Anne Mayer is here. Just knowing that fact was enough to make my heart beat faster.

I want a revenge from that time……but I don’t think that way now. I was too much of a child. I was a child actually.

……What makes me more terrified is her pure inquisitiveness as a guitarist.

I want to see her live performance.

I wonder how I would feel if I saw her performance now. How much has she improved since then? I am endlessly curious.

Rin is grinning for some reason. I guess it’s hard for a guitarist to remain silent when they hear the name Anne Mayer.

That being said. I’m facing a more serious problem right now.

I never dreamed of going out dressed as a woman, and it was completely unexpected.

Yup, it was totally unexpected that I would need to go to the “bathroom” while dressed as a woman.

What should I do …….

First of all, the question is whether the men’s restroom is appropriate or the women’s restroom.

If I say so myself, I completely looked like a girl. This is proven by the fact that Kaori san couldn’t tell Rin and me apart.

What would happen if I ran into some guys in the men’s restroom?

Just imagining it is terrifying…….

Then, what if I went to the women’s restroom?

Certainly there would be no problem if I went to the women’s restroom now…but…..but.

I’m afraid I’d lose a lot of things.

Besides, I can’t commit a minor offense knowing that I’m the son of a police officer.

….I felt uneasy.

Seeing me fidgeting, Iori whispered in my ear.

“You need to go to the restroom, right? Why don’t you use the multipurpose restroom?”

The multipurpose restroom……that’s right, I had forgotten about it.

There were multipurpose restrooms that could be used by both men and women.

It is not recommended to use the multipurpose restroom because it would be bad for those who need to use it, but it would be less trouble than using the regular restroom.

Thank you, Iori. This will save my life.

“I had to go to the restroom.”

I quickly headed to the restroom.

I avoided the restrooms in the shopping mall, which seemed to have a lot of people in there, and hurried to the restroom in the park.

When I arrived at the park restroom, no one was there, so I ended up using the men’s restroom as usual.

–somehow I managed to make it in time. I was able to avoid the worst shame of peeing while dressed as a woman.

I promised myself that I would never go out dressed as a woman again, no matter how much people wanted me to.

–And then, on the way home.

I had a fateful reunion with her.

That’s right……

With Anne Mayer.

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