Episode 9 – Yuma’s Decision



Arisa and Sera are staring at Yuma, who is comfortably asleep on the sofa. It was as if they were looking at the baby they had given birth to, and their gazes were filled with love. But there was a hint of sexiness in their faces.

“Arisa onee chan,…… Yuu niichan. My …… our beloved ……. …….”
“Yes. Even though he’s grown up, the tenderness from those days is still there, Yuu…… really dreamy.”

The enraptured look on her face has a beauty reminiscent of a maiden in love. But then Sera suddenly turned her head down and began to mutter confidently.

“But we’re a bit different, aren’t we ……?”

Seeing Sera’s dejected state, Arisa let out a small breath, and in a gentle tone of voice, gave her sister words of comfort.

“It’s okay. I’m sure Yu will understand.”
“…… do you think so?”
“Yes, because …… we are …….”

Once cut off, Arisa turns a little red in the cheeks and twists herself around. Each time she does this, the pheromones unique to women of her age are sprinkled and enter Yuma’s nose as he sleeps.

“Because …… now we are women who can’t live without Yu. ……”

Arisa says, her ruby eyes snapping open. Sera, looking at her own precious sister, also flushed, and placing her hand on her own ample breasts, which had been cupped by Yuma’s hand, she said.

“I knew it, all the other men are scum. They all have the same eyes as that beast. ……”
“Yes, just feeling their eyes on me makes me want to vomit. But every time I feel it, I remember Yu and manage to get over it.”
“But now, Yu nii chan is right in front of me like this,……! I …… may not be able to stand it after all. ……”

Sera, who was breathing hard and hugging her own chest, shook her head.

“Sera, not now. Ai nee is not here,…… and we still don’t know what Yuu has been doing for the past 15 years.”

She brushes back her soft flaxen hair and moves her pink glossy lips again.

“So we have to get to know everything about Yuu, …… because my body wants it.”

Sera gives a longing look to Arisa, who turns her gaze on Yuuma as if she could be sucked in.

“I also want to know…… all the memories in Yuu ni-chan’s head, what kind of food he likes and what kind of girl he likes…… I want to know everything. I want to absorb it all…….”

Sera’s emerald eyes, which were selfish and a little devilish, lost their life.

“Arisa onee chan, I’m going to the restroom for a while.”

Sera says and starts walking quickly.


Yuma is sleeping soundly.

Arisa watches him at close range.

His breath enters Arisa’s nasal passages and pink mouth, making her heart beat wildly.

But she doesn’t touch him. She catches him with her faded red eyes and murmurs.

“Master Yuu…..”



I woke up.

I must have fallen asleep here. Even though it’s my childhood friend’s company, it’s a little embarrassing to take a nap at the first company I came to.

The two of them must be busy. And yet I’m ……

“Yuu ni-chan! Are you awake?”
“Yuu was sleeping so comfortably, we thought it would be a shame to wake you, so we went about our business.”
“I’m sorry”
“No, it’s okay. Yuu nii chan was so cute in your sleep.”

I rubbed my eyes awake and pulled out my phone to check the time.

“Eh? It’s already 18:00! I came here around 1:00 p.m., so I slept a lot. ……”

When I said this with a bit of a don’t know what to say, Arisa said casually

“You were tired, weren’t you?”

I don’t know why, but Arisa’s words stuck with me in a strange way.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that. ……”

Both of them looked at each other with wide eyes, signaling to each other that they were ready to talk. Then Arisa began to speak.

“I’m sure this will be a good place for Yuu. We need Yu. But we don’t want you to be treated like this all the time. We want to make Yuu happy.”

Stop, if you say that, it will make the black company I go to look miserable. ……

“If Yu niichan worked here, it would be easy. In fact, you’ll be the head of the system department since we don’t have one, and there’s no one else to get in your way.”

They both moistened their eyes and looked me up and down.
……It’s a fascinating story indeed.
There is a tremendous amount of trouble at the company I go to due to differences in attitudes and values. The main problem is the bosses, and it’s a daily occurrence that both career people who have moved on and new hires get fed up and change departments or quit.

I’ve been working in such a hellish environment for a long time. There were many cases where I was thrown off the job, and in many cases, I was forced to take responsibility. Thanks to that, my brain has accumulated a lot of knowledge about system-related work.
So this might be worth a try.
I’ve always wanted to avoid meaningless conflict, and I wonder how much I can do.
I want to prove myself.
With this thought in mind, I respond with a serious expression on my face.
“If you hire me, I’ll work hard with decent results.”

They were stunned with their mouths half open at my words. So I spoke again in a way that was easy to understand.

“I want to work for this company. There are people who need me, and I have the most suitable environment to prove my worth. And …….”
“And I have beautiful, cute childhood friends. ……”

As I smiled shyly and scratched the back of my hair, they both inhaled and exhaled heavily before opening their mouths.

“Thank you Yuu ……. I think Yuu made the right choice. I’ll help you a lot.”
“Yuu niichan,…..let’s work together.”

The two of them also caught me with their red and green eyes that seemed to suck up everything like a black hole.
The face alone is comparable to that of a celebrity or actress. In fact, they even exceed them.
However, I was wondering what the mysterious, dusky presence that these two ……3 people exude is all about.

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