The tension rises mysteriously at the music store. It seems that Iori felt the same as me, and we chose maintenance goods together afterwards. I could probably spend a whole day in the music store with Iori.

“I think I’d like to try electric guitar, too.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I saw your performance. I didn’t know electric guitar could play such emotional music.”

“Well, it’s true that electric guitars tend to focus on the lead.”

“You can sing too, Naru?

I can sing, but I don’t like to dress up as a woman.


“I want to play a guitar on an emotional song where you’re the main vocalist, Naru. After all, I like guitar.”

It was a little surprising. I assumed that Iori had chosen an acoustic guitar as her easy music accompaniment.

“Tell me what kind of guitar you recommend for electric beginners, [a Stratocaster !].”

“You even interrupted me……does that mean you’d recommend it pretty well?”

“Yes, a stratocaster can produce a wide variety of sounds, and it’s relatively lightweight and the performance is not bad, so I think it’s a good choice as your first guitar.”

“This, I think this one is really good. the price is reasonable, and I have one just like it.”

“It has a pretty color.”

“There are a lot of colors to choose from. Would you like to test it?”

“I’m a little embarrassed, so will you play it for me, Naru?”

“I don’t mind, but you won’t know what it feels like to play it, you know?”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s just the sound.”

That was a very manly opinion.

I asked the staff to let me test the guitar. For some unknown reason, the staff with the nasty look on his face was the one in charge.

After the staff finished tuning the guitar, he showed off his explosive technique, which drew a bit of the crowd’s attention. He handed me the guitar with a smug look on his face and an obvious superiority complex.

Iori whispered to me.

“Hey, are music store staff really that nasty?”

“No, well, we’ve been making a scene the other day.”

“Still, I don’t like it. Make him speechless with your technique, Naru.”

I don’t really like showing off my technique, but it can’t be helped if it’s a request from my pretty girlfriend.

Shredding technique that applies Tapping, slapping, and flamenco from 6-string cutting. I performed improvisation mixed with current mainstream guitar techniques.

As expected, stratocaster is good.

It directly expresses the sound I want to produce. I was so enthusiastic that I forgot that I was just testing it.

When the performance was over, the gallery burst into applause. Some people were taking videos of my performance.

I noticed that the crowd was as large as the famous guitarist’s guitar workshop.

“Excuse me, thank you very much.”

We handed the guitar to the staff and left.

I’ll never forget the look on that staff’s face.

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