I went to see big bro as soon as I returned to Japan. Because time has passed I was able to forgive him and because I was worried about him breaking up with Aika.

Luckily, I was able to find big bro right away. Well, I could say that he found me, but that doesn’t matter at this point. He was a fool who easily believed even the painful excuse that I didn’t have the key.

He was as good-natured as ever.

Rin was more surprised to learn that her brother had joined the light music club and resumed playing the guitar.

I was so happy that I almost cried.

But I couldn’t accept the Runa thing. Especially, I couldn’t forgive her for acting more feminine than Rin.

But not the performance.

Rin had never heard such emotional guitar playing. In addition to the skills he has cultivated, the slam technique, the switch style, He is a department store of skills ! I want to retort that.

–After that…..I realized immediately after hearing his performance with Iori san. The reason why big bro resumed playing guitar….

It was breathtaking.

Iori’s singing was no longer at the amateur level. It is not about the technique anymore, but “Flower”.

Iori’s songs have “flower”. Her tone is clear, shimmering, yet cloaked in tenderness and melancholy. Big bro was so fascinated by Iori san that he picked up the guitar again.

His skills were rusty after a three-year of not playing, and his technique was noticeably sloppy in pitch and rhythm. But the expression and sense of style, big bro used that to his advantage and turned it into a groove.

Rin’s heart is throbbing. She struggled to hold back her tears.

But it was a futile resistance. By the end of the performance, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

Big bro was pulled along by Iori san’s singing and showed more ability than he was capable of.

Rin was really naive. It was foolish of her to think that she could beat big bro.

But big bro’s skills right now are in danger.

Rin is going to teach him how to play guitar. It’s strange to be this excited.

Rin felt that her ability to express herself is limited now.

If I can learn enough skills to steal from Dad, I will be able to solve this problem, but I have a long way to go.

Maybe Dad was trying to tell Rin to steal big bro’s skills.

I plan to give my big bro a full lesson tomorrow.

I can’t help but look forward to it.

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