This is still the story of when we were little. I’ll be back when this is over. Here you go.


It was one day. As usual, Sho went to the park to practice basketball, and there was Sawa chan. there was also the two guys who they got into trouble before.

When Sho looked closely at them, he saw that they were in a 2 vs. 1 fight. Naturally, the battle seemed to be being pushed, and they seemed to be trying to tire Sawa chan out by passing the ball around with a smirk and a sickening smile on their faces.

“That’s not fair ! Fight fair.”

“I’m fighting fair and square, though? Or is that an excuse you can’t take?”

The duo is agitating her by saying such things. Sho looks around and saw a little girl crying. She was about the same age as Sho and had a basketball in her hand, which gave him a general idea of what was going on.

“Count me in.”

When Sho said this, the hand that was passing the ball around stopped and looked surprised, and Sawa chan wiped away the sweat.

“Ah? Oh ! ! It’s that small fry from the other day.”

“You’re dashing in because your girl friend is in trouble, huh? That’s what a good basketball player does.”

They were laughing at him. Sho silently stood next to Sawa chan, who decided that he was welcome for now.

“I’ll take care of it, Sawa chan.”


Before Sawa chan could finish her words, the man started dribbling, and now that they were in pairs, it would be harder for him to pass the ball.

Sawa chan dribbles past him and gets into a shooting position. The man is caught off guard and slows down for a moment. He aimed for that moment.

“Whoa, seriously?”

He flicked the ball away and went on the attack. Sho had no time to practice dribbling, so he was just a novice.

After quickly being taken out of the game, he shot the only shot he had practiced, a three-pointer. It was a shot he had never made even in practice.

But he wanted to look cool for Sawa chan, so he took a shot on a whim and it went in the goal.

“Amazing ! That’s great ! Sho !”

Saying that, Sawa chan took Sho’s hand and jumped up and down. The two guys were standing there, probably in shock at being beaten by a boy younger than them.

“The other day, you said that much. This is our place now, so could you please go somewhere else?”

The usually calm Sawa chan said to the guys in an agitated tone. The two guys, perhaps pained by the stares of those around them, walked away without saying a word.

“Sho kun ! You’re so cool ! Teach me basketball !”

The girl who had been sitting down earlier stood up and approached Sho. Sho felt like his efforts had paid off.

Maybe it was because he didn’t have any girl friends, but more than that, he was happy that he was able to show Sawa chan his cool side.

But Sawa chan slightly intimidated the girl.

“Little girl? This boy is my playmate, you can’t have him.”

“You can’t have him, okay? Onee chan told you that earlier.”

After Sawa chan said that, Sho couldn’t help but….

“Pffttt ahahahahahha !”

Sho burst into laughter.


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