A message from Yukki woke me up.

[Look at the school’s SNS.].

The school SNS refers to social media posts tagged with our school.

Many students use it because they can find out information about the school in a matter of time. I tried not to look at it too often for mental health reasons because there are a lot of antis.

Anyway, I was shocked when I opened the school’s SNS as Yukki asked me to do.


I raised my voice unintentionally.

Because the posts on the school SNS were filled with pictures of me and Aika, and also me and Yui san.

The picture with Aika was from the night of my date, and the picture with Yui san was from yesterday.

Who in the world is…… and what for?

Perhaps, I’m being followed.

Various speculations were flying around, but for now, I got dressed and headed to the meeting place to meet up with Iori.

 “Naru, can you explain this to me?

Of course, I was confronted by Iori about the photo.

“I’m sorry, Iori, but there is a reason for that……”

“I told you that I don’t tolerate cheating, didn’t I?”


“Then what is this? Not only with that girl, but with Yui as well…..what in the world have you been doing?”

Now I know that  Yui san hadn’t explained the situation.

“You have to explain it to me okay…….”


I explained to Iori what had happened between me and Aika.

“I see…. I got it. From now on, you have to tell me first”


“So, what about Yui?”

I owe a great deal to Yui san, and she told me to keep this a secret, but this is an emergency situation.


“I’m sorry Iori, I can’t tell you, I think Yui san has something to say.

“Huhhh? what do you mean by that.”

“I have nothing to hide, so please believe me.”

“So what does that mean !”

“I’m sorry, Iori, I promised to Yui san.”


A dry sound echoes.

I fell on my butt and held my cheeks.

Just like that day when I met Iori.

“I can’t believe this, whatever !”

She glared at me as she did back then, and walked away.

I realized I had made the wrong choice, but it was too late.

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1 year ago

I mean, Yui already broke her promise to tell Iori about it, so I really don’t feel like he has any obligation to keep his promise when the stakes are this high. Yui should get that she put him in a suspicious position in the first place. She says she wouldn’t make a move on her best friend’s boyfriend, but inviting him alone to her house without telling the girlfriend is already way over the line imo.

1 year ago
Reply to  dmntt

Agreed. Why’s he taking the fall for this bitch that lied? And seriously? This chick just slapped him in the facelike that? I’d be done.