The time has finally arrived.

Time for lunch.

I know. I know that Naru always pays attention to my gaze everytime we eat lunch….and I know that he sometimes drops his food.

I know that Naru is an extremely bad eater. It would be easier to understand if I say that he is at the level of a lower elementary school student.

As a boyfriend, it was a big negative point,  but when I heard about his personal history, I didn’t think so.

His parents both worked and were very busy, so he often ate alone since he was a child.

The influence of this is visible not only in his meals, but everywhere.

Naru is hungry for love.

I feel it strongly when I am with him.

Naru was staring at the menu with a difficult expression on his face. He’s probably trying to order something he can eat well so as not to embarrass me.

I find Naru’s full effort to stand tall and be considerate very comforting as a girlfriend. And I think it’s very cute.

All I can do for Naru is to casually assist him.

“Hey Naru, since we’re here, why don’t we order a little bit of each and share it?”

He looks troubled. How cute.

“sounds good, let’s do that.”

He seemed to have given up. But it’s not that, Naru. This is a helping hand.

“Is there anything you can’t eat?

“I don’t have any preferences. I eat everything.”

“Then, would you like my recommendation?”


I mainly ordered things that would be easy to divide into small portions.

Naru’s face remained troubled. He didn’t notice it.

I tried to distract him as much as possible by talking about the guitar. I let the conversation bloom and decided to enjoy the meal like a couple.

It would be a waste of time and energy if you let your spirit be drained by lunch.

I divided the food into small plates so that even Naru, who’s  not a very good eater, could eat easily. Even so, Naru was clumsy enough to leave a grain of rice on his cheek.

A scene often seen in romantic comedies. I took a grain of rice off my boyfriend’s cheek and ate it as it was.

I never thought that day would come for me.

Naru’s cheeks blushed.

It may have been a nerve-wracking lunch for Naru, but for me it was a heartwarming lunch.

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1 year ago

Ah yes when the new girlfriend see at first glance what his childhood friend girlfriend didn’t poor guy

1 year ago
Reply to  bloodhunt748

Yeah, I’m getting increasing bad vibes from the ex. Iori’s being so considerate is cute, though.