“Onii san, I’d like to ask you something.”

Kanta-kun says while adjusting his short bangs.

What’s the matter?

Do you want to ask about something other than your studies?

“What do you think about Kairi?”
“K-Kairi ?”
“Please tell me!”
“No, ……, I don’t know what I think of Kairi, only that she’s my little sister.”
“Even if she’s your sister, she’s so cute, you must have something to think about her!”

Kanta kun, wrinkling his brow, leaned forward and tapped the table with a thud. 
I even feel an inferiority complex with that handsome face that came close to the tip of my nose.

“….U-umm I don’t know what you’re so desperate about, Kanta-kun,”
“I don’t care what the reason is. If there is a reason, it’s because I’m Kairi’s best friend.”

So what’s the reason?
As Kairi’s older brother, I have no idea what I think of Kairi.

“Kairi! She always says she likes you.”
“Ha!? Kairi?”
“She’s always bragging about her brother in school.”

I have nothing to brag about.

“So, I want you to think seriously about Kairi.”
“Even if you are brother and sister …… If you like each other, I don’t think it matters!””

This guy can say whatever he wants. ……
The other day, on Christmas Day, Yuri gave me the warning not to get into a weird mood, and now he’s doing the exact opposite.

No, it’s a given that older brothers don’t have weird feelings for their younger sisters in the first place.

“I think …… Kairi likes onii san even if he is her brother.”
“Eh, but, Kanta-kun, since you and Kairi are so close, don’t you want to take Kairi away from me or something?”
“I’m ……,Not! I think it’s fine as long as Kairi is happy.”

You sound like a defeated hero.
Is that it, Kanta

That’s too sad for Kanta, isn’t it?

“Does Kairi really like me?”
“Of course she does! LOVE!”

No, no, no, no, no.
It must have looked that way because he was a third party, Kanta-kun.
Well, the only way to settle the situation is to agree with Kanta-kun, so I nodded my head appropriately.

“All right, I understand. I’ll talk to Kairi next time, so let’s concentrate on our studies, okay, Kanta kun?”

This is not what I was expecting. ……

Does this mean that Kanta doesn’t like Kairi?

There’s a part of me that’s relieved by that fact.
This is only a relief if it wasn’t a gyaru boy. ……

I’m sure it is.


“Onee-chan, what do you want to talk about?”

When I entered the room, she was tapping her fingers on the desk in annoyance.

“Don’t do anything that will mess up my plans.”
“Onee-chan’s plan ……?”

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