“Senpai ! Let’s have lunch !”

“Oh, you’re here.”

It’s lunchtime. Riko was the first to come to the classroom. Or, to be more precise, Maki, who was originally in the classroom, was the first to arrive, but she had gone to do her business and was not in the classroom at the moment.

For now, I wait for the remaining two while enduring the obnoxious stares from the others.

“Senpai…..are you sure you want me to eat lunch with you? …..I went off on a tangent yesterday and ate with senpai without even thinking about Hikari chan…….”

Suddenly, Riko asked such a thing.

“Ah, there’s no problem at all. Hikari already gave me permission.”

Of course, Hikari didn’t take it well, but I explained it to her. The fact that Riko is isolated from the rest of the grade. She is probably only looking forward to eating together during lunchtime. If even that is taken away from Riko, she could get really depressed.

If she is the perpetrator of bullying, it is natural that she will be avoided and isolated, and she deserves it, but that does not mean that I can just sit back and watch her.

When I told her this, she reluctantly agreed. In exchange for the condition that I would pamper HikarI when I’m at home.

…..It’s quite a pain to take care of both of them mentally.

But I guess this is also my duty as Hikari’s older brother and Riko’s senior.

I glanced at Riko with a sideways glance.

When I saw Riko grinning next to me, probably happy to be able to eat lunch with me, I felt like it was okay to put a little effort into it.


“Kento, I’ll see you this Saturday.”

When the three of us got together and were having lunch in the courtyard, Maki said something like that. But it’s something that happens every year, so I brain-deadly agreed to it.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Wait…..what do you mean?”

“That’s right, Senpai.…It feels like it’s natural to come to your house…”

There’s something scary about both of their faces.

“Kento’s birthday party is on Saturday. I come to the party every year. In other words, our parents officially approved it.”

Maki sniffs with pride.

She’s taking advantage of the opportunity to dominate……

“May I go too?”

Maria senpai asked me unexpectedly.

“I don’t mind.”

“Kento !?”

“…..Well, I don’t really have any reason to refuse. If you’d rather celebrate, you’re more than welcome.”

“Muu………….I shouldn’t have said that.”

I think we can expect this to happen. ……Maki is an idiot after all.

As I’m thinking about this, I suddenly notice that Riko was speaking less and less.

I look at her and ask her how she is doing.

She opened her mouth as soon as our eyes met, as if she thought I was asking her what she was going to do.

“I……will refrain. I mean, I don’t think your family will allow it……”

Well, that’s right. Not only Hikari, but also my father and mother, so she can’t say she wants to come.

“Well, I guess that’s just the way it is.”

“Yes……. But I’ll put your present in the mailbox.”

“Oh, thanks. I’ll look forward to it.”


Returning from my part-time job. On my way home with Emiko san as usual, she asked me out on a date.

“Um……Kento? Um……this Saturday ! L-let’s go…..on a date?”

What’s with those upturned eyes? It’s outrageously destructive.

“I’m sorry. I’m glad you asked me out, but I’m having a birthday party at my house that day……”

I managed not to let her know that I was nervous at the way she looked up at me and declined.

“I see…… I’m sorry ……….It can’t be helped. Whose birthday party is it, by the way?”

“It’s me.”

“Is that so, Kento………….eh !? Kento’s !?”

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the typical retort.

“Yes, actually, I will turn 17 this Saturday.”

“Eh, congratulations. Can I come too?”


I couldn’t help but ask back because the question came so naturally to me.

“Can I come too?”

I felt a lot of pressure………

Also, about that upturned eyes, please stop it right now. I can’t stand continuous attacks.


“Yay !”

She expresses joy with her whole body by jumping up and down.

Eh? Was Emiko san such a character?

……Well, she’s cute, so it’s okay !

“I’ll bring you a present, so look forward to it, okay?”

If someone said that with such a big smile on their face, I would have no choice but to blush.

…I’m starting to worry if it’s okay to invite a girl like this.

Well, it’s okay. …..Ah, I wonder if this is foreshadowing something. Oh no.

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3 months ago

Let’s hope it’s not going to be a bloody birthday party XD