“My name is Kaizei Riku. Nice to meet you.”

I introduced myself to my new classmates.

I just became a highschool student in the spring, and i came from outside the prefecture far away from home, and now i’m in a classroom full of classmates who look unfamiliar to me from left to right.

So I knew that if I did not make any friends during this period, my three years of high school would turn into dark history.

However, after finishing my self-introduction with a few words, I quickly returned to my seat.

For some reason, I felt extremely shy and had a stage fright.

There was a girl beside me, and I could hear her whispering something quietly.

“Hey hey, Kaizei chan. Are you Kaizei kun siblings? Cause’ you have the same surname…”

“N-no, you’re wrong. This is the first time we met. Nice to meet you, Kaizei kun ! !”

The girl called Kaizei chan looked at me with a smile. However, her eyes were not smiling at all.

“….nice to meet you.”

I replied back to the girl who called Kaizei with a bitter smile. But, my voices were definitely trembling.

That’s no wonder.

To Kaizei Riku, Kaizei Sora is the so-called step sister. I had just joined the family after our parents remarried, and I, who was born in May, was the older brother and Sora who was born in June, was the younger sister.

However, my step sister didn’t like that fact.

“Unbelievable ! ! I can’t believe such a dull, gloomy person is going to be my older brother ! !”

On the day I moved into the Kaizei household, Those were the first words she uttered when she barged into my room while I was unpacking. She was cheerful in front of my mother and step father, but maybe she didn’t like my appearance, so she said that when the two of them weren’t around.

A dull, gloomy  person. 

That one word my step sister said, was exactly the right word to describe me. I wore glasses and had long hair that covered both eyes. I was truly the king of the dull, gloomy person.

I was shocked by those words, but the next words that she said really drowned me.

“You’re a stranger, a stranger ! ! don’t talk to me just because we’re in the same school ! !”

Watching my step sister slamming the door and leaving my room, made me scared to death. That’s why I tried to avoid my step sister as much as possible, and I didn’t speak a word until now, when the entrance ceremony was held.

So  I resented the school for the misfortune that made me in the same class as her.

……why are siblings in the same class ! ! 

I muttered in my mind because I couldn’t say it out loud, even though it was something that can’t be helped.

Because the impact of declining birth rate, this school used to be a girl’s high school, but recently, only two special classes are accepting a small number of boys,

And since my step sister, who has excellent grades, was also placed in a special class, we were automatically in the same class.

Indeed, I was half amazed that the declining birth rate is affecting high school management.

“Kaizei, Kaizei ! !”

Someone tapped my shoulder from behind.

When I turned back, I saw a boy looking at me.

He had a friendly smile on his face like he was the most handsome guy.

“….who are you?”

I asked the boy who tapped me on my shoulder his name.

Then the boy slipped his supporting hand and fell on the desk.

“Oi oi, didn’t you hear my self-introduction? I did it right after you….”

“Sorry, I didn’t listen.” 

When I said that, the boy looked upwards in exaggeration.

It’s not like I wasn’t listening.

Because I was so nervous when my self-introduction was over, I lost my strength and I couldn’t hear the next person’s voice.

“Ah is that so, then i’ll tell you one more time, so listen carefully. My name is Kurokawa Genpaku. There aren’t many boys here, so let’s get along ! !”

He reached out my hand while looking at me with a big smile on his face.

(TL/N : the kanji for his name is 玄川 玄白 so it’s either Kurokawa Genbaku or Kurokawa Genshiro, i can’t decide it because there weren’t any furigana in the raw, so i let you guys decide which is better.)

“Nice to meet you…”

“Me too ! ! There are two kaizei in here, so I can call you Riku, right? You can call me Genshiro too ! !”

I put on my biggest smile (imperfect), and when I shook hands with him, Kurokawa looked happy.

When he finished introducing himself, Genpaku immediately pointing at Sora.

“Are you and Kaizei san relatives, Riku?”

“Didn’t you hear what So….Uminishi san said earlier? It’s our first time meeting, first time ! !” 

My step sister stabbed me with her sharp gaze when I was about to say her name.

So when I explained to Genpaku while changing her first name to her surname, he compared my face with my step sister from behind.

“I know right. You don;t even look alike ! ! Even if you have the same genes, I’d still be skeptical ! !”

I drop my shoulder at Genpaku who speaks happily.

That should be it.

As I mentioned earlier, my appearance is like a dull, gloomy person, but as for my step sister, she has light brown hair that extends to her shoulder and has slender limbs (mainly around her chest).  And her double eyelid that everyone envy, and she’s cute enough to be ranked among the top in the school.

…..More or less, we are step siblings.

The person who glared at me with a little smile next to Genpaku, was my step sister.

…..i’m gonna expose that we are siblings ! !

I glare at my step sister who has a temperament, while suppressing the emotions that boiling inside me.

However, I swallow my anger quickly, because i know that if I offend my step sister here, I will be in trouble when I get home.

Homeroom is over and school is out for the day.

It is said that the whole class is going to karaoke for a social gathering.

“Hey, what are you doing after this, Riku? You’re going to the social gathering, aren’t you?”

“No, I have some business to do today.” 

I reject Genpaku’s invitation.

After all, I had karate practice at the dojo waiting for me.

I started karate when I was in elementary school, but ever since i moved here, my sensei has been a bit strict and insists that I practice whenever I have time.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to take it for granted, but i don;t feel like going out with the people from my class, so i decided to practice after school today as well.

It seems like my step sister will be attending the social gathering with her classmates, but when she heard that i wasn’t going to attend, she glared at me. I said goodbye to Genpaku and walked out of the classroom without caring about her gaze. 

(TL/N : This is our third WN that we decided to translate after reading it a little bit, I hope you guys can enjoy it as well !) 

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Thanks for the chapter!

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Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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Hi, Shouldn’t Sister-in-law be Step-sister? Sister-in-Law would suggest either he is married to her sister or she is married to his brother.

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[On the day I moved into the Uminishi household, Those were the first words she uttered when I barged into her room while she was unpacking. ]>>[On the day I moved into the Uminishi household, Those were the first words she uttered when SHE barged into MY room while I was unpacking. ]
You missed a little something there, the pronouns mismatched.
Thanks for the chapter.

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Irfan Maulana Akbar
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