The film was very erotic.

It depicted a love triangle between a woman who takes advantage of her unrequited love’s amnesia and deceives him by saying, “I’m your girlfriend,” and his best friend.

The plot is a typical love triangle, but the characters’ emotions are well portrayed.

And there’s also a kiss scene. The main female character makes frequent and intense contact with her man in an attempt to hold him together. The screen still shows a man and a woman kissing deeply and fondling each other’s bodies. I had a bad feeling when I saw a string of “R15” in the opening image.

It was awkward. I thought Yua might be upset by this, so I glanced at her with a sideways glance.

Yua was staring at the screen with a nonchalant expression on her face. Not a word of upset. She was perfectly calm.


Is it because we had different experiences? Even so, if you like romantic movies, you should be able to show a little more emotion in your facial expression.

If I glanced too much, she would know I was in panic. So I turned my eyes back to the front.

And that’s when Yua put her arm on the armrest. She snuggled up to my arm. The sides of her little fingers touch each other.

I felt a jolt of excitement. A love scene is unfolding on the screen right now. My excitement is stimulated by my visual and auditory senses. Then comes the final piece of information – the sense of touch – and I’m more excited than I should be.

But it’s not enough. I am not satisfied with just the touch of arms and fingers. I want to squeeze Yua’s thin, supple hand. I felt such an urge.

The moment I tried to put my hand over Yua’s, I was surprised.

[It’s okay for Seita kun to hold my hand first, you know?]

I remembered yesterday’s words. That was Yua’s scheme. I had thought that the purpose was to play lovers before entering the theater and had let my guard down. It was her real intention.

I put my hand back to the original position. I felt as if Yua was glancing at me.

–That was close…….

I almost fell into the trap.

After that, whenever an erotic scene took place, she would touch my fingers, but I continued to hold back with my strong reasoning.

Then the story came to an end. The screen was showing the most passionate lovemaking I had ever seen. I prepared for Yua’s temptation with all the strength I could muster in my lower stomach.

But she did nothing. I was suspicious, So I turned my eyes to the side.

Yua lowered her head, her eyes were closed, and she was breathing quietly.

In other words, she was sleeping.

–She’s fast asleep…… !?

The film is R15 and has some extreme parts, but it is basically a calm and relaxed film, and the accompaniment is mainly piano and orchestra which makes you sleepy.

I was able to stay awake because Yua was messing with me, but I might get bored and fall asleep if she didn’t bother me anymore.


Yua’s calm and defenseless sleeping face. When she sleeps, she shows her childishness appropriate for her age.

–I hope she’s not bored.

I stared at Yua’s face until the theater became bright.


Yua yawned loudly when we returned to the lobby.

“You slept soundly.”

“Eh, No, I wasn’t. I felt bad for the director and the actors that–“

“Eh, y-you were awake……?”

“I just dozed off, feeling sorry for myself.”

“You were sleeping after all…..!”

I was panicking, wondering if she might notice that I was staring at her.

“Didn’t you like romance movies?.”

Yua’s eyes are spinning.

“Ah~… it’s not my cup of tea. It didn’t have any action elements.”

“What do you expect from a romance movie?”

“By the way, what happened to those two in the end?”

“Eh !? W-well, they became happy….I guess.”

My eyes were spinning this time. I had not seen the last scene. Because there was something I wanted to see more of next to me.

“Seita kun was sleeping too, right?”


“You can’t talk about others then.”

Yua poked me on the shoulder with a proud look as if she had just gotten the devil’s head.

That’s better. There was no way I could say I was watching her sleeping face.

I noticed that Yua was looking blankly toward the doorway.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing.”

She smiled as if to cover it up.

“Speaking of which, we forgot to eat popcorn. Maybe I should get some now.”

Then, she walked toward the stand.

I saw what Yua was looking at. They were a couple who seemed to be in love with each other. They walked toward the counter. ……Hand in hand.

[It’s okay for Seita kun to hold my hand first, you know?]

Yesterday’s words come to mind again.


Yua took such a roundabout way to get me to hold her hand. I wonder how bad she was to get someone to spoil her.

Yua came back.

“Since I won’t be able to eat dinner, I will endure it.”

“Then, let’s go home.”

We went out the exit and headed for the escalator. I got on the escalator one step earlier and took Yua’s left hand with my right.

“Eh !?”

Yua made a silly voice.

“Be careful.”

“…… yeah.”

And then, with a puzzled look on her face, she stood in line beside me.

“W-what’s wrong?”

“About what?”

“Because your hand……”

“I saw a scene like this in the movie we just saw.”

It’s a lie. However, there is no way for Yua, who was sleeping, to know.

I’m also roundabout, so I can’t talk about other people. But this is the best I could do.

“I’m easily influenced by movies and such. And you looked sleepy. So you might doze off and fall asleep.”


Yua nodded at my quick excuses. A shy smile appeared on her lips.

I am glad I took the initiative and held her hand. I thought so from the bottom of my heart.

We arrived at the lower floor. I went down the steps first and led Yua by the hand.

“You’re such a gentleman.”



That laugh was not Yua’s. It belonged to an old lady who came down after us. She had thick silver hair, a perm, and looked very elegant.

“What a lovely pair.”

“A pair?”

Yua tilted her head.

“Now, what do you call them? –Oh, yes, a couple.”

“No, no, we’re not !”

I immediately denied it. I already felt bad to lie for the couple’s discount and deceive such a lovely lady.

“It’s not like that at all.”

“But you seem very close.”

“Well, that’s it. Right?”

When I asked Yua, she replied bluntly, [Yes, I guess so.] with a sour look on her face.

“What is it?”


She turned away with a pout.


She seemed to be enjoying herself a moment ago. Her emotional gap is too big.

The old lady left with the words, “Be good to each other forever.”

On the way home, Yua was quiet. When I spoke to her, she would smile back, but then she would immediately shut up again as if thinking about something else.

“What’s wrong?”

“Eh? Nothing at all.”

And she smiled again. But the smile on her face was fake, as if she was still in the same state of mind she was in before this relationship began.

At that moment, Yua took her phone out of her mini-bag. It seemed she had received a message from someone. She looked at the screen, looked a little suspicious, and opened the application.


Then, with a familiar tap and flick, she tapped and flicked the screen. She replied immediately. Her face seemed to be beaming with joy.

Who is it? I was itching to ask her. But I felt bad about intruding too much into her private life, so I swallowed down the question that was about to reach my throat.

“Would you come again with me next time?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Thank you. Well then.”

By the time I arrived at her apartment, Yua’s mood seemed to have completely recovered. She waved her hand cheerfully and disappeared into the entrance.

I, on the other hand, was on my way home with a hazy feeling in my heart.

(TL/N: Sorry for the confusion, I misuploaded the chapter, so this was supposed to be chapter 14, but yesterday I uploaded the chapter 15, sorry for the inconvenience.)

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