“Kento ! Aaahnn!”

“Kento, let me feed you.”

Maria senpai and Emiko san were pointing spoons at me on both sides of the table. A desperate battle for the seats on either side of me…I was the winner in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

“Onii chan ! You’re blushing again !”

“I’m the only one who is allowed to feed Kento……I’m the only one……”

On the other side of the desk with the lavish food on it, the Yandere girls are looking at me with resentment.

It’s not impossible to feed me from the other side, but the food gets stuck on my sleeve and makes it difficult for other people to eat. I don’t know if the two of them understand that either, but they just complain. ……1 person is showing a glimpse of Yandere, but let’s pretend I didn’t see it.

……While I’m thinking, the two on either side of me are waiting patiently with cute faces for me to eat.

I can’t keep them waiting like this forever…..I guess I’ll just have to endure it.

I eat the cake on their spoons one after the other.

“How do you like it? Is it good?”

“It’s good, isn’t it?”

They both ask me what I think of it.

“It’s delicious.”

No, well, it’s just plain delicious, so I tell them honestly.

“Of course. When we were the one feeding you, any food tastes good, doesn’t it?”

“There’s no doubt about it.”

……Hm? The two of them are getting along well together, aren’t they?

I wonder if the young ladies had something in common after all. ……Well, whatever the case may be, it’s a good thing.

“Onii chan…… you prefer those women over me….. heh……I see.”

“It was a privilege that belonged only to me…”

The two of them are mumbling something again, I think it’s called fire on the opposite shore. But since it is a desk, not an ocean, that stands between them, it is doubtful whether this proverb will hold true.

“Mom is surprised that Kento is so popular〜. He’s your child after all, Dear〜”

With these words, my mother brought a cake from the kitchen.

Nothing happened…no, something has already happened…I just hope it ends like this without any trouble.


“I’ll give it to you first, okay?”

The cake was finished and the birthday present was given to me.

“Here ! From me, a wallet ! ……You’re still using the wallet I gave you when we were in the first year of middle school, but it’s worn out isn’t it? That’s why I bought you a new one !”

For what it’s worth, I’ve been using the wallet that Maki gave me for almost 3 or 4 years. It’s true that it’s already worn out. I’d like to use it as long as possible since it was a gift from Maki, but I’m glad I thought it was time for a new one.

“Thanks. I’ll take good care of it.”

“Yeah !”

“Then I’ll be next ! For Onii chan………”

Hikari pulled something out from under her desk.

“Ta-da ! A roller for muscle training ! You were lamenting before that you needed to do some muscle training, right? …..I thought this would be good for you…….”

She looks up at me anxiously. It’s true that getting a roller for muscle training as a birthday present is rare, so she must have been worried.

“Well, I just wanted one. Thanks.”

I pat Hikari’s head as if it were a matter of course. Hikari’s eyes narrowed and her face became more and more radiant as she looked at me. It seemed as if she was about to purr.

“Hey !”

Maria senpai gives a sharp rebuke. The other two girls are also somewhat dissatisfied.

… Hikari is small, so the top of her head is just around my shoulder, making it easy to pet her.

“I-I’m next ! Here !! This is a commuter pass holder ! It’s a cheap one, but I worked hard to choose it–“

Maria senpai interrupted me as I was patting Hikari.

Then her face was right in front of mine, right under my nose……

“Thanks. I’ll take good care of it.”


Maria senpai turns red and steps back. …No, she’s really flustered. I’m also aware that my face is blushing.

When I received the commuter pass from Maria senpai, I casually glanced at Hikari–

“I won’t forgive you……….”

She was extremely angry.

…Maybe she didn’t like it when she interfered.

“……Hikari, calm down a little.”

This voice is……Dad !? When did you come back from the toilet war? It is the return of a righteous hero!!


As soon as my father warned her, Hikari immediately quieted down.

……Yeah. For some reason, Hikari listens to what our father says right away. After all, Hikari is a brocon, but she also has a slight sense of being a father-con.

“I’m next.”

After Maki, Hikari, and Maria senpai had finished presenting their gifts, it was time for Emiko san to go. She pulled out a small box-like object from her bag.

“……Here ! I don’t think men wear them very often, but I made it into a necklace.”

Necklace…..I’ve never worn one before, but I was honestly happy because I was a little interested in it.

“Thank you… What’s this shape…..”

I had my doubts, but in the end. I realized everything in an instant.

“Right ! This one actually pairs with me, and when you put them together they form a heart shape !”

“……Kento? You wouldn’t put that on, would you?”

“Onii chan… you understand?”


……No, well…..that’s what it’s supposed to look like.


After everyone went home, I sat in my room and reflected on the events of the day.

There were many incidents, but somehow it ended peacefully? The party. All the girls who liked me were there except for Riko, but I’m glad no one died.

Hmm? ………Riko? Oh, that’s right, you said you were going to put a present in the mailbox.

I whipped my tired body and went to the mailbox and peeked inside.

“There it is.”

There is a brown envelope in the mailbox. It was definitely from Riko. I went back to my room and checked inside, and found a long, thin piece of paper.

“Erm? ………A travel voucher for two nights and three days in Guam……I see, Guam…………………….huh?”

Let’s have fun together♡

Looking closely, I saw that it was written on the back of the envelope.

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