Episode 59 – The Reality That I Have Been Ignoring. Prepared to Make Decision



Three months later.

In the darkness of my bedroom. I was alone with my head in my hands.

I knew with my own body that the time had finally come.

–Onii chan. You’ll choose me, right? If not, I don’t know what will happen to me. Maybe I’ll just do it.

–We’ve been together for so long. You’ll choose me, won’t you? Because we used to love each other. Now there are a bunch of female foxes, you know. If you want, I can make those persistent girls disappear.

–Senpai. I’m worried. I know what I’ve done is a very serious crime, but if you don’t love me, I’ll die this time.

–The cosplay store we went to together was fun, wasn’t it? I want to go again. I’d like to go back after we get to know each other better this time. ……I know I said I would wait, but I don’t want to stay in the status quo forever, okay? Make sure to turn down other women, okay?Otherwise, I’ll go crazy !

–Kento likes me, right? I’m having a hard time lately. I’m in pain. When I think about what would happen if Kento went out with another girl and didn’t choose me, I really want to die. I cry alone in my futon. ……It’s funny, isn’t it? I’ve never been such a weak woman, you know. ……Don’t let me go to hell.

Hikari from last night. Maki on her way to school today. Riko in a direct message. Maria senpai in the student council office. Emiko san at her part-time job.

Their love for me is definitely getting deeper.

It’s not egotism. It’s a fact.

“You’re pretending not to see it.”

Suddenly, Maria san’s words came back to me.

“…..I know.”

I must not turn a blind eye.

If I go on like this, the worst outcome will surely come.

What it refers to, in other words, is death.

It is no longer possible to underestimate it as a mere high school student’s love affair. Everyone’s eyes were serious.

I must stop this nightmare. It is my duty to do so, born with this special pheromone.

Even if by doing so, the girls will not be able to find true happiness.

Even if I turn into a trash. I will do whatever it takes to save them from death.

It’s time to make up my mind.

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