“Towa’s 3 Minute Cooking~”

“Yes, I’m done studying for the day!”

With a clap of her hands, Runa clapped her hands and let out a grand sigh.

“Oh, I’m so tired! I’ve studied all my life.”

“I feel like I’m getting smarter just from one day.”

“Sachi, Aoba kun, it’s only the first day, right? Well, good job, both of you. If you keep absorbing knowledge at this rate, you’ll be able to avoid a red mark on the test with plenty of time to spare.”


“Good job to you too, Towa.”

“Oh, yeah. Good job.”

With a snap of my fingers, I look at my watch: 5:30 p.m. The city library is closed.

[I’ll be fine. I’ll go to my friends if I have to.]

That’s what Arika nee said at dinner last night. But …….

“What’s wrong, Towa?”

“Oh, yeah. I thought Arika nee might not come home because she was worried about us.”

“I see. Okay, I’ll take care of it.”

I give a thumbs up.

Well, if I leave it to Runa, she’ll do something about it.

“Yeah, I’ll take care of it.”

“Hey, hey! What about dinner?”

Yoshida, who has finished cleaning up the teaching materials before long, asks happily.

“Yoshida is still as energetic as ever when it comes to food. …… I could cook for you like lunch.”

“No, that’s as bad as it sounds. I’m allowed to stay here, and I should at least leave dinner to someone else.”

“I’m Aoba kun is right. How about this? We divide into two groups, one for cooking and the other for shopping.”

“Okay! Let’s play rock-paper-scissors !”

Even in the evening, the inside of the restaurant is cooler than outside where it is hot and humid. In the summer, I used to think as a child that the cool air was so comfortable that I wanted to stay there forever. I would also cool off by touching the silver part of the ice cream shortcases.

After setting the shopping cart in the cart, I immediately started shopping.

This time we came to a commercial supermarket.

The LED lighting is bright and the interior is white, making it look even more spacious.

“Amachin, what are the things you’re buying?”

“Mostly drinks, snacks, and maybe breakfast for tomorrow.”

I answer while looking at the note on my cell phone.

It is Yoshida who has decided to go shopping with me. I haven’t been with Yoshida since I went to the shopping with her.

“Okay! I’ll buy lots of candy!”

“Just enough to eat. And think about carrying them home, too, because you only have four hands.”

“Oh, you’re going to make Lady carry all that stuff?”

“If you don’t want to carry it, think about how much you buy.”

Upon entering the store, the first thing that catches the eye are today’s specials and fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. As you proceed, you will be greeted by the natural aroma of the food itself, which is unique to supermarkets, and the smell of prepared foods, which will stimulate your hunger.

“Looks so good!”

“I’m not buying that because today is Runa and Take’s cooking!”

“I know, Muu! Amachin’s just like my mother!”

“I don’t care if you slap me.”

By the way, they didn’t tell me what Runa and Take were going to make until the end. I’m not worried about anything because Runa is very skilled, but I’m very …… worried about Take. I’m afraid he’s going to put in something ridiculous like a secret ingredient.

I was passing by the fresh meat section to go to the candy corner first.

“Young newlyweds, how about a tasting?~”

The tasting lady called out to us with a strange name.

Yeah, I think it was my imagination. I’m sure the couple behind us–

“I think Some lady at the tasting called us.”

“It’s not us.”

“onii san,, your girlfriend’s not going to like you if you’re a herbivore like that.”

The lady in charge of tasting items giggled at us.

“Uh, …… know each other?”

“I don’t think so. Oh! tasting tasting!”

“Oh, she’s got a good eye. We’d love to try your new sausage”.

“Thank you!”

“Hey, Yoshida, I’m not buying any sausage …….”

“Oh, no, no, boyfriend. You don’t have to buy anything, just talk to auntie. Love stories are my favorite.~”

No, can the clerk tell me I don’t have to buy it or not? But first I have to clear up the misunderstanding that me and Yoshida are not lovers.

Pushing my shopping cart, I too headed toward the tasting area.

“Mmm! Delicious~!”

“Haha, she eats so deliciously, doesn’t she? Here, have one for your boyfriend, too.”

I am offered a tasting sausage in a condiment dish.

“Thank you. …….”

“It’s all right. I’m not going to make you buy it the moment you eat it.”

“Yes, you ate! you are buying! Right?”  I certainly wouldn’t like it if it was something like that. It’s a horror story.

Since it’s stuck in the toothpick, I will take a bite of it as it is.

“Mmm~~~, Auntie, this is so good …… It’s so good!”

Yoshida puts a sausage in her mouth to see how many she has. No hesitation.

Yes, it is surprisingly good.

The sausage has a thick skin and a crispy texture. The texture is sweet. It has a strong sweetness. The sausage is cooked just right on the hot plate. This wiener would go well with ketchup rice.

“So you two are lovers. Well, this is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.~”

Okay, here we are. Let’s make sure we clear up the misunderstanding here……

“Well, we’re not love–…”

“Yes~! My boyfriend is a great cook, and I’m happy every day~~”

“Hey, hey!”

I hurriedly pulled Yoshida’s arm closer and whispered in her ear.

“Why are you lying?”

“If I told her the truth, Auntie would be sad! You really don’t know how to take care of anyone, huh”

“No, no, no! You’ll feel worse if you keep lying on top of lying.”

“I’ll take the opportunity and go for it.”

“You’re the worst liar ever!”

“Ara ara, noo~! I’m so jealous of your love for her. I envy you, you’re so in love with her. When I was young, I couldn’t be so lovey-dovey~.”

Oh, this is a nice diversion.

The conversation about auntie’s youth went on for a while, with no regard for the food tasting.

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1 year ago

Avanza como tortuga esto. ““onii san,, your girlfriend’s not going to like you if you’re a herbivore like that”.