Episode 54 – Didn’t You Just Say That You Would Listen to Anything I Say? (Maria Part)



This time, it was a date with Maria senpai. It seems we are going to take the train, so we meet up in front of the station.

“Kento ! Sorry to keep you waiting !”

“No, no, I just came here…..and today’s Maria senpai is very……..casual.”

The top and bottom of her outfit this time are both loose fitting……no, baggy, and as for the top, it looks somewhat like a boyfriend’s shirt.

“S-sorry. It didn’t really suit me……..”

As I was commenting on her outfit, Maria senpai was blatantly depressed.

……This is my fault for not putting it into words.

“That’s not it. You look good this time too. Maria senpai always dresses up in various ways, and I think it’s great.”

I looked her in the eye to let her know that I was speaking from my heart, since she might think this was a social call.

Then, Maria senpai, who was facing me, turned red quickly and finally looked away.

“Thank you,…..but you shouldn’t stare at me like that…….”

“I-I’m sorry.”

[ […….] ]

Maria senpai suddenly started making a sexy voice, and the atmosphere became strange.

“O-okay ! Then……shall we go?”

“Yes !”

Maria senpai tries to forcefully change the air, as if to reset the atmosphere.

Of course, I didn’t want the atmosphere to continue to be weird, so I played along a little and took advantage of it.

“…….Where are we going, by the way?”

Sure enough, she didn’t tell me where we were going this time either.

“It’s still a secret ! …..The train is coming ! Let’s get going !”

I felt like I had been tricked, but the train was actually approaching, so I ran to the platform.


“Maria senpai, so you liked anime. That’s a little surprising.”

“I’m not saying I’m particularly fond of it. But since Kento likes anime, I thought it would please you…….” 

Maria senpai glances at me with concern. She must be wondering what I think.

“The truth is, I’ve been a little interested in it for a while, but going to a cosplay store by myself is not easy……. So I’m really happy !”

“……I see. …..I see ! I’m glad !”

Maria senpai seemed to be relieved, with a big smile on her face. …Yeah, it was so cute that it almost purified me.

But well, a cosplay store. So I’ve come to a strange place.

I feel embarrassed when it comes to cosplaying myself, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Let’s have fun here.

This store is a large store that also has a cosplay studio, so I heard they rent out costumes and take photos for an extra fee. That might be a good idea.

Suddenly, I feel a tug on my sleeve. I turn in that direction, and sure enough, the culprit is Maria senpai.

“Kento, is there anything you want me to wear? This store is said to have a wide variety of anime clothing, so I’m sure they probably have some……”

……To be honest, I have. But is it okay to let Maria senpai wear something like that?

……No, it’s hit and miss. I’m going to ask her to try it on. I’ll do that.


“Kento……this is revealing…..”

To put it simply, she wore it.

She is wearing Lisa tan’s clothes when she is in devil mode.

It’s called a devil, so it has horns, but that’s not what’s noteworthy.

The exposed area is huge.

Her breasts and private parts are only moderately covered. If she express herself elegantly, it will arouse my lust. Well, in other words, it was erotic.

“Maria, you look so good.”

I was so excited that I ended up talking to her in a casual way.

“…..I’m so embarrassed.”

Maria senpai uses her arms to cover her chest and private parts while blushing. She doesn’t seem to realize that this gesture makes the man even more of a beast.

………Wait a minute?

Calmly, I looked behind me.

“Right, that’s what’s supposed to happen.”

The guys were staring at Maria senpai with sideways glances. This place has not only cosplay, but also cards and anime goods, so they are probably people who are here for that. ……No, a sideways glance is strange. …But I can’t think of any other way to express it.

The point is, you pretend you’re not watching, but you’re watching intensely. ……Well, I know how you feel. It’s impossible not to look at such an erotic woman.

Still, I was extremely irritated.

