Episode 13 – Trap



On the way home from school, Yua held my hand.

“W-what, suddenly?”

“That’s because I’m acting as your girlfriend. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop……”

She made a worried face. That face is not fair.

“I don’t mind.”

“I’m glad.”

She beamed happily. Like I said, that face is not fair.

Yua is still very affectionate. But she’s very careful about being seen. Even now, when there’s no one around. She is bold but sensitive. That’s what I think of as Yua’s charm these days.

Her supple hand is holding my hand. Her hand, which was cool when hand cream was applied before, is now warm as if it’s on fire.

“Seita kun, it’s okay if you hold my hand first, you know?”

Yua said as she turned her eyes to the front.

Holding hands is fine. But if I hold your hand from my side, the meaning will be different. That’s when my feelings of ‘I want to hold your hand.’ ‘I want to touch you.’ ‘I want to connect with you.’ enters.

A bad memory from junior high school came to mind.

What if I suddenly held her hand and she felt uncomfortable or disliked me? Just thinking about it made my heart beat rapidly and I broke out in a cold sweat.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


I’ve made him depressed again–or so I thought. Yua made a difficult face and looked like she was thinking about something.


I called out to her, but she ignored me.

“—then,—so…… And then…..”

She was mumbling something in her mouth. I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

Then, as if a good idea had occurred to her, the corners of Yua’s mouth twisted into a smirk.

I felt a shiver run down my spine.

“W-what’s wrong? You seem to be having fun, don’t you?”

“Eh? No, it’s nothing.”

And she smiled.

–She’s clearly having fun. ……

What in the world did she come up with? My hands were sweating, and I was worried that she might realize how nervous I was.

[I have a movie I want to see. Would you like to go with me?]

That night, I received a message from Yua.

It sounded like an invitation to go out on a date, which made me nervous for a moment, but then I thought back to when I left school and quickly calmed down.

But the option of refusing didn’t occur to me. If that would heal the wounds of her broken heart, then she can use me any way she likes.

The next day, Saturday, we met up at a cinema in town.

While I was killing time by looking at the pamphlets displayed on the shelf, I heard a voice saying,

“Seita kun, sorry to keep you waiting.”

Yua came running up to me.

A smile all over her face. Off-the-shoulder knit. Her shiny shoulders and chest. Her thighs and kneecaps glimpsed through the holes in her torn jeans are smooth as porcelain.

Not only the male customers but also the female customers were fascinated by Yua’s beauty. Naturally, I was also admiring her beauty.

Yua’s eyes were wavering.

“Ah……, you don’t like these clothes after all……?”


“I thought a blouse or a skirt would have been better.”

She looked down apologetically.

“No, that’s not it ! I was just admiring you.”

I was shocked. I unintentionally said my feelings.

Yua looked at me blankly, but the corners of her mouth gradually turned up in a mischievous, yet somewhat happy smile.

“Even though you said that, you were only looking at my chest, weren’t you?”

It’s not that I was only looking at her chests, but I couldn’t deny that I was mainly looking at her breasts. I was very embarrassed as I made my excuses.

“I-I was worried that if you were that open, they might be able to see you underwear.”

“You mean you don’t want other men to see them? You’re more possessive than I thought.”

“That’s not what I meant……!”

“Don’t worry, I’m wearing a tube top. –See.”

She grabbed my fingers to open her chests. A glimpse of black lace underwear was visible. I turned my face away as if I had been knocked away.

Yua laughed.

“You got flustered. Seita kun, you’re so cute.”

“Y-you didn’t have to show it to me all of a sudden……!

“But you’re the kind of guy I can show it to.”

“But underwear is underwear. What’s the difference between the ones you’re allowed to show and the ones you’re not allowed to show?”

“Well, that part’s a little vague.”

“See !”

Then Yua looked into my face with spicy looks.

“But, if it’s you Seita kun, I’ll show you both, okay?”


Just when I thought I had the upper hand for a moment, it was quickly overturned. Iot’s impossible to beat Yua on this kind of topic.

Yua laughed satisfiedly. I changed the topic.

“By the way, what are we going to watch?”


Yua pointed to a poster of a cheesy romance movie. I think I have seen it on TV commercials before.

“Do you like this kind of thing?”

“Eh? I guess so.”


What a lighthearted reply.

“Let’s buy a ticket already. Over here.”

We went to the counter. Yua told the staff the title of the movie and added,

“Couple’s discount please!”

“Oi !?”

The lady put a business smile on her face.

“Anything else?”

“Thank you. My boyfriend is shy.”

She wrapped her arms around me. I protested in a whisper.

“Oi ! ! You shouldn’t lie……!”

“It’s not a lie, though? You said you were okay with me as your girlfriend.”

“I did, but……!”

“Anything else?”

The lady asked again. There are other customers lined up behind us. I couldn’t be a nuisance. I reluctantly agreed.



After paying the bill and receiving our tickets, we left the counter.

“……Don’t you think it’s time you let go of me?”

Yua is still attached to me.

“No. If I let go so soon, people might suspect we’re not a couple.”

“Maybe someone you know will see us…….”

“Then we could say, ‘We’re pretending to be a couple for a discount.'”

I can still put up with hand-holding and time-limited hugs, but endless arm-locking is indeed a bad idea. It’s not just the feelings around my elbow. The suppleness of Yua’s body, which is close to my sides and waist. The warmth of her body. The scent of her hair. Her breath. All of them are three-dimensionally attacking my rationality.

–Is this what she’s aiming for?

Even if it’s a pseudo, to make me act as a boyfriend, and to stimulate my instincts with the maximum amount of skinship.


“Ah, they’re opening it. Shall we go? Seita kun.”

We head for the reserved room.

Yes, once we sit down, we can no longer be attached to each other. I bought tickets for regular seats, not couple seats.

–What an easy way to finish it.

“What are you laughing at?”

Yua looked at me suspiciously. I must’ve made a face.

“I haven’t been to the movies in a long time, so I’m looking forward to it.”

I replied with a smile.

But I was naive. As soon as the movie started, I was made to think so.

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