Right now, I’m being hugged by Iori in her room.

And with my face buried in her chest.

I know that Iori felt something during my session earlier.

However, this is a little bit…..well, I’m happy, but for a growing man like me,  it’s a very stimulating healing.

Iori’s body is slightly trembling. I think she might be crying, too.

But the more she trembled, the more I couldn’t help but feel her breasts, and I might be a piece of shit.

“Don’t look up yet…….”


It’s the kind of situation that made me hesitate to speak. Apparently, Iori didn’t want to show me her tears, so she took this position. Ever since I met Iori, I have received immeasurable favor from the God of Lucky Lewd.

— “That was a gentle performance.”


I think that the passionate tune of flamenco seems to be the opposite of gentleness. But even with such an opposite melody there is a deep love that makes you feel tender.

Why didn’t I understand that? I hate myself even after all this time.

“Well, that’s that, but the way he said it was unforgivable. Why didn’t you talk back, Naru? Was it a lie that you wanted to marry me?”


My father’s outburst startled me.

Then, I was scolded by Iori for a while. But it didn’t feel like she was really angry. I immediately understood that it was her way of distracting me from my concern.

My girlfriend is a really nice girl, damn it ! She is really too good for me. It’s a waste, but I won’t give her to anyone.

I hugged Iori.

“Thank you, Iori…… I’m okay now.”

Iori didn’t say anything, but I could sense that she was nodding slightly.

–Now, this is where I start. I’ve never kissed Iori by myself before.

This is a great opportunity.

I may never get a chance like this again.

I made up my mind and faced Iori.

Iori closed her eyes.

Ok, ok, ok !

Thank you, God of Lucky lewdness. For giving me a chance.

“Iori, Naru kun !”

A moment after I was about to kiss her, Kaori san entered Iori’s room without knocking again.

“Oh …… sorry ! I didn’t mean to intrude !”

“Mama ! At least knock !”

“Ahahaha, take your time.”

Kaori san prevented me from kissing Iori again. I wondered if that was what she was aiming for.

The kiss from me was put on hold again for today.

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