Episode 41 – After all I……Will Conquer the Scene of Carnage



“Sorry to bother you !”

It was the day of my birthday party. Maki was the first to arrive at the party. She arrived 30 minutes earlier than scheduled.

……Well, that’s just like Maki, though.

“Oh, Maki chan’s here !”

“Maki chan〜! Pretend it’s a dinner party !”

“Father-in-law ! Mother-in-law ! I’m sorry to disturb you !”

It’s not the first time she called my father and mother that, and it doesn’t surprise me, but it does reaffirm that Maki has a firm grip on my parents’ hearts.

“Kento ! Happy birthday !”

“Thanks–h-hey !”

The moment she congratulated me, Maki hugged me in no time. No, Mom, Dad, don’t grin at me !

“Nggh……Kento’s body temperature……it’s warm !”

Oh, geez. Her eyes are starting to glow. SHe forgot that my parents are in front of her.

When Maki was acting spoiled and was getting flustered–

“………Maki chan. Get away from Onii chan.”

A chill ran down my spine. Everyone was stunned by Hikari’s husky voice.

Hikari came down from the second floor, glared at us, and then–

Ding dong.

“K-Kento. I think that friend you mentioned yesterday is here.”

Dad, nice save !

“R-right. I’m going out for a while.”

……I was saved. It was going to turned into a disaster, but luckily I was saved.

I immediately went to the front door and picked up the intercom.

“It’s Shimazaki…….”

It seemed that the second person on the line was Maria senpai.

I’m looking at her through the monitor and she’s looking fidgety and her eyes aren’t steady. ……Yeah, she looks really nervous.

“It’s open.” 

“O-okay……sorry to bother you…….”

Maria senpai opens the door. I can see her clothes.

……Wow, she looks cute today.

“Maria senpai, you look great in today’s outfit.”

I can’t help but compliment her on this.

“R-really? ….I’m glad.”

Maria senpai’s face dropped.

“……Kento, you didn’t compliment me on my outfit, did you?”

“Whoa !”

I was surprised when Maki suddenly spoke to me from behind.

……I’ve been seeing Maki’s outfits in many variations for over ten years now…I guess I’ve gotten used to them and it’s not exciting enough.

“It looks good on you too, Maki.”

That said, if I don’t compliment her, she’ll be disappointed, so I’ll do that ……This is also my way of getting around Maki, knowing her well.

“Really? It was worth dressing up for Kento…ehehe.”

Oh no. My heart hurts ! Don’t look at me with that happy smile !

“A-anyway, let’s go to the living room.”


“Okay !”

As if to escape the pain in my heart, I changed the topic and led Maria senpai to the living room.


“I-I’m Shimazaki Maria ! Nice to meet you !”

As soon as she entered the living room, Maria senpai began to greet my parents.

“……Kento, was your friend…..a girl?”

My mother was apparently surprised that my friend was a girl.

“Mom, I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you. By the way, my friend who is coming later is also a girl.”




Hikari, Maki, and Maria senpai. Stop staring at me with your gloomy eyes. It’s very scary.

“A-anyway, thanks for coming today, Maria chan.”

Sensing the disaster mood, my mother immediately turned to Maria chan.

“I-it’s nothing ! It’s only natural to want to celebrate the birthday of the person you love !”

……..She said it without hesitation, I’m so embarrassed.

“Oh my. Kento, you’re popular.”

Mom ! You’re smiling again. I want to run.

DIng dong.

Suddenly, the intercom rings.

“I’m going out for a while.”

It was probably Emiko san. I hope the three of them can get the sparkle on their eyes back while I go get her.

I walked out of the living room and looked at the monitor.

It was Emiko san who came to visit me.

“It’s open.”

I led her inside just like I did with Maria senpai.

“Excuse me for disturbing you.”

The moment the door opened, Emiko san’s distinctive sweet smell tickled my nostrils. …This smell is so reassuring.

“Happy birthday, Kento.”

“Thank you,…..Emiko san……, you’re so neat. It’s just like our last date.”

“…Yeah. I came dressed in a clean and neat outfit so that Kento’s father and mother would like me.”

“What do you mean…..why’s that again?”

When I asked her directly what I was wondering, Emiko san’s cheeks flushed and she said–

“W-well……Wouldn’t it be better if we get along well when we get married in the future…….”

“M-married !?”

Oh no. I was so surprised that I screamed out loud.

The living room probably heard it too.

In other words…..it’s coming for sure……….

“Kento ! You seduced another woman again !”

“Onii chan ! Explain !”

“Kento ! What do you mean you’re getting married !?”

I knew the yandere girls would come, but even Maria senpai……

Oh……it’s already out of my hands……this.


I managed to quiet the three of them and brought everyone into the living room.

“My name is Miyahara Emiko. Thank you for inviting me today.”

Don’t say anything wild like I didn’t invite you.

“……I’m going to ask you something weird, but do you also like Kento, Emiko san……?”

Mom, that’s out of the blue.

“Yes. I adore Kento kun.”

I’m super embarrassed. In fact, it seems that not only her clothes but also her tone become neater. As expected from the daughter of a wealthy conglomerate, she looks like a young lady.

Then, Maki stood in front of Emiko san and–

“Emiko-san……is it? I’m afraid your love won’t come true. Because Kento is in love with me.”

No, Maki ! Why are you trying to stir things up at the first meeting !

“Huh? Stop making jokes, Maki chan.”

See, Hikari got angry too.

“What are you talking about, Maki chan? Kento is in love with me, you know?”

No, even Maria senpai…….

Someone help me………. That’s right ! Dad !

“Mom, where’s Dad?

“He said he had a stomach ache and went to the bathroom?”

……No, my stomach hurts more than yours, that’s for sure.

This party is going to be a bumpy ride. I sighed, thinking that there was going to be a disaster.

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dad dip so fast… lmao

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Maybe dad has experience? XD