Episode 7 – Iori’s Affection (Iori’s POV)



The arpeggio intro began. It’s just a simple phrase, but it made my heart dance. I was shocked to see how the same phrase could be so different when played by another person.

Naru’s guitar sound can be summed up in this [Emoi] word.

As soon as I heard the song on Naru’s guitar, I felt like I had wings.

Even though it was our first session, I was able to sing much more relaxed than usual.

Naru’s guitar changes to match my singing.

It’s as if he knows everything about me. It stimulates my senses.

I felt my emotions rising. An emotional uplift that I never experienced before.

I’m drowning in Naru’s guitar performance.

I mean….

He’s cool.

How can you be casual yet doing something complicated at the same time? What are you? I’m your oshi, right? Do you like me?

The way Naru plays the guitar is so sexy.

The word [Gap moe] came to my mind. Such a thin little guy can pull me so hard.

I mean, what with this manliness….

He grabbed my heart and won’t let it go….

Emotions come to me.

From Naru’s guitar.

From Naru.

My body felt hot and my head went blank. It was the first time I felt such ecstasy from music.

“Mr amazing, who are you?”

Before I knew it, Yui was applauding us. I was so absorbed by it.

“I’m the new club member.”

“Oh ! Much welcome !”

Hmm, why is she demanding a handshake, stop it.

Eh, what…..am i jealous?



“W-w-would you like to be my exclusive guitarist?”

Oh god, what do you mean by exclusive ! I didn’t mean it that way, I’m so weird…..


What with this silence….is exclusive that heavy?


I was happy by his honesty.

“T….thanks ! !”

I shake his hand with both hands as if to show off to Yui.

“Hey, Yui, that’s fine right?”

“Well, the person himself said that it’s fine….i mean, didn’t you say that you would stick to solo, Iori?”

“Hm? About what?”

“After he showed me how he played….”

“Hm, I’m not fully understand it, but I think Naru was lucky.”

I wonder what she meant….

“To think that he won the heart of our school’s diva and idol, Kubota Iori !”


Eh, did I show such behavior?

Did I get caught?

I look like a simple heroine….

“I-it’s not like I’ve been shot down !”

Just like that, I ran out of the room.

I resisted as best as I could.

It didn’t take much time to realize that this was love.

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