful when you laugh!

“That uniform. Are you perhaps a new student this year?”
“Yes! Yes, I am!”

I was so nervous that my voice rose, and Senpai laughed at me.

“Fufufu. You don’t have to be so nervous. There is still time before school. Is there anything you want to ask me?”
“Ah, yes. M-May I ask your name?”

To that question of mine, senpai responds with a few words.

“I am a senior at Kaiho High School. I am the vice president of the student council.
My name is Kurose Shiori. I’m at the top of my class, in spite of what I look like.”

And Kurose senpai snapped and winked.

T-the vice president of the student council! I can’t believe I’m suddenly meeting such a VIP! And she’s a very smart person, at the top of her class.

“M-My name is Towa Kitajima. To tell the …… truth, I am also the first among this year’s incoming students. So I’m supposed to give a speech at the entrance ceremony. ……”

“Oh, that’s great. Fufufu Speaking of which, Shizuku chan said, ‘I got second place in the entrance exam. The same as onii….’ Wait, What did I say. …… Yes, so you were the head of the class.”

I didn’t hear the latter part very well, but I could tell that she was complimenting me.

As we were talking about this, we arrived at the station where we were to get off.

“Fufufu. It was right after I talked to Kitajima san, wasn’t it?”
“Yes, it was. I also enjoyed talking with Kurose senpai.”

We got off the train and headed out of the station.

“Kitajima san, I have to make a short stop, so I’ll leave you here.”

Kurose-senpai said to me as we were leaving the station.

“I understand. I look forward to working with you from now on!”

I bowed my head to senpai saying that

“No problem. It’s nice to meet you too.”

So after I leave senpai, I go to get my bicycle, which is parked at a bicycle parking lot for a fee.
The facility is located in front of the station and costs 5,000 yen per month.
It is a safe place to leave my bicycle because I do not have to worry about it being stolen.

Then I ride my bicycle to school.

I will be attending Kaiho High School, a public school.
It is one of the best preparatory schools in the prefecture and has many club activities.
I chose this high school for personal reasons, but I think it is a good school.

It took me 20 minutes to ride my bicycle.
A large high school came into view in front of me.

I walked through the school gate and headed for the bicycle parking lot.

There were no bicycles parked in the parking lot.
I am the first one.

Thinking of this, I went to the place where the Class assignment papers were posted.

Very big high school. And it’s very beautiful despite its history.

I am going to be a member of such a school from today.

I was excited with anticipation.

Then, I looked at the class placement paper.

“hmmm…. Kitajima, Kitajima ……”

Ah, there it is! It’s a second class of the first year!

Then I moved my gaze down a bit and froze.

[Sakurai Kirito.]


I have never forgotten that name until today.
When I was in elementary school. A hero who saved me when I was being bullied.
There was a good chance that he would have been bullied himself, but he saved me without regard to the possibility of being bullied.

Later, I had to move for family reasons and was forced to change schools.

However, my feelings for Sakurai kun only increased.

Yes, I chose this high school because ‘it is close to his house.’

I thought that I might be able to see him on my way to school.
But I never imagined that we would be in the same high school and in the same class.

“God has …… blessed me …….”

I was shaking with emotion.

“Good morning. Do you feel like coming early too?”

Suddenly, a male voice comes from behind me. It is a familiar, gentle voice.

“Well, I couldn’t sleep the day before either. I didn’t want to be late, so I figured I’d come in early. I thought I’d just relax by myself and look at the assignment papers.”

I-It’s a lie. …… Is it a phantom? He is right in front of me, the man of my dreams …….
No matter how much time passes, I will not make a mistake. He has grown with time and is so tall that he has surpassed me in height.

Tears came to my eyes.

When he saw it, he was puzzled.

Ahaha…That’s right. He would be surprised if I suddenly cried in front of him. ……

I gathered my courage and talked to him.

“Sakurai kun….isn’t it? ……”
“………… what?”

He was surprised. I told him my name.

“When I was in elementary school. You helped me when I was being bullied. It’s been a while. I’m Kitajima Towa…..”

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