“Catching fish is not easy…….”

Next to me was Watanabe san, reeling in her reel and shaking her rod.

“I think we should use the same fishing method as last time, don’t you think?”

Her movements were awkward, and she lacked the skill for this fishing method, in which the skill is very important.

I was also moving my rod in a constant motion to lure the fish. I usually enjoy waiting for the fish to come to me, but I also like this kind of fishing where I have to move the rod by myself.

“I want to do the same fishing as Aikawa kun.”

I had planned to have Watanabe san do some simple fishing, mainly for small fish, but when it came time to fish, she pointed out to me that we were using different gears.

What I’m doing now is tying a lure that imitates a small fish on the end of a line and casting it far out into the sea to make it look alive in order to catch a big fish.

This method of fishing requires you to visualize the fish you want to catch and move the lure in such a way as to make it want to bite.

“Oh, sorry, I got a bite.”

As I was spinning the reel and moving the lure up and down, I feel a “thump” on my hand. This is the moment when the fish bites the lure, and it is the most exciting moment.

“The fish is pulling hard, please stay like this……”

I can’t let my guard down just because the fish bites. If you let your guard down, the line will break and the big fish will escape. I loosened the line just enough to keep the fish at bay, waited for it to get tired, and then pulled it in toward me.

“Watanabe san, can you grab the tamo?”

“Ah, yes !”

I could see the shadow of a fish jumping in the sea. It was a big fish, so it was difficult to pull it up. In such cases, the fish is guided into a net called a “tamo” and pull it up.

“Great, what kind of fish is this?”

“This is an Inada.”


“It is a child of yellowtail. It is a young fish, and its name changes depending on its size.”

I measured it with a scale at hand and found it to be 45 cm from head to tail. Which was about the right size.

“Did you catch it, Mister?”

“Oh my, it looks delicious. Is it a yellowtail?”

Fishermen gathered around us. It was a common sight at the fishing spot.

While I was answering their questions about lure types and gears, Watanabe san continued to fish alone, throwing lures.

“I’m sorry I left you alone.”

“No, I’m fine.”

I apologized and she smiled, as if she did not mind. I was relieved by her attitude and remembered what I had to do.

“Then I’m going to tighten up the fish now, so just wait a minute.”

To keep fish such as Inada, called “aonomono” (bluefish), fresh, they need to be tightened after they are caught. This process makes all the difference in the taste of the fish when it is brought home to be cooked.

The problem is that the blood must be drained from the gills and tail of the live fish by sticking a knife into them, which is too stimulating for Watanabe san.

So I was thinking of finishing it off in a washroom some distance away….

“I don’t mind if you do it here, okay?”

When I explained this to her, she replied with a puzzled expression.

“I’m not a child either. I know that what I put in my mouth is made at the expense of other living things. I think it is important to see it through.”

When I was in middle school, the same thing happened when I took my friend fishing for the first time, and when we talked about how we would fish and eat the fish we caught, he said, [You’re pretty cruel, aren’t you?.]

My friend’s words, which put on the shelf the meat we usually eat, dragged me down at the time, and I even stopped fishing for a while.

Watanabe san, however, has shown a serious attitude toward the lives of the fish I caught.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, I just thought it was interesting.”

There is no doubt in her profile that she is a well-raised young lady. Watanabe san’s family runs a company, and she is the daughter of the company president.

“What’s that? Are you teasing me, Aikawa kun?”

She puffed up her cheeks and made a miffed expression.

The expression on Watanabe san face is different from any expression I see at school, and I felt a sense of superiority when I caught a glimpse of her true face that only I have seen.

“I’m not teasing you. More importantly, you’re not going to regret it, are you?

I was enjoying myself so much that I couldn’t help but return to my true self.

I took out a knife with a short blade and plunged it into the gills of the fish.

“Hyah !”

Watanabe san screamed when she saw the fish jerking and moving. It seemed that the stimulation was still too strong.

“I told you so. You shouldn’t push yourself too hard.”

“Ugh, Aikawa kun, you’re so mean.”

Watanabe san glares at me with teary eyes. I wanted to see more expressions on her face, and my mischievous heart began to grow.

I also wounded the tail with a knife and submerged it in seawater. The body temperature of the fish rises right after the blood is drained out, so I submerge it in seawater and put it in a cooler box filled with ice water after a while.

“All right, let’s go catch the next one.”

When the process was over, I turned around and invited Watanabe san to continue.

“Hmmm, two fish after all…..”

We fished for several hours. After all, we only caught two snooks, and the morning fishing time had passed.

Around me, there were also anglers who quickly pulled out, I took a breath as I put down my rod.

My concentration waned, and I suddenly became aware of my thirst and hunger…..

“Aikawa kun, what are you going to do for lunch?”

“Do you want to buy some cup noodles or some snacks at that store there?”

There is not that much variety, but there is a good selection, so it will satisfy your hunger.

However, when she showed a slightly embarrassed look…

“I made some sandwiches and stuff. Would you like to have some?”

Saying so, she pointed to a basket.

I was surprised and speechless at the appearance of this powerful card, a homemade sandwich from the school’s Madonna.

“Y-you don’t want it after all?”

Watanabe san looked at me sadly as she said that.

“N-no. I just wondered if it was okay for me to eat it…….”

If all the boys in the school knew about this, they would look at me with hatred.

“It’s okay. I made it because I wanted Aikawa kun to eat it.”

“What did you say?”

I thought I heard a very bold statement. I’m not deaf, so I caught her every word.

“N-no ! I didn’t mean it in a weird way… a thank you for bringing me fishing !”

“Oh, of course I didn’t misunderstand you.”

I almost misunderstood. You see, I forgot that she was a caring woman.

No wonder she acted the way she did, as long as I asked her to join me on the fishing trip.


I bought a drink at the store and sat down on a bench. The rest area is air-conditioned and comfortable.

I opened the basket and found a sandwich wrapped in plastic wrap. There was also a cooler inside to keep the sandwich tasty even after a long time.

“I’ll take one then.”

I took one of the sandwiches and ate it. It is an egg sandwich, and the salt and pepper stimulate my taste buds, which are softened by the taste of mayonnaise. It was very tasty, especially since I was sweating from fishing.

“How is it…..?”

“Yes, it’s delicious.”

I told Watanabe san, who looked worried, how I liked it.

Considering that the meeting time was before the first train, she must have woken up very early to make this.

It must have been hard for her to get up……. I felt it tasted even better because of her thoughtfulness.

“I’m glad you liked it. I’ll have some too.”

Watanabe san looked happy and reached for her sandwich. She was enjoying her sandwich for a while, but then she turned to me…….

“After eating this, I’ll switch to fishing. I want to fish like Aikawa kun.”

Her mind seems to be on fishing. I couldn’t help but smile at her unexpected competitive spirit.

“Right, I have to pay for this sandwich…….”

The ingredients inside are quite good, and in addition to the egg sandwich, roast beef, tuna, ground shrimp, and other obviously high-end ingredients are used.

No matter how wealthy your parents were, you can’t be picky.

“It’s fine. I’m also paying the facility usage fee here.”

The fees for the use of this facility are very small.

“I can’t do that.”

When I was about to pay her with a resolute attitude, she said to me…..

“Ah, then next time, please repay me with the food that Aikawa kun made.”

She gives me a mischievous smile.

I chewed on my sandwich and wondered, [Is there any food that can compete with the school’s Madonna’s cooking?] I wondered what I should make.

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