Episode 54 – I’ll Accept Your Relationship If You’re Dating With The Intention Of Marriage



As soon as the session was over, Gaku san dropped a bombshell statement. What was he trying to say.

“Papa, what’s going on all of a sudden? Why are we getting married all of a sudden !”

“Because if Iori and Naru kun get married.”

If we get married…….

“We could have family sessions every day !”


“Because it was so much fun ! You don’t get thrilling sessions like this very often !”

It was indeed thrilling. But my body would never be able to handle such a session…..every day.

“Iori wasn’t exaggerating. I never thought there was a guitarist who could play so AMAZING at such a young age.”

“That’s…..I’m very grateful.”

I’m glad I was rated highly. I’m honestly happy to be recognized by such a top professional.

“But Naru kun, you must really like Iori a lot.”


“Mama ! A….all of a sudden !”

“Because he played with such gentleness….”

The two of us looked at each other and blushed.

Kaori san is sharp…… she saw through everything I was aware of.

“The two of you are in a relationship, right?”

Gaku san asked a straightforward question.

“……Yes, I’m dating Iori san.”

I did a lot of simulation, but I still went with the safe greeting…….

“If it’s a relationship with the intention of marriage, then I’ll accept it.”


“Oh, you don’t like it?”

“No ! Not at all ! Rather, I’m very happy.

“Then it’s decided.”

“Hey…..don’t decide on your own !”

“Oh, you don’t like it?”

“I….it’s not like I don’t like it, but…..”


“This kind of thing… we should take more time and decide with each other…”

“You’ve already got it going on, and if you keep waiting, they’re going to take him away from you.

“That’s true.”

The two of them are strong pushers. Iori’s stubbornness is the same as the two of them.


Iori was also very nervous.

“Well, the rest of you should discuss slowly. I only accept relationships with marriage in mind !”

“That’s right, then, Mama should do the same.”


Iori who looked troubled, was very cute for some reason.

Gaku san and Kaori san left the studio leaving the two of us alone.

I have no problem with the intention of marriage in my opinion.

As long as we love each other, that is where we will end up.

I wonder what Iori thinks about this.

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