Despite some trouble with breakfast, my fever started to drop around the time school ended. At this rate, it should be safe to go to school tomorrow, but Rin would probably say no.

While I was thinking about that, the intercom rang.

Who might that be? I didn’t order a delivery, and we rarely have visitors at our house. Maybe my mother had come home, but she didn’t want to bother opening the lock.

“Excuse me.”

The voice sounded familiar.

“How are you?”

It was Aika. Asking [Why are you here Aika?] is thoughtless. She’s my classmate, my neighbor, my childhood friend, and she took care of me when I was in middle school. In a way, she knows my family better than anyone else.

But the problem is……she’s my ex-girlfriend.

Also, Aika has declared war on Iori.

If Aika offers to make me dinner, I have to refuse. Even if she insists.

And Rin has been smiling evilly behind Aika’s back since a while ago. 

“Is it okay to stay awake?”

“Yeah, I’m probably fine now.”

I can’t sleep in peace.

“Don’t push yourself too hard.”


There are times when boys have to push themselves.

“Here, today’s notes and printouts.”

You even take notes……

It reminds me of the old days, but I mustn’t get carried away. I have Iori now.

“Thank you.”

But I have to say thank you properly.

“Naru, are you studying properly?”

She hit me on the spot……

“W….well,  I’m getting by.”

Actually, I’m not good at studying. I’ve been traveling abroad a lot since I was little, so I’m fairly good at language, but everything else is devastating.

“Don’t slack off too much.”

I’m not slacking off, I was learning to do that thing with Iori. For some reason, my heart ached a little.

“Yeah, okay.”

What’s okay?

“I’m going to prepare dinner, so you can go back to sleep, Naru.”

Here it comes …..and Rin is smiling with a very evil look on her face. She’s a convicted criminal. She even asked her to prepare dinner.

“That’s too much, Aika. I’m already feeling much better.”

“But Rin asked me to do it.”

……Damn, that Rin…..I’m going to punish you with a severe beating later ! Even if you’re smart, I’ll get back at you.

As I was flustered, the intercom rang again.

Rin, don’t tell me she…….

I had an extremely bad feeling.

And that feeling became a reality…..

Damn you Rin….do you have a grudge against me !

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