“When I was in elementary school. You helped me when I was being bullied. It’s been a while. I’m Kitajima Towa…..”
“Kitajima san!?”

At my words, Sakurai kun pondered for a moment and then seemed to recall something from the past.

“As I recall, you moved after that and transferred schools?”

Ah …… I’m so glad. He remembered me……

“Yes, I did. However, there has not been a single day that I have forgotten about Sakurai kun. ……”

I said this and wiped the tears from the corners of my eyes.
Is the makeup I practiced during spring break okay?
I don’t want Sakurai kun to see my shameful face. ……

But I was determined.

“I was just looking at the classifieds when I found your name. I was really surprised. But from that moment on, I thought that maybe I could meet you. I thought that this time I would be able to express my feelings that I couldn’t say at that time. That’s what I thought.”
“I-I see. By the way, how was your class placement?”

I answer his question with a smile.

“I think God must be blessing us. We were in the same class.”
“T-That’s good to hear.”

Sakurai kun also checked the paper at the sound of my voice.
In his eyes, he should be able to see his name and mine.

Then I take a single breath to calm my mind.

“Sakurai Kirito kun.”
“…… Eh?”

I call him by his full name.

“From the time I was in elementary school until today, not a day has gone by that I haven’t forgotten you. You may say my love is heavy, but this is me.”
“………… Kitajima san.”

I look at Sakurai kun with serious eyes.
I have a feeling he knows what I am going to say, too.

Don’t be timid! I regret not being able to say these words, I shed tears, have you forgotten when you were in elementary school!

I scold myself.

And I made sure that every word was worded so that it would not be chewed, so that it would be heard and conveyed clearly.

“Kitajima Towa loves Sakurai Kirito kun with all her heart. Please make me your girlfriend.”

I said this and hugged his body.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

I’ll try to put all my feelings into it, Squeeze……

“K-Kitajima san…”

I don’t see any signs of reluctance from Sakura kun.

Thank goodness …… I couldn’t get back on my feet if he shook me off. ……


And then I heard something fall behind him.


Sakurai kun and I checked behind us at the same time.

“W-W-What are you doing….”
“…..Rinne, why are you here”

There she was, a cute girl with twin-tail hair.
I have seen that hairdo before!
A-As I recall, a girl in the class next to me in elementary school had twin-tails!

However, there was something that bothered me.
That is, Sakurai kun calls her by her name, “Rinne”.

W-What kind of relationship are they in? ……

P-perhaps …… dating. ……

No, I don’t want! I don’t want to give up!

Even if she were his girlfriend, I wouldn’t give up these feelings so easily!

“…Sakurai kun, who is that?”

I gathered my courage and asked Sakurai kun.

I-If you are in a relationship….

A-As a reminder, let’s at least give him a kiss on the cheek and run away!

I’m sure he’ll forgive me for that!

He said to me as I made up my mind to do so.

“……Eh, um. She’s my ‘childhood friend.'”

“C-childhood friend……”
“…………Eh? Ki, Kirito, what are you talking about?”

His words took me and her by surprise.

…… What? She seems more surprised than I am.

“Let’s see, her name is Minamino Rinne, and we’ve known each other since kindergarten. ……………… nothing more, nothing less.”

For some reason, Sakurai kun said this with a very painful look on his face.

And the one who is most shocked by his words is

“y-you’re lying,……, W-what are you talking about…….”

She looks at him with unfocused eyes.

I-I’m kind of a little scared……

“K-Kitajima san!!”

“I-I know you’ve got some stories to tell, so …… well, why don’t we go to the classroom and talk about them?”
“…… what? and about that woman…… a …… ah……”

Sakurai kun takes my hand and starts to walk away.

He holds my hand…………

“W-wait, …… Kirito…..”

The woman …… behind me,Minamino san, seemed to be saying something, but I decided not to pay attention.

Maybe…… no, absolutely, she is my rival.

I am sure that there must have been some kind of misunderstanding with Sakurai kun.

And this is the ‘chance’ that came to me.

Sakurai kun said she was his ‘childhood friend’.

As for her, she did not see Sakurai kun as a ‘childhood friend’.

That is why she looked surprised and despairing.

This must have been the moment when a “gap” opened between them that would never have been created in reality.
And in the past, it would have been closed with time.

I won’t let that happen!

“Sakurai kun. As for my reply to your confession earlier, anytime is fine”
“………… Eh?”

I said and pulled back his surprised hand and hugged his arm.
I am a little embarrassed, but I press them against his chest.

“I-I’m going to make a lot of approaches from now on, so please be prepared, okay?”

I said this knowing that I was blushing.

This is my resolution.
Minamino Rinne. I will never lose to you!

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