And a little later, the entrance ceremony began.

First, the vice principal gave the opening address.

All right. Let’s try not to fall asleep.



I slept!!

I was sleeping standing up!!!!

I hope I didn’t snore or anything!

Apparently it was fine, especially with all eyes on me. There was no such thing.

Crap! I’ve been up all night and even I’m prone to falling asleep, so I have to be careful. ……

I look at the podium.

“The following is a congratulatory speech by a representative of the current students. President of the Student Council, Kirisaki Yuto. Please come forward.”

A male student is called to the podium by a beautiful female teacher, who responds and goes up to the podium.
He is tall, has good looking glasses, and is very cool.

Oh, so that’s Kirisaki san’s older brother.

While I was having this impression, Kirisaki senpai, the student council president, stands in front of the microphone.

“Hello everyone, I am Kirisaki Yuto, the student council president. Congratulations on your enrollment in this Kaiho High School. On behalf of the current students, I would like to extend my congratulations. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Kaiho High School, a high school with a long history and tradition.”

Hee, I see.
I’m going to the same high school as Rinne. I didn’t know what kind of high school I was going to. I didn’t know what kind of high school it was.

“And while we are a high school with such history and tradition, we are not a school bound by history and tradition.”

…… hmm? What does that mean?
When I questioned, Kirisaki senpai grinned.

That was the face of someone with a …… bad character.

“Until last year, this high school did not allow students to ride motorized bicycles, or “mopeds,” as they are called, to school. However, when I became the student body president, I changed this school rule, and from this year, students are allowed to ride mopeds to school.”

Wow, that’s great.

“Of course. There is a procedure for that. Two or more teachers must sign a permission form for students to ride a motorized bicycle to school. This is a great high school that respects the free will of its students. However…”


“Freedom does not mean that you can do whatever you want. It means that you must act in accordance with the proper rules. Freedom is based on that premise.”

Indeed. If he says that you can do whatever you want, it will be a lawless zone.

“I want you all to learn how to enjoy your freedom within the rules during these three years. I hope that you will learn that well. And I am convinced that the best high school for you to learn that is here at Kaiho High School.”

I see….

“That concludes my congratulatory address. Congratulations on your admission to this Kaiho High School today.”

Kirisaki Senpai bowed and walked off the stage.

He was a solid Senpai

“He seemed so serious and respectful that it was hard to believe that he had earned the nickname [the harem king of womanizers.]”

Well, I can’t deny that …… seems to have something in its gut.

“The new student representative will now make a few remarks. The new student representative, Kitajima Towa san, please come forward.”

Oh, it’s Kitajima san’s turn.

Earlier she said something that made some kind of sense. ……

Kitajima san going up to the stage.
She’s so darn cute from a distance.

“Thank you very much for holding this entrance ceremony for us today. On behalf of the new students, I would like to thank you.”

A firm and well-defined voice.
She must have practiced a lot.

I was impressed by Kitajima san’s efforts.

“I feel that I have been blessed with many good fortunes that have allowed me to stand here like this. The first is that I was able to enroll in Kaiho High School, where many fine seniors are studying.”

Houhou ……

“The second good fortune was before the entrance ceremony. I was very nervous, but there was a senior who approached me. It is Kurose senpai, the vice president of the student council. Kurose-senpai.”

I followed Kitajima san’s gaze and saw a very beautiful dark-haired woman.
Kurose-senpai. The woman, who was called “Kurose-senpai,” returned Kitajima san’s words with a smile.

“Kurose senpai spoke gently to me as I was nervous. And as I talked with my senpai, my nervousness disappeared. Meeting such wonderful senpai is an irreplaceable asset for me. And last but not least, the third fortune.”

…… What? What is it? Kitajima san is looking at me.
And smiled nicely.

“I was bullied in elementary school.”



The air in the gymnasium is slightly disturbed.

“There was a boy who helped me. But then I moved and changed schools, and that boy and I became separated.”

Ki, Kitajima-san……

“But when I entered this high school and looked at the class placement paper, I found the name of the boy who was there. My feelings at that time were beyond words.”

Kitajima san smiled as she said this.

“I want to learn a lot at this high school, not to mention how to enjoy the freedom that Kirisaki senpai told me about. I will do my best in my studies, athletics, and love life!”

Is this the amazing greeting she was talking about: ……

“Last but not least, thank you very much for holding such a wonderful entrance ceremony!”

Kitajima san bowed her head as she said so. ……



Kitajima san hits her head on the microphone

“……I-I did it…… Embarassing……, excuse me.”

She said that and got off the podium as if to run away.

Oh my God, she’s so cute.

I was thinking that as I looked at Kitajima san, who had made a mess of things at the last minute, even though she would not have been happy at all.

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Ernie Senpai
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