In no time at all, Asahina-san had finished a total of four plates.

“I’m satisfied. Maybe I should ask the master to remember the sauce so I can have it every time.”
“I never thought you could use up all of the sauce. ….. even though it was so sweet”
“…… because it’s so delicious. Ha!”

Asahina-san shuddered as if she had just realized.

“Ugh,……, I can’t believe I’m making such an abomination in front of a boy.”

Asahina-san held her head in shame. Did she feel embarrased?
Well, I envy her that she’s more cute than she looks, thanks to her overly good appearance.
I wouldn’t be like this.

“Eating is a good thing. Making food is worthwhile.”
“That’s what Shizuku tells me, too, but …… there are times and places for that.”
“Well, …….yeah”
“Kogure-kun. Don’t tell anyone that I like to eat a little bit.”

I wonder if it’s a little bit.

“It’s okay. I can understand.”
“…… By the way…”

Asahina-san stares at me again.
Whenever we exchange, I wonder why I don’t think of her as the most beautiful girl in the school anymore. I wonder if it’s called a regrettable beauty.

“I’ve always wondered …… why you use such a polite tone of voice?”
“You always look like an ornament when you’re talking to the boys, so I thought you were …… quiet, but it doesn’t seem that way.”
“ornament is terrible, is it? Well, the polite tone of voice is like a habit. I only speak to elders and women, but I speak to people of the same sex in the same way.”
“Women don’t mind either right.”
“Well, , there used to be a lot of different kinds of people. I’ve had a lot of trouble with women in the past. I told you it’s a habit.”
“Hmm, you have a lot of things going on, don’t you? Do you use honorifics with all girls?”
“No, I don’t do that to my family or my best friend.”

Well, I don’t have a best friend who is a girl. I’m too proud to talk about it.

“More importantly, don’t you have to have another pancake? I hear you’re eating a lot of other things, too.”
“Mou! I’m not going to eat any more!”

Then time passed, and the conversation between me and Asahina-san never ceased.
The topic then turned to Otsuki-san, and Asahina-san blabbered on about secrets about Otsuki-san that neither I nor Reo knew.
She told us how cute, charming, and divine Otsuki-san is…….
I think I can understand the reason why she was her oshi

The time was almost eighteen o’clock before I knew it.
A beep sounded from Asahina-san’s phone, and she turned her gaze there.


A voice with a dusky tone leaked out, and it made me involuntarily shake my shoulders.
Asahina-san was slumped down on the table.

“What’s wrong?”

In my field of vision, I saw Asahina-san’s platinum blonde hair.
It’s really beautiful hair. I thought that if it was a girl, I would have been able to touch it.

“Shizuku is, you know,……. She said she’s going shopping with the gardening club today, so I should go home first.”
“She’s taking the gardening club over me. …… I’m lonely. Shizuka tan. I’ll miss you.”
“You don’t hide things for me anymore, do you?”
“I showed you the embarrassing part and …… it’s too late now. Hmph.”

You don’t have to say it so brazenly.
It seems that every day Asahina-san is going home with Otsuki-san after club activities. 
She kills time at this café, returns to school, and goes home with Otsuki-san.

She is the most beautiful girl in school who is so inconvenienced in her school life that she cannot join club activities and has to kill time at the café.
I had no idea she had such a delightful personality.

“The sun is going down, let’s go home.”

After paying the bill, Asahina-san and I left the restaurant.
The sun had set. The streetlights began to glow.
We stayed longer than we thought we would.

“As I expected, four pancakes cost a good price.”

I would have been happy to buy her a drink like a man, but unfortunately, it’s hard to spend four-digit yen for a pastry I haven’t even eaten.
I only paid for the coffee I drank.

“I invited you, so I could have paid for the coffee.”
“Well….. You paid for it quickly, do you have a part-time job or something?”

Earlier, Master said she doesn’t come in on work days.

“Yes, I’m allowed to work part-time as a tutor. It’s for the daughter of a friend of my father’s, maybe twice a week.”
“It’s great to be a tutor for a high school student. …… But with Asahina-san’s academic ability, I guess it’s understandable.”
“I’m comfortable with it because she’s a girl, too.”

I wonder if she learned how to be a good talker through her tutoring job. I’m really jealous that Asahina-san is a teacher, even though she is a girl. Now ….

“I guess this is where we part ways. It would be troublesome if our classmates saw us going home together. Shall we go in the opposite direction just in case?” ”

Asahina-san stared at me without saying a word. Did I say something wrong?

“Which way is Kogure-kun’s house, the main gate or the back gate? The back gate?”
“Well, it’s the main gate.”
“Then you’re the same as me. You take the bus to school, don’t you? Let’s walk to the bus stop together.”
“Eh, Is that okay? What if someone sees us?”
“I don’t care if anyone sees us. Even if someone sees us, you can just say that you happen to be going home with a girl from the same class.”
“If it’s okay with Asahina-san, it’s okay with me.” 

Asahina-san is going a little further down the sidewalk.

“I thought I wanted to talk more with Kogure-kun.”

She smiled innocently like that and it was so cute that I couldn’t help but take my breath away.

The sun has set, but the platinum blonde’s radiance remains the same.
The light from the street lamps makes her look even more beautiful. I can’t help but be captivated by her beauty.
I can understand why boys have feelings for her.

“I’ll show you many more good things about Shizuku!”

But no one will ever know that she is really a regrettable beauty.

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