Episode 13 – Reacting prey



Near an upscale restaurant in an office district

Sera drove me in her high-end foreign car to a high-end restaurant nearby. Incidentally, Sera did not say anything while she was driving. I am sure that the usual Sera would have made a joke or two, but she was concentrating on driving the whole time. Perhaps she is not good at driving. As evidence of this, Sera, who is sitting over there now, looks a little tired compared to when she was in the studio.

After ordering, we relaxed with a glass of water.

“Are you a bad driver?
“…… You noticed?”
“Yeah, I can see it on your face.”
“So, will you drive my car like a manager?”
“No, I’m not your manager. Well, I’ll help you if I have time.”
“Hmmm~, you’re gonna help me?”
“Of Course I’m gonna help you out?”
“What’s the matter?”

I looked at Sera with concern, thinking that something was wrong with her because she suddenly jerked her body, but she was laughing without a care in the world. Then she looked at me as if she was testing me.

“Yuu nichan.”
“I like you.”
“! You …… shouldn’t say those words so often!”

I was about to blow water from my mouth, but I managed to swallow it and then said. If I blow and Sera’s white shirt gets wet, it will be transparent,……, no, what am I thinking?

“No, it’s not wrong to say you like someone you like, is it? It was the same in the past.”
“The past is the past and the present is the present. In fact, Sera chan has become a lovely adult woman. If you say such a word to a man lightly, he will misunderstand you in many ways.”
“Would Yuu niichan misunderstand me too?”
“……Sera chan has always been this kind of girl. I don’t misunderstand you.”
“Fufu, really? What about you, Yu niichan? the current me, about us.”

Sera asked with a meaningful look in her eyes. Sera and her two sisters will probably be hurt if I just goof off here. So I opened my mouth with a serious expression.

“I have to admit, when we met at that station, all three of you looked so radiant, and I wanted you to go on with your lives happily ever after. But as we talked, I kind of felt nostalgic, remembering the old days, and I wanted to get more involved. ……”
“You can get involved. If it’s Yu nichan.”

I was puzzled when Sera interrupted me with a sexy tone of voice, and I looked at her face.

Her emerald eyes, which seem as if they could be sucked into my body, are holding me close to her, as if they want to hold on to everything about me.

However, deep in her eyes, there seems to be a hidden feeling of insecurity. So I speak the words that come to my mind.

“I love Sera chan, Arisa, and Ai nee. I have never forgotten them, not even for a day, although they have faded a little as time goes by.”

Sera shuddered and then moved the chair she was sitting in, as if it had been electrified.

“Sera chan! Are you okay?”
“Bad…..I can’t win against Yuu niichan. …… like this again. ……”

Sera, breathing out sexily, put her hand on her huge or explosive chest. The first time I saw her, I was so impressed with her every gesture that I looked away.

What’s the matter with her? ……You’re reacting differently than you used to. ……

“Hey, Yu niichan, what kind of women do you like? Tell me what you like.”
“No, it doesn’t matter what I like. ……”
“Tell me.” 

Another mysterious and powerful look at Sera, I answer with bated breath.

“S-Someone who is fun to be with.”
“I see. Hihi”
“How about Sera, ……? What kind of guy is your type?”

Sera cut off and caught her breath. Then she leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

“I like a man who is kind enough to …… get me pregnant.”

Sera whispers to me, smelling sweet and sour. The front of my head is so low that I can see the underwear that’s encasing the two pure white marshmallows.

This guy …… is teasing his onii chan
That’s how I saw it, and I managed to calm my heart, which was about to explode, and gave Sera’s soft head a gentle chop.

“Sera, don’t get too carried away.”

I judged her as I had in the past. Sera was always like this. But now that she is a woman who can have babies, her jokes seem to be a little out of control.

“Yuu niichan…… you hit me over the head again……”

Sera looks at me, rubbing her head in frustration.

Normally, she would be doing her best to make me blush.

But now, in front of me, she was giving me a look that emanated from her eyes that seemed to swallow everything like a black hole.

“I have brought you your food.”

Fortunately, I was able to escape this spell thanks to an employee who brought me some food.


“It’s nice to have someone drive you around~”

I always worked for a black company and was often asked to run various errands outside of work. So I was confident in my driving skills because I had so many opportunities to drive the company car.

After we finished eating, we headed to the house where the three Kirie sisters lived. Sera sent me a message telling me the address of the house where they live. As we were following the navigation on our cell phones, we came to a large tower apartment building. We parked our car in the underground parking lot and got out of the car.

“Haa~I had a lot of fun today!”
“Yes, it was.”
“Yu nichan, we have a big room at our house, so why don’t you stay over tonight? I’m sure my sisters will be happy to see you.”
“No, that’s not going to happen. ……”
“Eh? Why not?”

As I was getting frustrated, Sera tilted her head in a cute little way. Come to think of it, we’ve been together for a long time; 15 years have passed, and it’s not a bad thing for me to visit the three Kirie sisters’ house.

But I’m a little confused.

That’s why…

“I’m sorry, Sera. I take back what I said before. I’ll come visit you sometime.”
“So you take it back. …… Hihi, ah! Tell me your home address too, Yu nichan.”
“Ah, yes. I haven’t told you.”

I sent Sera an ain message with my address on it. Sera, smiling with satisfaction when she saw it, said in a matter-of-fact way

“I’ll tell my sisters.”
“You live alone?”
“Yes. The house is kind of big.”
“It looks messy.”
“I can’t argue with that.”

When I smiled bitterly, Sera muttered with a meaningful expression on her face.

“This might be …… Arisa’s big sister’s cue …….”
“Hm? What did you say?”
“Nothing! Aha! Well, Yu niichan, be careful when you go home!”
“Oh, okay. Call me if you need anything, okay?”
“Yeah! I will.”

So I said my goodbyes and headed home from this tower apartment.

Today I got to see Sera in many different ways.

“I like a man who is kind enough to …… get me pregnant.”

It was frustrating, but I reacted to her gesture.

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