Episode 91 – What an Embarrassing Situation



What kind of embarrassing situation is this?

After Rin’s transfer procedures were completed, my mother invited me to have dinner with Iori.

Before she invited Iori, she called the Kubota family and Kaori san was supposed to join us.

It may seem a little too pushy, but I think that’s fine.

The problem is …….

The problem is that I am still Runa.

It’s already embarrassing to go out on the street dressed as a woman, but why do I have to expose myself to my girlfriend’s mother ……?

Iori is embarrassed, but mother and Rin are in high spirits.

Rin’s little devilish personality must have been inherited from her mother.

And the meeting place is the usual place. The usual shopping mall.

I can’t help but notice the stares from the passersby.

“It’s been a while since I’ve felt like you two were twins.”

Of course we do, Mother. We have the same face and the same hairstyle.

“I mean, no matter how you look at it, both of you are beautiful twins……”

I’m not very happy to receive compliments from Iori.

“Don’t be so shy, Onee chan.”

Rin is in a good mood. What should I do……well, i can’t do anything about it.

–While we’re at it, Kaori san had arrived.

In an instant, she had a rapid talk with my mother, and they reported each other’s recent situation.

The two of them were so energetic that we had no choice but to watch from the sidelines.

“Oh my, Rin chan, it’s been a while…wait……which one of you is Rin chan?”


Kaori san’s words hurt me and Rin in two ways.

I thought it was a bit better, since Rin is always getting the best of me.

“Excuse me, Kaori san, I’m….Naru…….”

It would be useless to hide it, so I came out gracefully.

“Oh my….. Naru kun…….”

As expected of Kaori san, if her daughter’s boyfriend was dressed like this,  she’d be interested.

“Oh no, what’s up with that, so cute.”

She rubbed her cheek.

“What happened? Did you do it yourself? Did someone else do it? Tell Iori how to do it.”

It was the exact same reaction as my mother’s. As expected of a best friend.

…..For now, I feel at ease.

What do you mean at ease, I asked myself.

“Aren’t there a lot of people today?”

My mother was right, there were a lot of people on weekdays.

“Oh, that, there’s some kind of event at a music store, you know, the one called ‘the most beautiful guitarist in the world who plays the most beautiful melody in the world’?”

What….what did you say….perhaps, Ann Meyer.

Just the thought of her being here made my heart beat faster.

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