The song I chose is a ballad style song.

The art club room is an ordinary classroom without soundproofing.

I want to avoid loud music as much as possible.

If it is a ballad style song, I can play it powerfully even if it is not loud.

That’s why I chose this song.

 This was the first song I played with Iori when I joined the club.

After the arpeggio intro, Iori started singing. I start from the A melody and add a thin chorus. If the Naru version used only the guitar to compliment Iori’s singing, the Runa version used as few notes as possible on the guitar to create an ensemble in harmony with Iori.

There is no art in dressing up as a woman and doing the same thing. Music is not just about playing well.

It is about moving people’s hearts with all their senses, including senses of sight and hearing.

The members of the art club, including Yukki, were gradually drawn in by our performance. So far, so good.

But in the midst of this, the Head of the club Ishii is the only person who remains calm and is looking for the best moment to take a picture.

I want to draw her in more.

I wanted to break her calm and collected expression.

I was a little impatient.

However, Iori instantly noticed my unusual state and comforted me with her singing.

I almost lost sight of my original purpose at…….

 Today’s purpose is not to draw her into our performance, but to inspire her creativity.

I was amazed at how fast Iori had grown.

When we first formed the unit, I was focused on supporting and enhancing her.

But now it’s different.

I have the feeling that Iori is leading me strongly like a master.

My impatience has disappeared from my mind, and I am able to perform as usual.

I found Ishii san with her camera ready and the shutter clicking all over the place.

It was a relief to know that I had successfully fulfilled my role.

–After we finished our performance, Yukki and Head of the club Ishii were looking at the data that were being taken like a couple.

I wondered if Yukki liked her after all.

I thought I would secretly ask him next time.

“Runa chan, Kubota san, thank you, I think I can draw  a good picture.”

The makeup took a long time, but the performance time only lasted a moment.

It’s still early, so I decided to return to the clubroom to practice.

—But on the way back to the clubroom, an incident occurred.



I bumped into my mother in the hallway.

Why is my mother……,and why is it when I dress like this !

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