Episode 36 – Couple’s Matching looks



After leaving the music store, we decided to enjoy shopping like a normal couple. At this time of the year, all the stores are mainly selling summer clothes. I wasn’t sure I would be able to keep my sanity if there was an event to try on summer outfits.

“Hey, what do you think of this?

“I think it’s good !”

“How about this one?

“I think it’s good ! !”

“How about something a little more unexpected like this?”

“I think it’s good !”

Iori sulking. At that moment, I realized the mistake I had made.

“Since a while ago, all you said was [I think it’s good !] !”

bull’s-eye. At times like this, what was the right answer?

I should’ve prepared more !

“No, but they all really look good on you.”

“It’s not like that, I mean, you have your preferences and all.”

Oh……so that’s what you mean……my preference…….

I prefer you’re not wearing anything. I guess if I said that, my life would be over.

“Naru ! I bet you’re thinking something weird.”

“T-t-that’s not true !”

I’m stuttering already.

“Here’s my preference.”

I chose a lavender dress, which Iori had said [something unexpected].

“Hm, I see, you like it more mature than I thought.”

“I guess so……but it definitely fits your vibes, Iori ! It’s so cute !”

“I….is that so.”

Iori blushed a little. I can’t get enough of it…this is the real thrill of a date.

“T-then, i’ll take this one.”

“I’ll buy it as a present !”

I brought some  funds because I wanted to give her something as a present.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to do that.”

“Let me give you a present !”

Without saying a word, Iori showed me the price tag.

17600 yen…….

( TL/N: around 12 usd )

I gave up my futile resistance.

—”Hey hey, follow me.”

Next, Iori took me to a store that had a large selection of T-shirts.

“Let’s buy matching T-shirts here.”

B…by any chance, we’re getting a couple matching T-shirts !?

According to Iori, the clothes in this store were made by students in class and you can get good quality items at low prices.

We chose some T-shirts.

“Point out which design you like the best.”

What an exciting event. I’m too happy.

The T-shirt we chose was a simple white T-shirt with a black one-pointed logo.

“Will you give me this as a present? I will give you this as a present, Naru.”

“Of course !”

The price depends on the weight of the fabric, so my T-shirt was just a little bit more expensive than hers.

The first T-shirt I gave to Iori cost 1,280 yen.

(TL/N: around 10 usd )

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