“Maria senpai, would you like me to take a photo of you? I’m going to cosplay the main character, so let’s take a picture together. ……Clerk, may I ask you to take a picture? Preferably a female one.”

“Yes ! Understood !”

The clerk replied cheerfully.

“Eh !? Hey, what about my opinion?”

“You decide now. It’s one of two things, either the other guys will see you in that costume, or I will be the only one who sees you.”

Of course, the female staff will see her during the photo shoot, and it is quite possible that we will run into other cosplayers, but let’s put that aside.

“……I’l do it.”

She seemed to understand why I was trying to forcefully bring her into the studio for the shoot, and she agreed, though her face instantly turned red.

I wonder what I was thinking, letting Maria senpai, who I don’t even date, act possessive by letting her wear it.

I thought to myself, but I didn’t regret my choice.

Relaxing on a park bench.

“Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it was ! We took a lot of pictures !”

We had a rather good time cosplaying in various other ways besides Devil.

I was happy to be able to be an anime character today. Well, I did catch a glimpse of the cosplayers’ efforts, though.

But what should I do? This large amount–

“Who will take care of the photos?”

Since we had extended the photo shoot, the amount of photos we took was outrageous. However, all the photos were well taken and showed the skill of a professional.

“Do you want to make it a half-length? Just take the pictures you want.”

“Are you sure? I’ll take this picture.”

I playfully pointed at one of the photos. It was a picture of Maria senpai in her Devil Mode Lisa cosplay.

Well, I’m sure she’ll say no.


…………No way………..right?

“If it’s Kento, I’ll give it. Please use it as you like, Kento…….”

Maria senpai shyly says so. …Well, if you say this much, I have no choice but to accept it.

“Then I’ll take it, okay?”

“Eh !?”

“Are you sure you want to use it?”

“I won’t use it, okay !?”

“Ah, yeah. Right. Yeah.”

[ [……] ]

Again, there was a strange atmosphere.

As I was wondering how to break the ice–

“Kento, earlier you tried to keep me away from the other guys while I was cosplaying as Lisa tan, didn’t you?”

I didn’t expect her to talk about that. To be honest, I didn’t want her to mention it the most.

“….I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being weird and possessive.”

I wondered if she would think I was weird. Such thoughts dominated my mind.

“No, it’s not that. I was very happy. ….It’s hard not to be happy that someone you like is trying to monopolize you.

Hearing her reply, I felt a sense of relief.

“….I’m glad. You’re not thinking of me as a strange man.”


Suddenly, she fell silent.

While I was wondering what to do, Maria senpai’s clear voice echoed through the park.

“Does this mean that I am becoming Kento’s favorite?”

I thought it was a strange expression, but then I remembered. It was a phrase she used when she apologized to me and confessed her feelings to me.

She would like to be my girlfriend if she fulfills my judgment.

……I haven’t been able to answer that question yet. I don’t even know if she is who I’m looking for.

“…Honestly, I still don’t understand myself. Maria senpai…no, I don’t know how I feel about everyone.”

I revealed my feelings that I had kept hidden for a long time.

With the exception of Hikari and Riko, everyone apologized to me for their mistakes and expressed their kindness to me.

What about me?

I put all their confessions on hold. I’ve come this far by maintaining the status quo.

I know I’m indecisive and pathetic.

But I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel.

I have seen many good things about everyone. But not only that, I see the problems of each of them.

Maki’s, Maria senpai’s, and Emiko san’s abuse. Riko’s bullying. The fact that it was my own sister.

I weigh them all up and end up messing things up.

“I see. You still don’t know.”

“…..I’m sorry for being indecisive.”

“It’s okay. I didn’t really know how you felt when I abused you. No, in my case I just turned a blind eye, so maybe it’s different?”

Pretending to turn a blind eye, huh?

For some reason, I felt a deep stab in my heart.

“Anyway ! I’ll wait ! I’ll do my best to make you choose me ! Please, okay?”


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