When I Comforted a Junior Gyaru Who Was in the Middle of Heartbreak, She Changed Her Appearance to Dark-Haired Beauty and Started Seducing Me

Source: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16816700428373797124


Izuma Seita, who’s not very good at dealing with gyarus, saw Urushibara Yua, a junior in high school and a very popular gyaru, depressed over a broken heart, and consoled her, as he knew that he couldn’t just ignore her.

A few days later, Yua showed up dressed in a costume reminiscent of Rinna, the heroine from a smartphone game, which is Seita’s favorite. Not only that, but she also exposed her skin and tried to offer her body to Seita, saying, ‘I wanted to thank you for your kindness’.

Yua tearfully apologized to Seita, who refused her offer, saying that she is sorry for causing him trouble. Seita, who thought she was just playing with him anyway, changed his perception of her to see that she may actually be a very sensitive girl.

Seita accepted Yua’s plea that if they can’t be together, at least let her “pretend to be his girlfriend” until the wounds of a broken heart are healed. However, this temporary relationship slowly begins to change over time…

This is a love story about a dull high school boy haunted by a past broken heart and a younger gyaru who has a lot of experience but is actually very simple-minded.

Episode 1 – A Living Creature Called Gyaru

Episode 2 – Gyaru Got a Makeover

Episode 3 – Gyaru’s Pace

Episode 4 – Women’s Advances

Episode 5 – Girlfriend, But Not Really

Episode 6 – I Want To Do it

Episode 7 – Favorite Smell

Episode 8 – Dependable Hug

Episode 9 – More Than a Lewd Selfie

Episode 10 – The Second Gyaru

Episode 11 – Why Don’t You Just Go Out With Me

Episode 12 – Passed

Episode 13 – Trap

Episode 14 – The Guy Who Feel Stronger After Watching Action Movies

Episode 15 – Win or Lose

Episode 16 – Scary Yankees

Episode 17 – Matching The Answer

Idle Talk – The Truth

Episode 18 – Proper Makeover

Episode 19 – I Wonder What To Use For Hair Styling

Episode 20 – I Like it Either Way

Episode 21 – Standing Tall is Tiring

Episode 22 – I Wonder What They’re Worshiping

Episode 23 – Bread Roll

Episode 24 – Those Who See it, See it

Episode 25 – Let’s Fly

Episode 26 – Improvisation

Episode 27 – After The Festival

Episode 28 – Private Maid Cafe (Part 1)

Episode 29 – Private Maid Cafe (Part 2)

Episode 30 – Mysterious Date

Episode 31 – You Can’t Hide it

Episode 32 – Peeling Off

Episode 33 – Gyaru, Not Yankee

Episode 34 – I Would Be Troubled If Someone Asked Me What Do I Do On My Days Off

Episode 35 – A Reason For Neat And Clean Fashion

Episode 36 – I Want To Eat Pancakes

Episode 37 – Like a Big Sister

Episode 38 – Interview With Her Mother

Episode 39 – Home Date 1

Episode 40 – Home Date 2

Episode 41 – Not a Bad Regret

Episode 42 – This Is Because Of Love

Episode 43 – In Your Own Color