Episode 37 – I’m Not Yearning For it



At about the same time, we leave the toy section. There, Misaki sensei says, as if impressed.

“Come to think of it, Fujisaki-kun, your manner of speaking has changed a little.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Yeah. I feel like you are speaking with more confidence now. A little while ago, you were always anxious about whether it would be interesting to talk about such things. But today, you were simply passionate.”

“……I see. I kind of got carried away……”

Sensei is still very perceptive. She can see the changes in me instantly.

“You seem to be having fun talking to me, so I find it fun too. I really wish we could talk more slowly.”

“…True. I’d like to talk to you too.”

[Does this mean that he implicitly accepts my feelings? How can you not think about it so conveniently? He’snot thinking that deeply, I’m sure. He just wants to talk to me.]

“I’m a little older than you, and I think I can show you a lot of things you don’t know yet, things you’ll enjoy. I’m sure you wouldn’t have bothered to look at the dolls if I hadn’t brought you along.

But there are still so many things I don’t know too, and I’m sure there are many things I’m not interested in. I would like to continue discovering more things with you, Fujisaki kun”.

“….It’s kinda fascinating.”

[Hm. You understand my feelings before choosing your words. There are still two more presentations left, so this is all I can say. That can’t be helped. …So, do you have a little more time? In that case…maybe we should go to a lingerie shop to make Fujisaki kun’s heart pound?]

What !?

I think I’m great for not raising my voice. But when I imagined going to the lingerie department with Misaki sensei, my body temperature rose in vain. ……..A-are we really planning to go…..?

[…..But, would Fujisaki-kun be uncomfortable in a lingerie store. It’s not good for the other customers either.]

…..Whew. I’m glad you reconsidered.

[Let’s look ahead to the season and look at swimsuits.]

Wha !?

My heart beats faster because of her words. It’s not as obvious as underwear, but even swimsuits can be quite stimulating. I mean, isn’t that a nuisance to the other customers?

“I have one more place I want to go, Fujisaki kun. Would you follow me?”

“Eh? Ah, yes…….”

Misaki sensei smiles meaningfully. I’m sorry it wasn’t a surprise. But it’s quite a surprise when you said in your heart……


After walking for about three minutes, we arrived at a swimsuit shop.

“W-what is it? We’re going in here?”

It wasn’t a surprise, but when I saw it, I was still a bit nervous and reacted in a similar way.

“Yeah. That’s right. Do you want to pick out my swimsuit?”

“No, no, no, no, I don’t think it’s for me to choose !? I mean, it’s not like it’s my place to go in there.”

“It’s not like lingerie. Swimsuits are originally meant to be shown to an unspecified number of people, aren’t they? What’s wrong with you going in?”


“It’s all right ! Let’s go anyway.”

Misaki sensei casually grabbed my right hand and pulled me. …For the first time, our hands touched each other properly. Her hands are soft and a little warm… Even more than the swimsuit, I might be more excited about the fact that Misaki sensei and I were touching.

[Come on, come on, the swimsuit and the contact must have fluttered you, Fujisaki kun ! I’m going to push him all the way through !]

Is Misaki sensei’s plan working…… I’m dancing in the palm of her hand……

Without being led by the hand, I looked around the shop. Naturally, there were a lot of colorful swimsuits lined up, and I was having trouble deciding where to look. This is no different from a lingerie shop…

[Fufufu. Fujisaki kun is blushing, so cute. There is something so appealing about naive reactions ! This is a charm that grown men don’t have !

Haa……does this situation alone make a boy’s part swell up? Does it make you a little moist? I’m burning just imagining it. Oh, I want to go to a hotel already. Isn’t it great to be an innocent boy who gets excited about things for the first time?

Well, it’s fine to get smarter as you gain more experience, but the excitement of your first time is truly special ! I wonder what he will look like when we become one? Ah……I’m so excited !]

More than the situation, Misaki- ensei’s inner voice makes my blood pool in my lower body… Could she be a little quieter…..

“Hey, which one do you think would look best on me?”

“Erm……I think Nana san would look good in any of them,…….”

“I think I’m too old enough to wear a school swimsuit…….”

“No one is suggesting that though !?”

“But you really want me to wear it, don’t you? You want to see a grown woman in a school swimsuit blushing with shame, don’t you?”

“I have no such taste, though !?”

“Fujisaki kun. You don’t have to hide anything from me, okay?”

“This isn’t the kind of scene where you give a gentle, embracing smile !”

Misaki sensei is smiling happily. I know she was joking, but I would appreciate it if she would refrain from making remarks that could be construed as defamatory.

“Okay, okay. What you want is a swimsuit that’s transparent when it gets wet, right?”

“You don’t understand anything, do you !?”

“I’m always on your side, Fujisaki kun.”

“I didn’t ask you to say that either !”

“Ah, that swimsuit is cute. I’m going to try it on.”


Misaki sensei suddenly changes the subject and picks up a swimsuit. It was a sexy and provocative red swimsuit that was highly popular.

She takes it in her hand and leads me to the front of the fitting room. Eh? Eh? While I was puzzled, she went into the fitting room.

“Then, wait there for a while, okay? Don’t go anywhere.”

“Eh? Huh?”

The curtains of the fitting room are closed. I felt like I was the only one left behind among the other female customers. This was strangely embarrassing. No, it’s more than that. From behind the thin curtains, I hear the sound of clothes being removed. I-is Misaki sensei seriously changing clothes over there right now? In her underwear? No, she’s trying on a swimsuit, so, n-naked !?

[Come on, come on, Fujisaki kun, aren’t you thrilled? It’s a very stimulating development for high school boys, isn’t it? Haa…he’s so cute when he’s blushing. I want to eat him right now……. Ah,……underwear, it’s a little bit coated. I don’t normally wear it directly, but I thought it would be a bad idea to try it on. This time I’ll just wear the top. This should be enough for Fujisaki kun.]

Again the lower half of my body twitched, and I waited for a while.

The curtains were opened and out came Misaki sensei, wearing only her top half in a swimsuit.

Her skin was smooth and dazzling, and she was wearing a sensational red bikini. It was impossible not to blush. The fabric was modest in area, and the fullness of her bosom was visible to some extent. This is the first time I have seen an adult woman in a swimsuit up close……. Even though it is only the upper half of her body, I feel like my brain is about to boil.

“How do you like it? Does it look good on me?”

“…..I think it would look good on you.”

“What’s wrong? You suddenly became speechless.”

“……I-it’s nothing.”

“Do you like it?”

“…..It’s good, I think.”

“I see. I’m glad to hear that. Can you look at it a little closer?”

Misaki sensei grabs my hand and pulls me closer. The skin that I have only fantasized about in my brain is right in front of me, and the smell of women is wafting through the air, even if you don’t like it, and it makes your head dizzy,…….

[Good ! Good, Fujisaki kun ! That reaction ! It’s so hot ! I’m getting wet ! I don’t want to let go like this ! I want to spend some hot time with you ! Haa……can I kiss you? Can I? Fujisaki kun, you’ve already chosen me, right? Casually, gently……]

When Misaki sensei’s face comes slightly closer, I take a step back and turn my face away. I want to…..kiss her, but not yet. Maybe. I’m sure.

“N-Nana san ! I found you very attractive ! Please put your clothes on already !”

“……You’re so mean. Well, I guess this is the limit. Then, please wait a little longer.”

The curtains were closed and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I was tempted to leave it all to Misaki sensei, but I couldn’t do that yet. Calm down, me. I’m not ready to give it all up to Misaki sensei. Calm down, I said, and calm down, my lower body.

I took a slow, deep breath, intentionally blocking out the sound of rustling.

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