You say …… that you’re patient, right? What? What are you holding back? 

“Since when ……?” Kouki was still flustered and said, “Since when were you awake!? Don’t tell me …… you were pretending to be asleep?!”


You’re right, you idiot–!

My face grew hot and I jumped to my feet.

‘Why do I have to pretend to be asleep? Aren’t you being self-conscious?”

“Why would I be self-conscious?!”

“You woke me up by saying something I didn’t understand!”

Brushing my hair out of my face, I ask, “So?” I ask with a deliberate note of irritation in my voice.

“What have you been holding back?”

I turned my face away from him and glanced at Kouki to see his reaction.

The way his voice fades and his gaze swims – unusual for Kouki, who is always calm and seems to take a step back.  It’s as if he was embarrassed,…….

My heart starts to beat on its own.

If he reacts like that, I wonder if it’s possible… and get my hopes up.

“D-Don’t tell me …… that you felt like kissing me in my sleep?”

I couldn’t resist and asked such a question in a teasing tone. I clutched the blanket as hard as I could to cover my trembling hands.

I said it. I said ‘kiss’ in front of …… Kouki.

I’ve never said such a specific word before. I’m not sure what to expect.

What should I do? I can’t look at Kouki’s face.

I turned away and caught the shadow at the edge of my vision, and it didn’t twitch. In the quiet room, with no voices or noises, I feel only Kouki’s gaze on me. It seems uncomfortable, yet comfortable. It was both painful and pleasant. I felt a mixture of anxiety and excitement,…… and a strange sense of elation, and I felt a creeping, buzzing feeling in the back of my tail.

Then I wondered how long it had been.

There was a pause that seemed both long and instantaneous,…… and then, suddenly, I heard Kouki let out a short breath

“There’s no way I’d think of such a thing, right?” I heard a powerless voice. “But Honami…” 


There, after a sudden stammer, Kouki coughed and reiterated, “It’s just that I–” in a stronger tone of voice.

“I can’t even watch the TV I want to watch because you’re lying on the couch like that!”


TV? Endure means …… TV!?

“What the hell is that?” I was sure to glare at Kouki and raise my voice. “You’re not a child, you shouldn’t complain about something as trivial as TV!”

“Why are you being so bossy! Why are you sleeping in someone’s living room? If you’re sleepy, go sleep in your own house!”


I was at a loss for words.

I wanted to see Kouki so much that I got tired of waiting …… and went to bed–how could I say that?

“It’s ……,” I say, turning my gaze away and shushing him. “I was waiting for your …… brother–Hiroyuki–and I just fell asleep.”

I don’t want him to realize how flustered I am, so I always put up a desperate pretense.

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