Rin’s lessons were strict. While I was playing around, Rin was being worked strictly by my father, so it was only natural that she should be strict in her lessons.

The thing I struggled with the most was the sense of rhythm. My fingers regained their sense of rhythm back then, but I couldn’t quite get it back.

According to Rin, I was trying to cover up the fact that my fingers were still moving. She gave me some passionate advice in her own unique way, telling me to feel the rhythm more with my stomach. I am grateful for the advice, but it seems that it will take more time.

–On the other hand, I haven’t made any progress with Iori since then.

Academics, club activities, guitar. Partly because I’m busy of that, but I also feel guilty about looking at Iori in a lecherous way. I consciously tried to avoid such a development.

“Hey, Naru, do you want to come by my house today?”

Rin  went with mother and lessons were off today, but if I go to Iori’s house, I will look at Iori in a lecherous way again. What should I do……

When I was wondering what to do, she said [What? You don’t want to?] I made Iori pout.

“Not that I don’t want to ! Rather I’m happy !”

“Then why are you making such a difficult face? You don’t even have a lesson today, do you?”

I wondered if I should be honest about this too……I’m worried.

“We can continue at……your house, Iori.”

“Yeah !”

I was able to restore her mood for the time being.

–Today, Kaori san was the only one in the Kubota household. Gaku was busy with his project and would be home late for a while.

“I won’t disturb you today, so take your time !”

“Wait, Mama !”

Kaori san gave me a strange encouragement.

This makes me even more conscious.

I made up my mind to be honest with her.

“So, what’s with the strange distance lately?”

Iori cut into it. It’s not like I was being distant, but if it was perceived that way, it would be a big problem.

“No, it’s not like that.”

“If that’s not it, then what?”

I knew it, it’s hard to say when it comes down to it……

In the first place, I wonder if it’s okay to say [I unconsciously looking at you in a naughty way, Iori.] straightly.

“What, so that’s what it was about.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

I mean……huh….

“You silly, you’re a boy, so it can’t be helped.”

Again my inner thoughts leaked out.


“And I’m your girlfriend.”

Iori was being open minded.

Today, I was saved by Iori again.

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